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from aeka :
Hi--I've locked my diary, so if you still read and would like a password, e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks.
from dontcha3 :
from candoor :
I found myself here quite by accident, but decided to read a bit and loved the openness and wonder if you are writing anywhere and whatever the answer, if there is one, I wish you a wonderful life :)
from bobbiedylan :
i just read some of your entries. i am intrigued. i think its a shame that you arent writing here anymore.
from f-i-n :
hugs and kisses
from djraindog :
Oh, Ian, you can write them to me. 'Cause I really do love you, especially when you write! And I want to read what you're writing in those other places! (Bathroom walls?) And I promise that one of these days, I will reply to your lovely e-mail message. But not today.
from djraindog :
Oh, Ian, you can write them to me. 'Cause I really do love you, especially when you write! And I want to read what you're writing in those other places! (Bathroom walls?) And I promise that one of these days, I will reply to your lovely e-mail message. But not today.
from djraindog :
yearh, ah luv u 2, ya fuckin' pouf. ;-P For record, i'm quite glad to know you're still alive. I wondered for a bit there, and well, I've rather missed you. Drop me a line sometime, willya? Or give a call...nah, that'd be expensive...
from chemicalrush :
hey, i moved from lostmotion to this.
from lostmotion :
Will you come back please? I miss you and I need your inspiration again.
from djraindog :
Mrowl...A sound most dogs do not make. Where are you? I miss you. I hope you're well. Are you coming to visit our City 'round the holidays? (And do I get a copy of that doubtless stunning mix? ;-) ) Drop me a line if you have a moment. (yearoaight)
from djraindog :
Glad to see you writing again, even if it's about a topic I find rather distressing. I mean, yes, I weigh about 160, and I'm 6 feet tall, but I'd wager you had more muscle mass than I do, as I've always been a bit gangly...Just don't do anything unhealthy, k? (Yeah, I know, like the drinking & the drugs weren't unhealthy...I am SUCH a hypocrite.) ;-) Hope to talk to you soon...
from thatmarygirl :
As a Democratic American, from a fiercely Republican state in the deep South, I gotta tell you, moving to the UK, or even Ethiopia, sounds extremely appealing. I love your entry.
from pinupandgun :
oh, well it was honest and well deserved praise, i believe. it makes me smile to know that it was blush-inducing. thank you for the subtle compiment as well. you have been favorite-ed!
from pinupandgun :
i hesitate to tell you that your work is brilliant. it seems cliche, and it's not as if you don't hear it often. regardless, a small ego boost is always nice. so, forgive my ineloquence, but, your work is brilliant.
from moretoknow :
You've always had the talent for making those who read feel eactly what you're writing and feeling. Thankfully you've found your passion and seem to stick with it. It's always been a joy to sneek peeks into your life, always.
from lostmotion :
lol! You think I'm cute?! How sweet! Well I think you're cute too! OH HEY! I was reading the Rolling Stones, and they said something about Marilyn Manson drinking a lot of absinthe recently, and when I saw that word I immediately thought of you. Cause I didn't know about it until you posted that entry about it.
from lostmotion :
I DEFINITELY want to hear more about this girl you've grown a crush on!
from lostmotion :
I really want to try some absinthe now. Only because you said it seems to pull out the best creative material in a person. I want to know what my best creative material is.
from soft-parades :
you're wonderful. :D
from komachi :
Hey, I like your new layout :-)
from hamiltonian :
Your journal touches me
from starzero :
keeping up kinda but not responding. then this entry, and somehow i feel parallel. though you've a much more focused expression, i sense something familiar. here's hoping the girls we have are lasting fixtures and not deluding fictions.
from ceciliaruns :
you left a compliment for my watercolor thank you i'm glad she spoke to you
from natinski :
"As long as the music's loud enough, we won't hear the world falling apart."
