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from cdstacks :
documentary done?... it's been ages, i hope everything is wonderful, or at least good :)
from ship-jumper :
still here. Hope you come back soon!
from trumpetandme :
i'm still here, always here!! thank you for the many laughs over the years, keep them coming :)
from z765323814 :
another 'woo-hoo' from over here!
from janetplnetoc :
still here.
from epipie :
yet another one still here
from ricklets :
Im still here!! =) and glad its all still dandy!!
from neshachan :
I'm still here. :O
from herdarlinsin :
You're still the Amazing. You're never forgotten.
from z765323814 :
Your name looks FANTASTIC in red! <3
from janetplnetoc :
Dropping my line. I'm still here, and said "Yay, she updated" when I saw your name in red... Life keeps you busy, but it pays the bills, right?
from ricklets :
just dropping down to say HI!
from ricklets :
yaaaaayyy!!!! *does a happy dance* you really made my day *big smile* and glad to hear everything is a good kind of crazy, I'll poke my nose around to see if I can find your friends book! xoxoxoxoxxxxx
from janetplnetoc :
I did it, I clicked on a link and my life hasn't been the same since. It was okay until today, because I had your archives. But now that I'm all caught up in the "life and times" I find myself desperately wanting more. I'll try not to pester you with daily notes. And I certainly intend no guilt for having a life and not having time to update, just know that "we" (the readers) are all out here thinking of you and waiting for your name to show up in red on our buddy list.
from crazyblueyes :
hey i was just passin through and thought i'd stop to say that your diary is cute, and i enjoyed what i read. :)
from ricklets :
Hello. I have been a fan for some while now, and it is a bit concerning when you don't write. I know you have a busy life, but my life isn't so much. I look at my little buddylist and my heart yearns for the time that your name highlights red. So please please lv2write00 write soon, for all your die heart fans. xox ricklets.
from im32flavors :
Welcome back
from im32flavors :
Hey, Diaryland misses you! Come back! I miss having my favorite diary to read.
from hamiltonian :
Be good? I'll three-dimensionally ying yang
from iambucket :
Hey! Just glad you checked in! And I'll take broth, the noodles always end up on my chin anyway! Glad to hear things are going well, and let me know when and where you do your Dolly Duet if you do!
from candoor :
you have three days before you can use that graphic again :)
from iambucket :
WTG with the 'spaghetti caper'! Great entry girl, keem em coming!
from sanetwin :
Your volunteer story was hilarious/inspiring/frustrating on your and the evacuees behalf.
from devian :
i loved your diary so much, i think i'm now a lesbian! which will infuriate my roommate--i mean, gay lover! oh, he'll get over it and if he doesn't, WHO CARES! I'M GOING TO MEET BURT REYNOLDS!
from gumphood :
you're blotted out eyes is either weird or Brillent...or both.
from ocd-and-me :
Good for you!! I wish I could be as positive as you are in regards to volunteer work.
from megsicle :
I like your diary! It's great. And...yeah. Most mundane note ever, but that's ok!
from candylady-ox :
just stumbled upon your diary in an ad. You are so funny! I just love reading your diary! I just started my diary, so its obviously not as good, and the fact that really Im not such a great writer, although I do it constantly. So, I was wondering if you would mind being added to my buddy list? xoxo, Kenzie
from chaostheory- :
thought i.d leave a note as it seems everytime i update or open a window for that matter your banners come up.. i think seen all of them. yep, that is all. take it easy .xo.
from candoor :
sounds like you'e having fun, so it's understandable that you're writing less... keep having fun (and enjoy people missing you :)
from daath :
What excellent retro 50's decor, and the cucumbers are lavish but elegant accent pieces. And these chicken monkeys you and your comrades stumbled on in the forest--very interesting!
from miark :
best of luck with your film, kitten
from lovelydaisy :
hope you have a great summer :)....things are always good here :)
from ocd-and-me :
Well hello there. Things are fine with me. I'm one step closer to figuring out who I really am. The United States Marine Corps will be whisking my husband away for an extended beach vacation (ish... sand but no water) where he's sure to come back with a nice tan and many more muscles than he left with. I've given up on every group I belong to on the internet except D-land. And I just bought myself a new necklace. But that's everything in a noteshell. Thanks for asking!
from icefacade :
if I have not yet mentioned it - I love the way you illustrate your life.
from surrey-grrl :
OMG, just stumbled across you (well, across your diary). And it's perfect. Mind being added to my buddy list?
from ladypoetess :
Totally unconnected to any of your recent entries, I had a question for you. You reference falling off the Diet Coke wagon every so often... have you had the new Diet Coke with Splenda? Would it still be bad for you, in your eyes, though it does not have aspertame in it? I've tried it, and it's actually pretty good, so... just a thought. ^_^
from iambucket :
Happy be-lated to you! And yes, the mainstreaming is sometimes a trip...especially when you relaize that noone really does give a shit! Always a good experience in that!
from hiryuu :
Happy birthday.
from icefacade :
happy birthday! mine's in a week wooooo and I will be working all day and well into the night; so chilling by yourself actually sounds divine to me :)
from fluttrbykiss :
Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a GREAT day, filled with whatever it is that you want... {{{{HHHUUGGGSSSS}}}}
from angel0fdeath :
Happy birthday! :)
from iambucket :
Hey, just glad you're back! I've had a few of my own 'sebatticals' from d-land, and they were longer than THIRTY-TWO days, if that makes ya feel any better!
