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from whystinger :
Not doing anything with your life? Sounds like you are doing a ton and it looks that you are busy enough where you don't have time to update. Applaud yourself!
from movingsands :
Luck, luck, luck, luck, luck!!! But you don't need it, you make things happen.
from dangerspouse :
Good luck with the solo show. I hope it's the hit you want it to be. God knows you've worked incredibly hard to make it so.
from dangerspouse :
So how did your show go earlier this month (10/7 entry)? I've been rather curious to read how it panned out for you - hopefully well. Happy birthday coming up!
from whystinger :
I stumbled on your diary. Yes, you do need to chill. wanted to leave more comments, but probably should wait
from stepfordtart :
Yay for 'life is sweet' updates! s x
from akasha90 :
It's nice to have read your last post.
from dizzigemini :
Hey I found ur diary a month or so ago. I have a guy friennd who is g@y4p@y and is an artist. He tends to be involved in some sort of abuseive scenerio, yet its as tho, to reach those moments of genius of pure "artistique" expression, he has to be in them dark places. Personally, I'm a strripper and about to eescorrt, and writing is my artistic expression. So, with that said, a lot of my poems that I am proud of, only manifested from a dark abusive state, often dr*g induced. I think it has something to do with that cliche "torchured artist". All I want to say is, remember that which you are looking for is allready inside of you. And u need ur eyes to see and hands to paint. Protect those. Otherwise, the ability ro create art will be taken from you and all that u will be is a victim of somebodys elses self hate. Keep creating, painting, keep that in focus. U write in here bkuz in the future u can look back and remember what u went throu to get urself to the next moment. or
from akasha90 :
hi! i was wondering if you have ever submitted your work into a an art show. like art basel in miami. there's a biennale in new york currently accepting applicants. . i really liked your entry on relationships. i think much of it is true. i'd have to rule out the eating habits. no man could ever have me eat as much as they do no matter how "in love" we could be. it's just something i've had to get used to. perhaps this is very random, but can you delete the comment with my email on it, if it's not too much trouble? i get paranoid when my emails are searchable. hehe
from stardumb :
wow, thanks for that last entry...
from akasha90 :
i couldn't stop reading your diary. it was like watching the life of an artist unfold. i have no doubt you can make it as an artist. i think you just have to look back and try to move yourself better. i've met a couple of very talented artists who have been rejected quite a few times before becoming well-known in the art world. with the sort of thing that is being presented in art fairs, it's just a matter of how you sell yourself and where you go. and believe me, when you become a great artist, the last person you'd have interviewing you would be barbara walters. just never give up. always take a step back and try things differently. although i hate damien hirst, he's a good example of someone who was absolutely nobody and became the richest living artist.
from ohmegah :
love your diary and you have good taste in authors, so I added you.
from dharmabumgrl :
Hello there, its been a LOOOOOONG time. Just saying hi. :) Tawnya
from fuschiashock :
good luck with your job search.

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