from djraindog :
Dear I -- It's a lovely start; keep going. Is that a brown corduroy Abercrombie & Fitch blazer you're wearing in that photograph? If so, I have one, too. Amidst other inconsequentialities, remember that I think you're beautiful, and of course, I don't just mean physically. And really, I think, all things considered, that that should be enough for just about anyone. ;-P "Can you hear them? The helicopters? I'm in New York. No need for words now..."
from oladybug0 :
To Dream of Dreamers Lost- beautiful and disturbing. Thanks.
from shefoofights :
If you seriously like my diary, then thanks. Yours isn't too shabby:)
from clarity25 :
You're writing is beautiful
from pornoviolent :
pleas tell me you're really a girl pretending to be a guy... PLEASE
from starzero :
i've got that inner flame for the distant girl. and the same song-title entry thing. or maybe they're song quotes, which is runs a bit deeper. i can't name your music (but i'm a guy so what's it matter?) but i can sympathize.
from carrots20 :
lol yeah im a really bad writer a cannot even spell beautiful
from carrots20 :
Wow, i am shocked by how beatiful and freely you write, i myself am not a great writer but you are something special,and i wish u well in life and of course love. take care.. mona
from aeka :
Like I said, I'm useless at describing these things. It didn't really look that tight on him. Thank you for that tid-bit of information. --aeka
from aramco-junky :
Hey... Religion and belief are two completely different things. Religion takes devotion and 'conformaty' to a specific faith. Belief takes your personal faith whatever that may be and guides you through life... As appose to Religion may control your life... well atleast that's how i see Religion and Belief... Ciao, Saj
from astrekgirl :
what mix did you make yourself? the curiousity could kill me...
from aeka :
ha ha! He is a snob of the worst kind, thinking he has been blessed with insight. In his mind, he is the reincarnation of Pollock. However, I will take his words into consideration, not because I will heed to his advice, but because I will remind myself of the people in this world whom I don't need to listen to. He thinks it's alright to confuse "art" with "craft", and put down other artists, simply because he's another rich kid, studying art in Barcelona.
from aeka :
Your latest entry, "To Dream of Dreamers Lost", reminded me of something crossed between a Jackson Pollock drip painting and a line from 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock'--something one can really feel. If you doubt yourself as a person, believe me, you are handsomely compensated with your talents as a writer. I cannot recall one genius in history who was not tormented in some way or another, and if there was one, then I stand corrected. However, from the perspective of a semi-anonymous reader, it seems as if you are not giving yourself enough credit as a person.
from musicchick44 :
I just found your diary and I think I'm a little bit addicted.
from emperorincxt :
Music IS unreasonably poignant.. I have tears in my eyes.. Thankyou for writing that entry my friend, its fucking gorgeous.
from godmoney :
my friend aeka persistantly reccomended you and I finally got around to really perusing. to tell you something you already know: you're a great writer. one of the rare instances of redeemed verbiage.
from beautiifulxx :
wow you're layout is so pretty...
from for-you-only :
139 entries huh? I think I have a few more than that, I'm not sure, I should check... So lovejunky is an interesting diaryland user name. I chose mine thinking of my lover, so I suppose other people have done so too. Happy belated 4th of July, hope your holiday is and was fun. Have a smile-full day, write me back! Ta ta for now! -Pink
from thatmarygirl :
so, so *warm*.
from aeka :
I thank you for your compliments --aeka
from aramco-junky :
I completely LOVE your writing... -Saj
from aramco-junky :
Reading your diary, like about this girl reminds me of me and my ex. I would always call him, and i never understood why he would ignore or fwd my calls to his voice mail. Usually i would leave msg's crying, and thought he didn't care... Ppl would tell me he loved me, but i didn't know what to believe. You sound alot like him, so now i know, although it's all too late. Thanx for opening my eyes with your side of the story... -Saj
from aramco-junky :
Hey I just started reading your diary, and i like what I've read so far, even if that is only two entries... lol, but still. I enjoyed it, and hopefully i'll be able to keep up with things going in your life. Keep up the good work. -Saj
from artofliving :
your writing is beautiful and so is your analysis of your situation. splendid...i am in love with another diary. thank you
from kokoro13 :
that's so true...when everything is going good for me (which is rarely) I don't seem to write as much...hey would it be ok to email you sometime?