from guavagrrrl :
*some clever comment that noone will notice*
from flying-kiwi :
Poor you! Maybe your routine should START with the Yoga mat, that way you'll KNOW you're stretched lol
from daylilies :
ah... i've clicked on different unique banners that caught my attention MANY times and it always seems to bring me to your site. great job. it's very pretty and happy. The colors and lesbiannesses make me smile. :-D
from mightydwarf2 :
My husband LOVES the L Word, but I must admit, it's getting old for me real fast. Several of the characters are just, well, ridiculous. I mean-- who has that much sex irl? Sadly, not me. :(
from so-blonde :
hey I love the layout on your diary! it's unique-- which I admire!
from hey4eyes :
Seems like we have some things in common. I really like your writing and the design of your site. Chin Chin. Bobbie Sue Dicks
from iambucket :
I'm with wenchiewench on her note below. The writing, even if noone else see's it, is SO helpful. Get it out of your head in some fashion, it helps! And don't beat yourself about being consistant on the writing-good god all ya gotta do is come to my blog and look at the incredible HOLES that are in there. Months hon, months! And um, yea, gross on the dude with the tight tight too snug in the package area overhauls. Gag. Thanks for the great image! *hugging the porcelain goddess* Keep writing when ya can, and glad things are well with the assumably Shamu lover!
from drearocks :
Rubber tree plant, awesome, I would like one, I think I could really use a rubber tree plant, :) just dropping in. *Smile*
from wench77 :
hmmm, I'm finding it harder to write in my diary too. I think the writing a letter to your therapist every day is a good thing. When I broke up with ob I wrote to her (and never gave or sent) every day or more in a notebook. Actually went through two notebooks in a month. Much better than keeping it all inside. Anyways, thankyou to your significant girlfriendplantwaterertoplessdancer (see which part i retained!) for keeping your rubber plant and you alive. I'm glad. hope to read you again soon!
from zuzus-petals :
FOr what it's worth, I went to the "upload image" section (because I keep my jpg/image files on diaryland) and my images were simply gone - no longer on the diaryland server. I had to re-upload them and then I was fine re: my images on my blog. If you kept your images on diaryland, it may be that you have to re upload them to get them back. Just a thought. I enjoy your writing! - Zuzu
from nikib :
Hi there, I love your writing. I clicked on a banner today and will continue to read your stuff! Keep writing, you're great at it!
from nikib :
Hi there, I love your writing. I clicked on a banner today and will continue to read your stuff! Keep writing, you're great at it!
from neon-bitch :
once, i propped my mouth open with a stick because i was stupid. i couldnt get it out and i cried. there was yucky dirt in my mouth and i was starting to bleed. eventually the stick broke and i got it out. i took the two pieces home with me and named them. this has been a random thing for your enjoyment.
from gumphood :
from herdarlinsin :
"Alright, but let's make it quick" Nice way to start out your entry m'lady. I'm sorry about "Sallys" umm internal womanly-giblets. Maybe the Thanksgiving Turkey won't feel so lonely this year? I'm teasing. That was a really bad attempt to make you laugh, or smile or what have you. I hope she's feeling better really soon. Those type of surgeries suck. Been there myself. *hugs and kisses for Sally*
from saru-san :
That's too bad about "sally's" fingernails. I hope the hangnails heal and she's buffed and polished soon.
from drearocks :
I hope miss "sally" gets better soon, um I mean her nails??? lol rabbit in the sky! loves it!
from dimstar :
Hi, I don't know if I ever left you a note or not, but I just want you to know that I do read when you pop up in red font on my buddy list, and I will be praying for Sally to make a quick recovery. I'm sorry you two are going through this now :( Take care. (((hugs))) Gwen
from drearocks :
awesome to see smileS! sorry about your soreness :) peace and love!
from superfreakme :
you are now my favorite diaryland lesbian ever. i love it! ps im jealous of all your note things....
from cubjam11 :
Your blog makes me smile. :-) <--see?
from saru-san :
My God... your site is GORGEOUS! Where do you get all these images? They are... (insert glowing words of praise here). Seriously. And your writing is compelling. I'm so glad I found this!
from crazy4muffin :
Just fell into your diary via your banner. I am also 39. My mom still hasn't figured out that "roommate" is code for lesbian lover. Yes, mom, that is correct. I chose to have a roommate since I can't find a man to keep me safe in the big ole house.
from moon-candle :
Amazing writing, and you sound like you have a very interesting life filled with great people. Keep it up!
from hairburner :
Uh, I didn't mean to make it seem like I was calling you cheesy. Please insert appropriate punctuation whilst I pretend to be distracted by something shiny.
from hairburner :
I finally broke down and click on one of your banners...and I just finished your archive. Thank you for being a good writer. Link making is easy cheesy lady. It goes like this: <a href="">lv2write</a> you try it. Also, how weird is it that I grew up in the OC and now live near Runyon? Freaky...
from extremesock :
If you'd like to add a link to your site, you can put <a href="*insert the website address here*">then put whatever you want on this to show up on your page!</a>. Hope this helps!
