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from dangerspouse :
Welcome back. You still married? I remember the story of your wedding, with the handmade canes you gave your groomsmen.
from final137 :
Yeah, I could see Tolkein sitting down to watch the movies.. shaking his head with a little disappointment. Anyhow, Happy Almost New Year.
from futureceo :
I absolutely love your background for your diary. I've read a little bit of your entries but will definitely be back to read more!
from kyruleus :
Hey, thanks for the advice. I'm going to upgrade to at least Jaguar as soon as I get the money. There's no better motivation than treating my iMac! Thanks again. Macs rule!!!
from squirrelx :
Bless your heart! I love 'The Duel', so much so that I've posted the link in my diary twice already, but for some strange reason, very few folks have commented on it. I can't figure that out 'cause I think it's one of the funniest bits of animation I've ever seen. When those pigs run across the bridge I damn near keel over laughin'. Warmest regards, Xtine
from roapearl :
Happy Earth Birthday! I wish I had Jeeves and Wooster... Have fun!!
from roapearl :
Have you named the TiBook yet? Well, I have been wanting to ask this for a while, but can I put the Mac "skull and crossbones" Psychology image on my diary? ::Big, cute eyes:: Please?
from roapearl :
I can't think of any names, but I just want to say I LOVE my TiBook which I've had for over a year. Just watch out for the light gray paint around the edges... it comes off after a while... 'course, I kinda abuse my poor compy. My life is prolly more suited for an orange iBook. Oh! Actually I thought of a name... Bender! Why? I don't know.
from roapearl :
Soooo not fair! I wanna have Red Dwarf on DVD... wait... what version is it? Original or... ::Shudder:: ...digitally enhanced? Wah!!! In any case, I want and am so jealous. ::Pout::

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