from endserenadng :
(love letter)
from djraindog :
I don't know where to begin to say what I would like to say to you. I am supremely flattered. I am reading your entire history backward (This is probably a very bad idea, as I have no sense of time to begin with), after which you'll probably receive a regrettably lengthy e-missive from me. There's just so much of what you say that rings so very true, and you remind me of a place that I loved in a time that is now gone, and I wonder if I could ever return...Enough for now. Thank you. Keep talking. I'll pour another glass.
from kokoro13 :
Your welcome - Haha - if you ever read my diary you're going to hate it...I whine and listen to bad music...I read most of 2001 yesterday but my eyes started getting glassy...I'll try and read more today :)
from kokoro13 :
I just started reading your diary and I can totally relate. I feel about as good as you right now. Last night I prayed to die in my sleep. The dark side of Love really fucking sucks.
from invisibledon :
found my way here via the banner -which was good
from oladybug0 :
That sounds so awful and painful. I remember a few summers ago when the boy I was living with (and madly in love with) left me with only a note on the table. I thought I would die. People always tell you it will go away, that it's a phase and in a way they're right. But in a way they're wrong. Don't deny yourself the right to grieve. There's nothing wrong with being broken every now and again- at least you are allowing yourself to feel things deeply and passionately. That's more then many people can say.
from dicentra :
I hate that feeling. That pathetic nothing will ever get better because I don't want it to feeling. Just remember, that it will get better. Feel free to wallow, it's good for your writing...but don't forget to get better.
from zabett :
Driving with his cock? thanks for making me laugh.
from auxetoiles :
wowee zowee, you signed my guestbook over a month ago and i never knew it. i guess i stopped getting e-mails when people sign. anyways, thank you for all of the cliches, and you were right - i am over it! whee! love this layout.
from parlance :
Are you feeling better?
from natinski :
oh dear God, this is it. the ultimate layout. you have all the points i listed! *hugs Brighton boy*
from komachi :
I just couldn't resist having a peek at Wagamama's menu. Yummmm! They all sound just so good. (making me Too bad they don't have them over in the US.
from aeka :
I think that exquisite is the proper adjective to describe your words--I came across them, and enjoyed reading them. Good luck to you in regards to your book.
from natinski :
You promised that one day you'll put a smiling photo of yourself. Even when you're drunk you ain't smiling. :)
from astrekgirl :
hey, you like brand new. we should talk music...
from astrekgirl :
thanks for the note, dcfc is great. i can't say this for many diaries (including my own), but i really like yours. it's beautiful.
from banefulvenus :
Hey there, Loved your banner, and your site layout is excellent!
from lovemetwice :
what if you were a styrofoam cup?
from lovemetwice :
everything about you is beautiful. you're amazing. i think we should be friends :) try and smile sweetheart. xo
from kittyleopard :
Awesome diary! I love the layout! It rocks my socks!! Karma!
from thatmarygirl :
i really dig your diary, i'm cleaning my faves list up a bit and getting rid of locked ones, although i'd love to keep reading. totally your call. either way, keep on keepin' on. [email protected]
from mew-mew :
locked out, am lusting after pass key, [email protected] yrs, meeeeeeew mew
from ernst :
hey LJ...I write on beater old 'Performa' that chokes on applets and Java oriented code, so I am unable to read your page. I do appreciate the linkage though. And should I ever break down and upgrade to a more contemporary computing machine, I look forward to reading what you have to say. -ee
from lifeofjamie :
I really appreciate you setting up the anit-bush ring. I really am greatful to know that there are alot of people who share the same feelings as me on Bush. Good ring!
from lifeofjamie :
I really appreciate you setting up the anit-bush ring. I really am greatful to know that there are alot of people who share the same feelings as me on Bush. Good ring!
from thatmarygirl :
wow. you are *such* a rock star, kid.
from amydalayna :
question: driving from the east coast to california. what are your favorite songs about driving???