from hey4eyes :
I really like your diary and your page design. Seems like we have a few things in common. Only I don't know how to build my page! Oh well. Good stuff. Cheers. Bobbie Sue Dicks
from westernesse :
I just wanted to say that I love your writing. You are talented and inspiring. The style is amazing and beautiful. Also, I am sorry people have to die. I don't get it really...
from muskoxen :
as everyone else says, i just clickesd your banner. now, mind you, i don't usually do such things, but this time i just HAD to. you know...i think it had to do with the picture. i really love your layout and pictures and everything. u can guarantee i'll keep reading. hope you read mine too and i hope that we can speak sometime. cheers, keep up the cool blog!! --Kayli
from msmmack :
Ministers usually do that at funerals when they don't know what else to say about the person who died. They did that when my cousin died at age 2. *eyeroll*
from thruthefire :
Found your diary from your banner. Very good entry. I will read more! Anyway, here is how you place a link into your diary..... <a href="paste URL here">underlined word to click on</a> for example.... Everybody look at <a href="">what</a> I've been doing for the last 2 hours online. Hope that helps!!!!
from aquafae :
Hello, I saw a banner, and thought, "Now that sounds like someone with a balanced head." So here I am to tell you, you have a very balanced head from what I've read. I understand the Christian beat down. My Grandmother is Deep southern Babtist. I like your page design as well.. trendy. Ciao.
from madbh :
Dia Dhuit! hmmm perhaps not the most appropriate greeting but HI! I just clicked your banner and i loved your diary. for my aunts funeral we (distant relatives but closest to her) had to organise the whole thing so that it wouldn't be an hour long bible bashing service like ours always are. it took nearly a week but it was worth it, with her own family singing and playing instruments. She would have liked it.. now eager to get started on my own design, P.
from cubjam11 :
You have a fine looking and well-written blog here. :-) Just thought I'd drop in after clicking your uber-excellent banner! xxx -- Jamie
from drearocks :
so happy to see you back, I know I'm late. SMILE! :)
from faerine :
hehe, I guess we must live pretty close. I'm a frequent Mammoth Mountain inhabitor myself. Hope ya had fun =D
from elsmerelda :
hiiiiiii. ::waves:: i saw ur fun banner. yay and stuff. ur entry made me laugh..well not about breast cancer but about the way u say things..i'm a babbling idiot..and i think ur cool. i know that sounds kinda creepy..but..well..ok i can't back that up. i just wanted to say that i'm glad u and ur girdfriend/partner thingy/cancer free lover are doing well. yay. i'm just a person that is happy for others when they are doing well..again creepy..guess i'm just odd for caring:) have a nice day. bye.
from firesong153 :
First of all, I'd like to say your banner does what it needs to do...makes people click on it. Second of all...I recently had surgery to remove a lump from my breast. It was benign. We in fact knew it was benign before removing it, but it was enough to be in the way of later detecting something...not benign. In any case, it was still scary. So I understand the fear. I'm glad everything turned out ok. :)
from nikita84 :
I'm glad to hear your partner is fine! Love your writing style... I'll be coming back to read more! Love, Nellie xxx
from jellehbelleh :
Did you know California is only supposed to get 13 inches of rain a year and we got that in three weeks? Drop a line and say howdy neighbor!
from lovelydaisy :
glad things are settling down for ya! Hope you feel better soon and hope your house doesn't get affected by the mudslides. Good luck on ur writing :).....Carrie
from chicagojo :
Good work on staying calm and strong for your Amazing Girlfriend. So glad to hear that everything's okay with her Amazing Breasts (tm)!
from loonasea :
...blessings to you and to that ever-helpful messenger from the Universe, the hummingbird. What little town did you decide on?
from ladypoetess :
Yay! Here, have a cyber-cookie (not the information-stealing kind) for updating twice in as many days! This is a good trend - I like seeing you back. ^_^
from sduckie :
sending you hugs, and I'm very sorry for your loss. i love when you write though, so thanks for today's entry!
from loonasea :
Sometimes just showing up to the "page" is so much worth the effort -- but I know you know that! Great job, and though you may not fool us, still it's wonderful to hear about Dolores and Tina. :)
from loonasea :
Go, team! Great job writing a nice, meaty entry. Glad to hear that the verysweet sister seems to be more or less okay. Helping to keep an eye on her and her life may be good for you, no? In that focusing-on-keeping-the-community-going-when-your-own-heart-just-wants-to-stop way? In any event, thanks for sending out the update. We miss you when you're gone, and not just because you entertain us. From qira, formerly of, now of
from hiryuu :
I'm very sorry for the negatives that have happened lately, but you have a brilliant soul and a strong mind. You'll come out on top. A note to the diary that outshines the rest~
from ravynespeaks :
Just want to wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2005 be your best year ever!
from thatgrrrl :
I'm so sorry for your loss.
from kiosh :
Hello... Your diary has always been a personal favourite and I enjoy it so much! I don't want to fall into a cliché or something but I send you positive vibes and healing thoughts to you. Smile and give yourself some time to feel better... I know a loss is terrible. We're here for you... Anyway... I want to wish you a merry Xmas and a 2005 full of happiness and peace. Tons of caramel hugs! =0)
from ladypoetess :
Much sympathy and empathy - it has been 11 days now, since I lost one who fit that description for me; my mother.
