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from amblingtrain :
I searched Lester Bangs and found your diary. Lester Bangs cool. Fargo cool. Sebadoh yea..
from devilscarpet :
Dude, your comments feature is bye-bye! *sniff* So, with the USAHUNTR thing, you're only tormenting me. My semi-boyfriendish person in the Marines who I don't get to talk to always used shit like that as his usernames and stuff. I moved my journal, in case you didn't notice. To
from candoor :
and happy new year :)
from jfsuperstar :
hey nice site, just hard to read the black against blue. we have tons in common, yo! clicked on profile, and you look like my brother bill, no shit. stop by and visit. rock on.
from devilscarpet :
Okay, I feel stupid, but I'm pretty sick and therefore bored and really looking for distraction. I was rather confused by your description of my site. Then I looked up the lyrics. I'm guessing it was a sort of reference to Beyonce's hair. I just thought I'd... ah skip it. More Advil.
from candora :
Happy Valentine's Day (I'm eating chocolate, that's my high for the day :)
from devilscarpet :
But I like my hair!
from brain-dump :
thanks! and I'm all YAPanese! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
from laura-ly :
Thank you. :)
from devilscarpet :
Thank you muchly. Actually, I don't really think it SUCKS. I might rewrite it to make it funnier. I just have to put on mock-humility in case you hated it. *shrug* I'm really very arrogant. Stay cool.
from iluverica :
Jon, just thought you'd like to know that Coach Smith came out of his coma. Lorie
from phatgrrl :
Hey Jon, here's a link to the Laff Stop club here in Houston (I'm sure you knew that) Anyway, they let comedians link to their website and provide a link to your website from their page. Thought you might be interested in linking your diary (or some other page). Might be a good way of getting your name out there, other comedians probably visit that page often. click on LINKS
from micamoo :
((toasteroven: broken household appliance national forest micamoo: divorcee moo-re )) hahahahah what?!!
from devilscarpet :
I clicked because I saw Jack White, because I love Sir White. I stayed because you're a damn good writer. Just thought I'd let you know.
from phatgrrl :
I was wondering if you could help me find some Houston based rap/hip-hop stuff. I'm looking for enough to fill a cd. I really like "Get Low" by lil john and the yin yang twins. Know of any stuff that's like that?
from iluverica :
"Is Ehrhorn the History teacher with big hair and silly glasses who likes Rush Limbaugh?" Probably, though you could mean Fincke. "My favorite teacher was Kanetsuna." He transferred to Campbell, I think. "I liked Nishihara too." I don't know him, but he's not there. "And Mr. Chesser would let us slack, too." He and his wife retired this year. Someone told me she was in her 70s. Kanda is a VP.
from iluverica :
Wow, me and my ass made your diary! So Jon, who was your favorite teacher at KHS...Kanda? Mumper? Connelly? Ehrhorn, yeah, you're an Ehrhorn type or Cadieux perhaps. Shit, how small our world, lmao.
from iluverica :
You do rant real good! I liked the part about "healthy head", although we may have been thinking
from ericintervw :
I posted your Interview! Here: Sorry to keep you waiting. I'd like to know more about your screenplay.
from brer-rappit :
i was in the area and figured i'd drop you a note. keep up the top notch werk. i enjoy your writtings! i hope all is well for you. - brer rappit
from iluverica :
Mahalo for the label change :-) I watch CNN, so I would guess Arizona. Stay safe.
from iluverica :
Awwww, thanks,:-) but please change "lesbian" to "bi-sexual". It's heart warming to read that my whoring is "captivating"...LMAO! So where art thou that the hills are aflame? Since you write poetry and lived in Hawaii, the following haiku is for you...I wrote it myself. Misty Ko'olau/washing gently verdant land/rainbow rejoicing.
from chuna :
thanks for the lovely note. i don't remember what i intended with the message on your tagboard. i just get weird sometimes. hope you're well. i'll just go off an read your diary now.
from rachimal :
Finally! A non-film student that appreciates Punch Drunk Love. You're awesome. Kudos on the classic rock
from darkfairy13 :
intresting diary
from phatgrrl :
from phatgrrl :
yo you'll get a kick outta this: I was downloading what was supposed to be Incubus doing a cover of Lithium and instead I got the theme song to Mr. Belvedere. SERIOUSLY. I thought of you right away.
from brer-rappit :
ever wonder whut it might be like to have a permanent imagination... i vomit rainbow coloured skittles with glee - TAK
from phatgrrl :
you didnt do a hot job on the editing....
from brer-rappit :
rockin' stuff, man... rockin. if your ever in vegas look us up. we'll wake the dead with sum savage banjo werk and primal lyrical beatings. should be fun... but as for the vegas nite-life... it's over rated. once again, man, your stuff rocks. i enjoyed it alot. thanks.