from thatmarygirl :
from miss-pixie :
shorts for the win samantha misseth the ian but never fear for i shall be back soon, talk to you soon ian xx sam xx
from ophelia79 :
haven't been stealing your cd's. honest. but if you were to ever leave them unattended with me around.... well, in that case i wouldn't be able to make any promises. and i like the new layout.
from amydalayna :
ugh. the office is too much. do you ever watch the show 'the office'? makes me smile. i long to escape my cubicle. and my horrible cubicle-mates.
from zabihapork :
hey whats up.. niiice blog ya got there! anyways, just wanted to give ya propz for starting the anti-bush ring!
from tuluum :
I'd like to invite you to my cd mix club :) you can check it out at hope to see ya there :) Nicole
from literatura :
Blood and sand.
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting
from ex-animo :
I think you're amazing.
from merrywitch :
Hi... I am wondering what the purpose of your diaryring actually is. I didn't fully understand what I saw. I'm very curious. ~M
from solipsistic :
from recall :
this is absolutely amazing.
from belldandy666 :
hi just joined I'm Belldandy666 sorry if my ring don't show haven't finished making my diary yet
from mew-mew :
+ in.a.feckinG. swOOn.... oooooo!__
from mew-mew :
hell, you are _ m i s s e d again. _ +
from melpomene :
Talking about Sarah Records, have you listened to anything by the Orchids? They split years ago, and I haven't been able to find any of their stuff in the shops. Chungking Express was the epitome of Hongkong arthouse!!
from novacaine :
Hello. Just thought I'd leave a note because I love your diary. Beautiful writing. :) P*N
from jacksusernam :
Beautiful words. Exciting just to read.
from mew-mew :
_ mmm. you were m i ssed. +
from lostatbay :
i like your diary, but are we really a cliche of pop songs, or in essence are pop songs only thriving because of who we are? but i do see where you are coming many songs can they really make about adolescent love? krystal
from misfitmonkey :
nice nice.. I like the way you write and you have such a nice look. grooviness.
from slowed-air :
from ladyminnie :
love yah diary =D keep up tha good work
from x0lulu0x :
high five.
from brokenbits :
hey Ian
FINALLY you updated !!!!
lol Morgan x
from asteroidbelt :
yeah. duran duran. awesome
from broken-glass :
Bravo. Bush is a fucking idiot who got elected because half the people in the US are fucking idiots too, though don't forget that half of us voted against him - and some of us do NOT want a war, and agree that the US needs to face up to the appalling things it's done to others over the years.
from cdghost :
from debate-it :
I would like to extend the invitation to you, to come and spout your opinion on this new, public diary. I'm starting specifically with the topic of the retaliation for the attack on the US, but there will be more topics as time moves on. I'd really like to see your views reflected on this new diary. Debate-It
from brokenbits :
tried to email you but my email account wouldnt play! just wanted to say that ree's lack of emotion and sex drive is normal on antidepressents but that the dose can be altered to help this. try not to worry. love Morgan xxxxx
from sarah-joan-c :
i know the feeling of a partner not in the mood. it IS very frustrating. just remember it's not your fault and keep up the masturbation. :)
from brokenbits :
and b.t.w. - tell Ree that she must know how beautiful she is! we can all see it in that picture you posted up. xxx
from brokenbits :
thanks for your last message, i am touched by your kind thoughts. love morgan xxxxx
from brokenbits :
holy crap! i just took the psychology test and you dont wanna know how much in need of psychiatric help i seem to be ! lol. how the hell did you find such a freaky scre-yourself-shitless test???!!!! love, morgan xxxxxx
from sleepyskin :
and now I must go give myself 40 wrist-lashings for typo'ing heather nova's name.
from sleepyskin :
as if i wouldn't make mad love to you before, but now, NOW I read archives and see you've mentioned heathe rnova and all I really want to do now is fuck. (this is all supposed to be taken humourously)
from hijinks :
Hrm, my throat is sore. That is all.
from sleepyskin :
and the balancing starts now. it's been a pleasure.

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