from wish4u :
So sorry about your loss, keep your head up!
from wench77 :
I'm so sorry. It is devastating to lose someone you love and esteem. Give yourself the time to grieve. hugs.
from lovelydaisy :
so sorry to hear of your loss. Lots of hugs :)....Carrie
from veralynn :
So sorry to hear. A world of good thoughts and support winging their way through the ethernet.
from kazillion :
I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your loss, ducks. *sends love* You're in my heart and hopes.
from ladypoetess :
Glad to see you're back, don't worry about the long absence - we're all just glad to see you! Sorry to hear about your grandmother, that looks pretty painful, and I understand how scary it can be when the very elderly (90+) get hurt. I'm glad she's in the hospital where she can get proper treatment, however. ^_^ My own 90+ year old grandmother ran into a door a few months ago and shattered her wrist, so I've been through a semi-related rollercoaster ride recently, myself.
from wish4u :
This just in....we're screwed....Hell Yeah. enough said!!
from qira :
um...i can't see the picture...but i want to! i'm so glad to know that you're still breathing....take it from this dyke stranded in west virginia -- enjoy life in coastopia, for what it's worth.
from guavagrrrl :
yeah, because i know whatever that jpg is, it will so make me smile, and us oregon queers could use something to smile about.
from thatgrrrl :
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a red x isn't worth much at all. Where's the screwed.jpg? It's missing! :)
from fuzzypeacock :
Ah yes we are so totally screwed. It makes me sad that my country is stupid.
from wish4u :
OMG!! I stumbled on your diary, I LOVE IT !!! I am definatly adding you to my fav's so I can read everyday, you made me laugh soooo hard!! by the way Barry Manilo is awesome, no judging on my part. Crystal
from lovstarsies :
hey, I COULDNT JUDGE YOU BADLY THERE. i love barry manilow. you've made me smile, dear.
from gaia-angel :
Stumbled across your banner, then into your site. We have a lot in common - retro, chicks and political leanings among them. I enjoyed reading you! Moni
from iamhubpluh :
If you are voting AGAINST Bush, check out he is for 100% EQUALITY right for the Gay/Lesbian community as well as for stoping the war in Iraq, and NOT sending more troops as Kerry is for (based on his debate answers). Vote your heart, not the less of two evils!
from for-you-only :
Would you be interested in getting a button for your site? It makes it easy for friend's to link you, and looks good in their pages. If so, check out Also, another thing that's pretty cool to check out is - it's a writer's group diary; check it out. -Pink
from fearthefairy :
You are simply hilarious! Adding you too my buddy list and becoming the (hold on lemme check) 380th person to fave you! Do I get a prize? -Tye
from hamiltonian :
I like Girls too!
from czarandom :
I think I may read you regularly, this is funny. Also the design is fresh in an old an outdated kinda way :)
from bean-n-bacon :
i hope you know that i am back and that i have missed our correspondence. you still are the shit. i am regressing, but whatever. hit me back. - rachel
from lesbfriends6 :
oh i forgot I love your banners. have a good evening!
from lesbfriends6 :
Oh but the best part about Cheney is his daughter.
from hamiltonian :
great journal and awesome design... I am voting kerry-edwards, but my second choice is Libertarian Michael Badnarik, and he says government has no right to have any say about who marries whom.
from apostrophe22 :
I love your layout, it rocks! : )
from maliger :
from banefulvenus :
from landynodandy :
ahh i dig your template. very retro/psychadelic!
from ohtwo :
i <3 u!!!!!
from ladyvaduva :
good to see ur back! u write whatever u want to write.. and I'll read! u are always ever so amusing :-) and always brighten my day! cheers!
from discodoll :
I can barely wait for that update!!
from thatgrrrl :
Yes, Kerry Walsh and Misty May were my FAVORITE Olympians by far..... you say you know they're both straight? What a crushing disappointment. I prefer to believe they went back to the dorm and continued what they started there on the sand..... they were YUMMY.
from hehe-imcrazy :
that's extremely heart warming as well as soul warming and...other areas :P
from ladypoetess :
Oh, my... that volleyball pic is just heart-warming... Though, granted, my heart isn't the only thing warmed. ^_~
from smidgeroo :
Love the Olympic Gold pic. Shagadelic. :3
from fifskasj :
since diet coke is unchanging, predictable, enjoyable etc.... when you have coke you feel like you regain a sense of control. when so many things happen that you can't control that overwhelm you (getting rejected which sucks), you turn to diet coke. you always know what to expect with a diet coke and that calms you. maybe the world isn't all changing...coke is still treating you well. People try to gain control during tough uncontrolable times like yours through many ways. Thats why some people cut themselves, starve themselves, or sucumb to a sweet and energizing saccharin kick with diet kick. It's just your own thing. I think it's pretty healty if you ask me. Not to fear.
from aliop33 :
Just wondering if you will be trying to release your film as I am very curious and would like to see it sometime. i love reading your diary by the way, you always somehow make me laugh.
from ladypoetess :
Now, see - I could never forget about you. You are one of the few diaries that I read that I go "Oooh! She updated!!" whenever I see "lv2write00" highlighted in red on my buddies page.