from mangotuesday :
actually i liked your list times ten and was just curious about the exclusion. no negative just love and rockets(:
from mangotuesday :
what about slug?
from intheory27 :
Your layout makes me smile. :)
from phatgrrl :
from superniguer :
from phatgrrl :
hey! I'm glad things are going so well for you. I met all of Eric's family yesterday and they all seemed to like me (though Eric said they wouldn't let anybody know if they didn't like me...). We've been pretty busy here in NC. Today we're going "mountain climbing". I'll try to update more often....
from phatgrrl :
instead of the tagboard you shoud have aone of those "leave comments about this entry" pages. I also added your entry "Oh Me" to my favorite entries page. I saw Eyes Adrift on Saturday....
from phatgrrl :
maybe not a good idea to put a tagboard on your page *evil grin*
from lintpickle :
Thanks for all those awesome things you said about me. I don't know why either! I'm just too damn wicked! But yep, it's sad and it's frustrating, and I am just going to have to hold out for something real. Thanks again chico, you made my day.
from phatgrrl :
ok I was rereading your profile and I was noticing that you got the Wu Tang Clan following the Olsen Twins. Nice mental image there....
from phatgrrl :
j'aime bien ta nouvelle profile, et ta Carte d'Information est tres amusante aussie!
from phatgrrl :
do you wanna be one of my minions? you'd have officer ranking in my army. and all Nirvana loving Scorpios get to come to staff meetings naked.... Ask Amy
from lintpickle :
Heyyyy, that was a reference to Brak! There is a song, "Don't Touch Me" by Brak, I seriously suggest you acquire it! As for the other favourite thing, I was referring to your comments about Space Ghost and MST3K. All is ok, I'm not trying to bash a stalker. Thank you again for your lil' notes. I do appreciate them. I've been a little neglectful lately, since all I think about right now is myself!! =)
from lintpickle :
two of my FAVOURITE things. "Don't Touch Me!"
from kid-koala :
hey man, thanks for the note. you're diary is great. i think everyone should have Mr. T. somewhere in their diary.
from damasu :
Oh, by the way. I keep another diary at A few of my friends use it over DiaryLand, so I'll post back and forth occasionally. Just thought you might wanna check it out, but if not...I won't be offended. Anywho, buh-bye now. =)
from damasu :
Hey. I really appreciate what you wrote. =) I really do enjoy the diary entries of yours I've read so far, and I intend to read more as well. You have an excellent taste in music. I love Jawbreaker, but most of the bands you posted, I've never heard of. That isn't a bad thing, in fact it's very good. It gives me a lot of stuff to check out. Anywho, thanks again.
from phatgrrl :
you entry tonight reminds me of something my fiance-type-person did today: We live in a very ritzy resort town, today this schmuck in a beamer steal my right of way, so Lon says to catch up to him, & he was just a kid (no doubt the bmw was a 16th bd present gag) trying real hard to be real cool... ya know, like the guy you encountered this morning. Well Lon yells over to him "you might have a nice car, but my dick is still bigger than yours..." man the look on the guys face totally confirmed it too. we're pretty sure he went straight home and killed himself, hopefully inside the car!
from supersharp :
I am loving this diary, I don't know why. You have great taste in music by the way. xo, stephanie
from losick :
hey u rock and i absolutly agree bout ur profile people care to much to be something tht they're not and just try to be cool it's nice to knw tht there is someone who actually thinks it's awesome if u have aol im me at punk11princess88 again ur rock ! lol
from elekta :
Hey…I noticed you like chokebore… My roommate & I got the new album from Europe and had to buy tons of them to get the label to ship to us. If you're interested in buying one please email me at uptigh[email protected] Thanks
from tangcrusader :
yay for talk radio!
from tangcrusader :
i like that one. a lot. keep it up.
from srch-n-dstry :
Do as the prompt tells you to do and remember: Search And Destroy.
from drexell :
jon fucking rocks!!!! he's like ozzy n iggy had a kid n shit. i love jon's mullet and his badass eagle tattoo on his chest. he's my hero, right after joe dirt.
from fleurdelis6 :
i still keep on reading your journal now and then.. I like the way you write alot!! greetings from germany! daniela
from biglizard :
"All my skin is drenched in light. That's what's wrong. I died in a fire. I died in a fire."
from fleurdelis6 :
well, yes i started to write about it. and if it doesn't help like you said it would, i will add your advice to my personal "10 things not to do when someone hurt you"-list! j/k
from amberhalo60 :
i see my life as a sonic tone... i never thought it would deepen...
from phonegurl :
Hey! thanks for the nice comments in your link to me in your profile. I feel better about my pathetic existence lol...Anyways, i love the way you write; i feel like i know you sorta kinda, ya dig? Rock On! Jamie

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