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from daath :
I miss you too, dear. I hope the writing has been going grandly.
from daath :
It's difficult when people you know just seem to disappear into thin air. But others replace them in time. I guess it's the way of life.
from kao-ko :
You are beautiful.
from daath :
That's cool. About you not dying from cancer and all.
from hattermad :
I'm sorry to hear of what's going on. I'm especially sad because of how there's no great comfort to come from an answer telling you what's happening. I wish I knew what to say here.
from daath :
Interesting animal guide. I'd have thought a more aggressive one would come to the fore, because we seem somewhat similar alike, but not the case apparently. Miss you, dearie.
from bareftgoddss :
Love you baby :)
from impetuousme :
Why thank you. I'm not much one for writing rommance or erotica, but if I do, I'll be sure to contact you. Thanks again. --Sam
from daath :
Awwww, kitty [pets kitty] I love it, Mr. E. Hahaha.
from daath :
It does seem to be alot smaller than I first thought it was. I guess most people just get bored or only write a few entries. I, however, will continue writing until the site itself implodes.
from amomsmusings :
Yeah, what is it with the diaryland links anyway? I know just what you mean...I spend a lot of time staring at the error page, too.
from augustdreams :
What did you think of "Incubus Dreams"? I adore the Anita Blake series. Many thanks for the comment. I'm just going through your archives and I really like your writing. Good stuff! I'll be back for more. Love your layout too, btw. Cthulhu F'tagn! ;D
from amomsmusings :
So, does your husband ask you nocturnal questions, too, or does he request that you iron naked? It's scary that my husband may have a long lost twin, but from what I hear there could be triplets, (or more) involved! Thanks for adding me.
from findmeagain :
We want pictures of the new ragmuffin! And what did you name him anyway?
from augustdreams :
Thank you for adding me as a favorite. My buddy list just glowed orange at me and let me know. :) My own fuzzy ones want to thank you for taking in that kitten. They send you many tail-wags, purrs and feather-flaps respectively. I hope all will go well once the fur stops flying! I'll be back for more!
from daath :
Well I did literally ask for it :)
from daath :
While I obviously can't relate to the sudden bouts of crying at 3am from a child (having no children or naughty animals to call my own), I do empathize with you.
from chicknstrip :
I just spent like an hour playing with my mouse on your diary, getting that little tail thing to dance for me.... where can i get me one of those??? I would waste oh so much time playing with it!
from no-yes-maybe :
I am glad I followed your banner, you seem really awesome.
from inaptbeauty :
hi i added you in my DTC (diaryland trading cards) collection. wanna trade?
from janysdrkpoet :
hey:) Sorry to hear you've still been sick! That sucks I know. I love the new layout, very pretty :) Hope to talk to you soon!
from janysdrkpoet :
Hey! Thanks for the note and adding me to faves too :) I found your diary last night and coudn't stop And I bet we could think of some very creative ways to drive our husbands batty >=) Thanks again !
from erz :
I noticed in your Yahoo profile that you have a livejournal. I'm erz_scamp. Add me and I'll add you back!
from lc-revues :
Hi! Your review has been posted. Thank you for requesting a review from LC Revues. We really appreciate it. I'm sorry it took so long.
from chefipoo :
Hee, hee. Wouldn't it be a blast?!? *sigh* I think it would be great to see you, Mike & the kiddos again! (or in Ari's case, for the first time!) We would love to take you up on the offer for a place to stay if we should move... talk to you soon!!
from mcc :
Hi, there are entries, I just have a fancy for links and quiz results. Gr8 profile by the way. Anne Rice is like, my goddess, The Crow and IWTV, are some of my fav movies! Msg Back
from writeraurie :
I'm leaving a note because you listed my old diary as one of your favorites. And i've moved to This diary is, and i would like to stress it, ENTIRELY fictional. ~~Aurie
from erz :
happy V day
from catzi :
This is a great site. Love your links and pages.