from yuripanda :
Hehe! Too bad I'm allergic to Krispe Kreme donuts... well, donuts in general... not *just* Krispe Kreme... but I used to live right next door to Krispe Kreme and every morning I could smell the delicious donuts that I can't eat. ::sigh::
from veralynn :
In Philly here and a film festival buff to boot. be sure to post the whens/wheres of your screening. Congrats and yeehah!
from yuripanda :
Ooh ooh ooh!!!! I live in Durham, NC!!!! Ok, so technically I live just outside of Durham...I'm like right on the city limits... but that is not important. What I'm trying to get at is, will your film be shown at the NC Gay and Lesbian Film Festival??? Because I volunteer at the NCGLFF every year!!! And I so have to see your film if its going to be there!! So yah, leave me a note or email me at [email protected] telling me what film festival in Durham your film will be at (if not the NCGLFF) and the name of your film and all those fun details!!! I'm really really really excited about seeing your film!!
from and-um :
happy (late) birthday...
from yuripanda :
I'm just wishing you a happy birthday... Just like everyone else apparantly! Lol. I hope your birthday was fantastic and wonderful!
from cutie1083 :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
from junipersday :
Happy Birthday!!! I hope there's lots of cake and goodies and party thingies and smiles!
from euphoria21 :
Have a wonderful bithday, I hope the rest of your day brings about as many surprises as one girl can get in a day!!! Enjoy :)
from hehe-imcrazy :
happy birthday! i love your diary. hope you have fun today :D
from iambucket :
Wonderful entry, and please do not apologize for writing too many details...feast or famine, it's wonderful to read you. Congrats on getting into the film festival!
from udontknowme9 :
really like ur diary
from lv2write00 :
yo. yo. yo...... hand me those CAR KEYS right now (you know who i'm talking to, previous note-leavers) "What Up" with the DRUNKEN note-leaving? Can't people PICK UP A PHONE and make CRANK CALLS when they're drunk like they used to back-in-the-day? Seriously... it's much fresher (and OLDSCHOOL) to MAKE CRANK PHONE CALLS than it is to LEAVE DRUNKEN NOTES on diaries. But... whatev. Word to your bartending-selves.
from dangerspouse :
No, you said "DICK". Because you were in ArrowHEAD. I'me very drunk and thought that was funny, but will no doubt regret it tomarrow. Regards, and welcome back! Now excuse me, must get a cucumber....
from mimseylou :
even if your entries weren't entertaining, it'd be worth looking at your site just for the images you put up there. Lucky for you, it's entertaining AND aesthetically pleasing.
from livescollide :
from livescollide :
from iluveminem02 :
So I was just wondering if you have a girlfriend. My mom is a lesbian and I think it is great that she is truley happy now! I'm not but w/e. Anyway...I just found your diary and wanted to say that you seem cool!
from nimiiwin :
Wow. You don't need to be regular-updater-girl because you're far more entertaining when you do update. Nothing remotely interesting ever happens to me ...I refute many myths about lesbian life ... one of them is that we're more interesting than your average girl. Thank God you are.
from iambucket :
Stumbled upon your site and found myself laughing. Nice to find some family onsite that is my age! *s* Will be adding you to my fav list. Thanks for being here!
from ssteedman :
can't say I know much about lesbianism, although two of my friends are. Anyway, what I especially like is the whole 50's theme you've got going! Superb. oh, and I've added you as a favourite diary - your writing works for me
from banefulvenus :
Loved the banner you did about growing up and meeting a great girl...
from iluveminem02 :
So ur a lesbian! My mom is a lesbian and I think it is awsome to be one, just not for me. Do you watch The L Word? If so isn't it GREAT! Did u see the last episode?!?!?!
from uhhuhokblah :'s what's for dinner! Omg ur so goin on my list of reads...ur diary is hot! I'm over here cracking up,lol. i just recently started up a new feel free to drop by whenever..peace.
from cross-wind :
You make me laugh so hard I almost wet myself. I have to add you. Would be against the law no to.
from chicagojo :
You absolutely crack me up! A Midol cocktail for us all!
from ladypoetess :
I wish your lady all the best for her birthday, and I hope that 40 is kinder to her than most people expect "the big 4-0" to be. ^_^
from drearocks :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket! I hope all goes well on your bday weekend surprise!! :)
from bindyree :
Happy birthday to your beloved!!!
from ladyvamp :
your diary rocks i enjoy your thoughts and romantic love story =D
from lermel :
Dude...what's up with crazy religious ceremonies? I feel somewhat violated after reading that BRISS. Yipes.
from angelxtoots :
Haha I loved ur entry on the briss!! Althou poor u, but it came out ok inn the end=) and congrats on the movie! Woot, wished I knew that name so I could see it...
from ginger-grin :
Oh man (or woman should I say?), your entry on the briss had me laughing my ass off. I will definitely read more of your wit and wisdom. Write on sister! :o)
from purplebanana :
Your latest entry is like looking into a cartoonish world full of brightly coloured people.
from muxxie :
painfully hilarious briss! I thought only christian ceremonies could be that funny and horrible! judism just seems so nice and formal...glad to know you have a good sense of humor about the horror.
from ladypoetess :
Re: The Briss -- I can't say that I have ever been to a Briss, but I have watched a circumcision a couple of times when I was in school (me being a nurse, and all). Usually, the screaming/crying is because the little boy is being held down and he wants to kick/squirm/otherwise move around, but he is not allowed. Generally, the drugs-of-whatever-variety keep him from feeling too much in the way of pain. I'm sorry it was so hard on you - I promise he won't remember it when he grows up, and in fact he will forget about the pain altogether in a relatively short period of time.
