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from narcissa :
help? password? are you passing it out?
from omnipre5ence :
Random note poster. :)
from omnipre5ence :
Flushed lush.
from two-bitpoet :
DUDE. O.O *How* the hell am I supposed to remember all these passwords. You just made a hangover headache worse. And I feel special to be reading your locked dland. Oi. *hugs*
from lovejunky :
Hoping things are okay. Catch me on AIM... :/
from laurat :
Even though I don't know who you write about, I know those feelings. And thank you for being able to put them so exactly down (so beautifully) so that I can understand and think and reflect. I could just keep reading your diary forever - the horrible parts of life are made...eloquently lovely.
from greentealeaf :
your entries reminded me of me just a while ago. distance is difficult for the heart .. i hope it works out for you.
from loob :
I have been exactly there too, confused and hurting and hoping for him to speak again. I hope it all works out for you.
from digital-high :
"What do you do when the only one who makes it better is steering clear away?" -- I wish I could tell you, but I feel like I'm in a similar position; the difference is that you met your boy, and I have yet to meet the one I care for. (His head seems to be lodged up his arse somehow.) I hope everything pans out for you. Your entries about seeing him were inspiring, and they made me smile to myself. Take care and good luck.
from two-bitpoet :
when did ciosa get a d-land? blah. anyways. if that boy plays with your feelings, mind games and all that crap, i will personally kick the crap out of his geek-boy ass.
from bigsqueeze :
Hey Lusheeeeeee Guess who signed up for this whole online journal thing you crazy kids are into. Hopefully I get around to ever updating it though ;o) Hope all is well xx
from thatmarygirl :
you have the best username. ever.
from lush :
How sad is it that I'm testing this?
from clcassius :
So pleased to have you back! I shall have to pick through your archives now and catch up on things. :)
from brokenbits :
who is the boy in the picture on your page? and where is it taken? questions....questions.... lol morganx
from bychance :
hope things go well with you and The Boy!! :)
from brokenbits :
i only ever used the LJ abot 3 times. it had some good features which are lacking in diaryland, but overall diaryland is easier, friendlier and just better , i think! so i wont bore you with my LJ name cos there aint nuffin to read ;-)
from brokenbits :
ok, so i checked it out! i have generated an invite code for you this is it
have fun in livejournal....
from brokenbits :
hi! i have a live journal - i just signed right on up - whay do you need an invite? morgan xx
from ammonite :
oh! and i've never met anyone else who read _an underachievers diary_ - i liked that book a lot even though it depressed me =/ yay.
from cucumber :
hey! thanks for the compliments on lexdesigns. yeah, it's more fun doing layouts featuring lola, requiem for a dream, radiohead, etc. i like those things! i also like looking at those things! it's a perfect combination.
from weepopstar :
Oops I just posted to your notes, and realised that you copied the text from somewhere else. Gfaw. S.o.r.r.y. -tt
from weepopstar :
re: indie kids. YOU LOVE US! although, i, daresay, i would say your "stereotypes" sound so negative. don't spend so much time in front of the Mteevee dear. look what happened to richie. you seem to refer to "sad-core" (emo, cough?) kids as indie. no, they are just pathetic. I've not had sex today so perhaps i'm turning one now. although my black-plastic-rimmed glasses are lens scratched, i can see where your going. borders is not an independent. pick up some hanif kureishi, calm down with some scott walker, and don't listen to what the other kids say,... (unless they let you borrow their ultra rare 45's and will teach you how to repair your stereo,... then they're worth your while) -terible teri
from coffeebitch :
oh hi. wow. i just discovered that you linked to me on your page. sweet! your layout rocks it hardcore my dear and i'm fixin' to read lots of your stuff.
from mel839 :
nice nice :)

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