from tater-fay :
Your lay-out is gorgeous. I love pre-raphaelite art and "Morgana" or whatever that painting is called is one of my faves. In your 100 things about me you state that California is the only state to have ocean, forests and desert, but A-HA! This is not TRUE! Washington State (I live in Seattle) has all of those as well (plus mountains!) hehehehe...anyways, I like your diary and I've had a life long interest in magic(k) as well:)
from girl-aflame :
actually, no, that's very hepful, thank you! ;) it does make the mystery more intriguing, that they run both sites and both are down....hmmm...*thinks maybe she'll abuse her gold member status to get a tech question answered just to sate her burning nosiness. evil laughter echoes through the night...*
from girl-aflame :
Hello. I don't really know why I would expect you to know this question but, do you by any chance have an idea why candid-revu is down? I'm asking because I saw you have been reviewed by them in the past. You probably don't check the URLs or anything after you've read the review or know any of the reviewers but I'm going around asking people that have been reviewed by them what happened to their site, because it appears to have been removed. If on the off chance you know anything, please note me. I'm ravenously curious. If you don't know anything and think I'm a lunatic for asking, well...I can understand that, too. *smiles*
from haikyou :
about the error: i saw that, too. it prolly caused by enetation. i once tried enetation for my diaryland diary and it gave me error ..... but i could be wrong ...
from haikyou :
Your haiku is up :)
from bettyalready :
No no, don't be sorry. It sounds like she's depressed. I know I am. Most diaries I read are feeling some amount of anxiety or depression.
from bettyalready :
I went to that website because it scared me to think someone was writing out their last wishes...meaning what? I took it to mean she was just thinking about death and was thinking about what she'd want when she dies. That made me feel better.
from supercilious :
Hmm, not entirelly correct, but when you start digging into the 'reasons' why a lot of people hold one banner or another on most ethical (Btw, just picking on the abortion thing because I was reading an article about it earlier) battles are, well, bullshit. I could go into more detail but it would likely be boring, that and I'm late :).
from chefipoo :
I didn't mean to imply that you would judge me, I just meant that you know the battle I've fought against religion and I didn't want you to think I was being wishy washy. I will never judge you and I know you would never judge me. By the way, right on sista!!! (About your latest entry, i.e., pro-life) Love ya!
from bettyalready :
I do love the layout.
from roachhaus :
Hey, where in New Mexico are you?
from shawntasy :
Ummm but she's a CHICKEN! Her eyes are supposed to be beady. She loves you, she really does, she just wants to lay eggs again so I don't have to eat her. And not in a good way, I mean like floured and fried with mash potatoes eat! Woooe is chickenbaby!
from shawntasy :
Ok, I understand bossy is a bitch, but chicken baby? Poor chickenbaby will never be the same.
from shawntasy :
That was you? OMgosh what did bossy and chickenbaby ever do to you?
from tiki-reviews :
Your review is up,
from weezer-kid :
Thanks for the note, and thanks for noticing me. :) I like your diary, I especially enjoyed your photos. Where are you located? --weezer-kid
from bettyalready :
You are lucky.
from supercilious :
Ugh, damn you! That game is EVIL.
from monstre :
Hello Lady, thank you for the flattery, but I'm ashamed to admit that I don't understand it -- don't recognize the movie, nor the actress, nor the reference. But I will take and appreciate the words as kindly as they were meant. As for your new look -- it's lovely but uh... There seem to be a few kinks in the code, yet.
from bettyalready :
from eevviillgirl :
Merry Christmas!:)
from supercilious :
Back at ya! :)
from bettyalready :
Wonderful of you to write your mom's cards for her. My mom isn't well either and my brother, sister in law and I do a lot for her. We should, as kids, do it, but it seems to rare these days. Love love love your diary!
from anthropoe :
I really hope that your surgery went well... *hug* Heal well.
from diaryreviews :
You've been reviewed at diaryreviews and have scored 90/100! You are hereby invited to the 90+ ring (go to for details. To see your review, go to Keep it up!
from anthropoe :
Thank you. I feel a lot better today. And alas, cry on. I'm pretty sure most everyone is sad and probably depressed.
from auracounts :
Wow. Heh. I didn't think anyone but my friends read my diary:-) No, I won't let anyone pressure me. I refuse. It just bothers me, still, to answer the same questions and have to evade them. And I am sorry for your plight, though I hope you have found enrichment through the channels you have:-)
from elya-chan :
Got your message - glad to see you back! ^_^ Did you have fun? When do we get to hear your fabulous tales of Florida? *grin*
from nyx-alastair :
Christmas. Then we get the second Lord of the Rings movie. I can't wait either.
from nyx-alastair :
That entry of last night was very touching. I'll keep those families in my prayers tonight.
from nyx-alastair :
I just thought you needed a note from someone. Hi. I miss you.
from lunablossom :
Hey All, miss me? Just drop me a line.

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