from eanna :
You handled that far, far better than I would have. The words 1st degree murder come to mind... That was excelent writing... Please excuse the spelling, I'm still crying in laughter...;>
from cutegrrlncva :
Yikes! Was that a double you ordered? Hope he is doing well. Most likely he is still passed out on account of your excelent bartending skills and the fact that he just had a "procedure" done. Can I refill your glass?
from lilspo :
that was the most well written enchanting intense thing i ever read you deserve a large drink.
from gettingnaked :
After that account, *I'm* ready to pass out. I can't imagine actually *being* there. Forget *a* deserve the whole dang bar!
from meika :
Well, good luck then :p Glad you finally finished your film though! Best wishes to you and stuff <3 Meika
from annie-m-s-b :
from icarusrex :
I love your diary. It has a great motif too!
from swedishdude :
Your banner popped up, and I clicked it. And...your diary is wonderful! Go for it (whatever it is) !
from elliemay23 :
Ok, so I saw your banner and have only read a couple of entries, but so far I love it. I like all of the names you have for your are quite funny! Ellie
from technibeetle :
i *love* your banners, a serious case of banner envy going on here... love your blog, will definately be back for more!
from star-heart :
found you thru a banner and have been meaning to comment for ages. I love your diary and I agree that diet coke is so addictive it's evil.
from studiofreek :
did you always know you wanted to be a writer?I'm am kind of stuck in the occupational choice of either going into theater or graphic design, Although I love theatre, I don't want to be broke either.Were you ever stuck in these type of life decisions? if so, how did you make your final choice. i know making the wrong decision is better than making no decision at all. Thanks for your charasmatic insight on your site.
from pirate-life :
Curses upon Diet Coke for being so profoundly addictive!
from leonmcphelps :
I like your banner. Good job.
from sduckie :
hi, i just read your diary from start to finish. i love the style, humor and heart you put into your writing. happy anniversary and I'm thinking good thoughts for your family. sincerely, Duck
from rebekah14 :
heya! omg wow yur diary is so interesting i juss couldnt stop reading. oh ya n btw happy dozen year aniversary! keep writin
from kimisamazing :
Do we love your diary? We love your diary! Happy anniversary by the way.
from frodoz-ring :
Hi I have just started to read your diary and I love it! Especially the one on IT. I hope your friend ,Sue, is alright later Frodoz-ring
from mestupchick :
meowr. your words make me grin and be proud of who i am - a deliciously queer urban femme. you rock kitty! (alana)
from tsopenny :
Congratulations on your anniversary! There's this really sappy music playing right now from the Oscars... It's uplifting and romantic and seems to be the perfect soundtrack for the clip of my life spent writing this note to congratulate you on your Dozen-Year Anniversary. What do you give someone for a Dozen-Year Anniversary? Eggs?
from ladybug-red :
You my dear lady are fabulous! Hope you and your love had a fantastic anniversary with more to come. I meanwhile, will spend the next several hours of my time (technically my boss's time) catching up on your interesting life and soaking in your charm. Cheers.
from pinkglowstyx :
Congratulations to the both of you, I wish you so much happiness of love and with everything in your future together. I wish I could be as happy and lucky with love as you.
from rawfemme :
you're gorgeous. I just found you quite by accident. strolling through life (the one written as mine)I slipped on your banner, fell to land on my ass and instead landed on a cushion of yellow and brilliance. glad to have made your acquaintance.
from gothangel :
your . a bloody mess. yeah, me too. I hate it when you feel you have to run to the restroom and it's just a heavy mass of blood (your .) one word, hemmorage.
from spunkbread :
OMG I just tried to write in your guestbook and I made a Freudian slip. I meant to say I might have to ADD you. But I said HAD you. Which didn't make sense at all. Wow. It's been that kinda day. (February 25, 2004)
from ladypoetess :
Many congratulations on your anniversary - I wish you both all the best and several dozen more. ^_~
from angelxtoots :
I luvies ur banner and ur layout...hehe...neways I luv ur diary, its filled with...funnyness...emotion everything that you like to read:) ack sry about sue...although must admit i sorta laughed at her trying to get her money...ahh i try that with my mom...hehe=D
from annamarie84 :
love your banners! and congrats on 12 years. waa i need somebody. male or female.
from glassxshards :
happy aniversery :) peace;love;happiness
from cutegrrlncva :
Congrats to you both. :-) Next year, a bakers dozen!
from doc-sarvis :
Re: Sue. Next time, call 911, give them her number, and they can trace the address. And you've done your duty.
from twinker-bell :
congrats on the anniversary!! :-) best wishes for many more happy healthy wonderful fantabulous years to come....
from fifskasj :
a dozen years?! That is amazing. Your gf sure has someone special. People could learn a thing or two from your relationship, because it has lasted so long and you are still very much in love with her. That's just so beautiful
from id-laugh :
haha! you "period talk" entry was the funnist thing ive read in a while. ODnt you just wanna smack your chromosomes up side the head every once in awhile? lol. I hate being a chick sometimes (one more euphemism ) UNCLE GEORGE!
from meika :
hahaha lovely plaque :D Love your diary, by the way. HOpe thigns work out with Sue :D :D Keep writing
from and-um :
you did exactly what you needed to do, and what needed to be done. you have nothing to feel guilty about.
from heartylaugh :
you are under no obligation to be all things to all people remember that
from oomm :
The best thing that ever happened to me was when I reached out to my "that person" and they responded with a sharp, short reply that was basically, get over yourself. Pandering, running to the side, involving yourself in the drama only increases the likelyhood that the drama will continue. Cruel to be kind.
from qira :
nope, nope, nope. you are not obliged to be THAT PERSON for her. i know how hard this is, or, rather, i should say, i know how hard some analogous situations have been for me. remember that maintaining healthy boundaries does way more for you, your life, and the whole universe with whom/which you interact that overspending yourself on broken friendly acquaintances, no matter how much they throw themselves at you. keep your chin up! :) qira
from windrider :
It is not your responsibility to be that person for her. You have had enough going on and you have complete and total right to draw that line. In fact, you cannot be that person - you need to be there for yourself as well and you have nothing to spare for Sue. Do not beat yourself up - you did the right thing!! *hugs*
from scorpi07 :
you can't be THAT PERSON for everyone, and i (like so many others who have signed in here) think you did the absolutely best thing you could have done in that situation. i think you did an amazing job. so please, don't be sad. (hang in there.)
from discodoll :
I personally think you did the best you could do given the situation so don't feel bad, I would've done the same thing.
from twinker-bell :
I think you did the absolute right and only thing you could do. Please don't beat yourself up... :-(
from funjules :
Okay, so, you don't know me from Eve, but I read you every time I update, y'know, not in a stalker-ish kind of way, just because I think you're a great writer. And all I can say is please, please don't beat yourself up about Sue. You have gone above and beyond what most neighbors would, and Sue should bow down and worship you and G/s-s p/l-l/m-t/b-o-m-f-n for all you've done for her. Sue seems like a nice enough lady, but methinks someone is crying out for attention. Try not to let it get you down. And also, congratulations on your project. It sounds very exciting, and I can't wait to hear more about it.
from almost-grown :
Congratulations on being the first woman that I've EVER met who is elated to see their period. Unless of course one of those 'Thank-god-I'm-not-pregnant-and-i'm-now-forever-indebted-to-my-ovaries' months. In any sense congratulations on getting 'IT'!
from funda :
This is a test. (beep) This is a test of the Emergency Valentine's Day System. (EVS) This test is to see if leaving notes around DLand will make this a wonderful day (and weekend) in spite of not particularly being with anyone romantically at the moment. (ummm) May the results be that all this love in my heart found some productive use. (smile) And maybe a giggle or few (Happy V-Day from my other persona too :)
from ikss :
Guestbook appears to be acting all wonky, so in case this didn't go thru there, here's my note: Howdy. I clicked on your banner and am glad I did. Dig the diary, dig the layout. :)
from seekingme :
You are right. You have a wonderful partner. I am so glad that you realize that and cherish her for that. That makes you a wonderful partner too. :)
from x-anxiety :
wow so many love notes. i guess i'll leave you one too, just to let you know that your banners are wonderful.
from brenbrandy :
Man, I want a "girlfriend/same-sex partner/lady-lover/meal-ticket/collaborative partner" to tell me that I am loved. Damn you.
from a-freak :
hello. clicked a banner once over a very bored summer break and became addicted to your diary. school started, i kinda forgot about it, then for no reason at all clicked another cute lesbian banner and yay! same person, same style. i love your writing, congrats when you get to your 100th entry :) -Shannanigan
from purr67 :
Meltdowns must be in the air today. I found your diary by the banner. I think I might just add another melter to my favorites today. Thanks for making me feel like I am not the only one losing it.
from oomm :
We love you too! Now where can I get me one of them girls like you got, cause mine spent the better part of yesterday saying mean things to me. (Of course I baited her into that, but lets pretend I didn't, just for today, okay?)
from ladypoetess :
Your ladylover is wonderful - and your wish that each one of us have one of her has been, at least partially, granted. ^_^ My lady-love has held me and done the same for me, when she should have, by rights, been telling me I had LOST IT. ^_~
from wench77 :
hey there. I just got here via a banner... and read your meltdown entry and you are one lucky lucky lady, yuppers. Wow. I wanted to cry. Yeah, I wish I had one of those "long string of partner type words" to hold me and say "I love you" too. You are so lucky. GIve her a big huge hug for me, a completely unknown person from diaryland, cuz she was a good great person. yup. Yay. Very heartening to read.
from how-odd :
firstly, i just want to say that i adore your diary. i'm a loyal reader, i'm just a quiet one that keeps her kind thoughts/wishes/prayers to herself but thinks about it anyway. well, i'm really writing this note to say that i have fallen in love with your new banner... the one with the L-word girls on it. hysterical! God bless, sistah.
from graceyis1 :
Just a quick note to say that I have spent the past 4 days reading your diary (all the way from the very beginning!!) and I was addicted to it from about entry 3 which basically means that I have not done much work (at my job where I have to go every day and interact with people) because every time I said to myself, right had better do some work, all I could think was "I wonder what happened next with Bill and Sue?" "I wonder what happened next with Lucky and the HOMEWRECKER??" "I wonder what happened next with etc. etc. " ... well you get the picture. Now I have got to the end I feel sad, like at the movies when you know you loved themovie cos you get that 'it's about to end feeling' and you just want it to go on and on. Anyway thank you so much and I will check in on further updates. I know all about diet coke addiction and I work right next to a vending machine, and I have not had one since Monday (it's Friday). It's very hard, but worth it, so hang in there.. . So now I know all about you, feel free (if you want to ) to find a bit about me at although I'm a bit of a beginner and have not amassed as many updates as your wonderful self. Take care lv2write00, and hi to your wonderful girlfriend/meal ticket etc. etc.
from qira :
wowza. as long as the therapist doesn't say, "yes, honey, i love you too," everything can be fine. poor sue. the rollercoaster of early-identity, late-ISH age, lesbo life. sheesh. holding you all in the Light -- and best of luck on your draft!!
from agirlnamed86 :
yeah i know it's blocked i just didn't want to give you the password unless you wanted to read it...hmmm sounds kinda over protected??...anyways i think it's hop. my girlfriend put it all into action because her nosey sister read mine and it's very detailed and anyways there you go! =)
from mcmenses :
This is the funniest thing I have ever read. I'm working on the script treatment right now...imagine it as a "Lifetime Movie for Women" starring a strung out, dried up Markie Post as "Debbie". Or maybe a battered Judith Light. You decide.
from lovstarsies :
OHMAN. I FOUNDYOURDIARY AGAIN it's too cool ... I love how you write and it makes me laugh.
from oceans-depth :
Wow your diary is more fun then disney *cheers* xoxoDeja
from indigo-love :
*GREAT* banner!!!!
from agirlnamed86 :
you're definitly caught my eye. i LOVE the way you write and i can relate so much to you. i really look up to you (hmmm i wonder if that sounds obsessive, b/c i'm really not, just tired). at any rate i really enjoy your entries..and if you're at all interested you could read mine...though i'm just a stupid 18 year old. heh but if you want just let me know. again great stories i love um. =)
from qira :
hee hee...i had just decided to click on the next banner i saw, because i've been wanting to check out a new diary or two -- and it brought me here, to your own sweet self, already on my favorites list. so i decided that it was an invitation to tell you yet again how much i enjoy reading your pixels! thanks!
from souldream :
I have never laughed out loud quite this anyone else's diary..I love your ability to laugh at the wild hand life are an official favorite..
from twinker-bell :
does your girlfriend/same-sex partner/lady-lover/meal-ticket have a diary on diaryland? p.s. crazy entry...u lead quite the never a dull moment life...
from qira :
Okay, there are many things to respond to in this entry. Yes, many WACKY things. But the one I keep coming back to? 7:30 in the morning on a SUNDAY!?!?! Before you have the Times?!?!? While you're still in YOGA PANTS?! And you LET HER IN?! Wowza, you ladies are way more hospitable than I am. No one, but no one but us happy homey lezzies and our pets gets to see us before the Times on Sunday. Wowza. Keep up the great entries! Qira
from godmoney :
Roflmao. “we’ll call her DEBBIE (her real name…)” “Where Jews go to worship [and] avoid pork.” Diaries like urs make banners worth clicking. ~Vin~
from gothangel :
like your layout.
from beccajune :
i like to leave messages to random people. it inspires a sense of awe in me that there are so many people that i don't know in the world. i am writing this, and tomorrow i will most likely not remember, and if i do, i won't know where to find it. leave me a note
from dannii :
i love your life!!!! *laughs*...
from signomifly :
Loved the banner (that's how I found you). Loved the layout even more! It's fantastic!!
from drearocks :
Hi! I'm so glad I stumble on to your diary! I love it completely! I'm 18 hehe I thought I was the only person in the world who loves the whole fifties bit! hehe I'm so excited and look forward to reading your future adventures! :-) hehe I think my gfriend would really like this! hehe toodles!
from drearocks :
Hi! I'm so glad I stumble on to your diary! I love it completely! I'm 18 hehe I thought I was the only person in the world who loves the whole fifties bit! hehe I'm so excited and look forward to reading your future adventures! :-) hehe I think my gfriend would really like this! hehe toodles!
from funda :
continuing to amaze, you are :)
from heartylaugh :
You, darling, are fabulous in ways that defy language. Kudos to you, kudos.
from bre-bob :
Haha i love reading your diary, its awesome
from madam-rose :
*claps* yay! i really like the long nicname. Its just so great. :) Shows your wonderful sense f humor.
from chicagojo :
Axis of Love is great, but I also like the long name with all of the slashes. I love when you throw new things into occasionally, too! She sounds like a great woman, you lucky one!
from madam-rose :
MyLove, LoverGirl, SoulMate, or actually I really like that long one. Anyway love the banner doll. Absolutely great.
from loopyboi :
Loved the *buckets of cherries* banner. :) Lesbians rock! I'm a gay male, so I guess I'm biased. Love the layout of your diary and your writing style! :) xoxox Jamie
from b0b0 :
how about Sweet-Tits
from windrider :
How about... MyGoddess or LoverLady or something like that
from and-um :
i also am a fan of the girlfriend/same sex partner/lady lover/ meal ticket/ (enter whim of the moment here)... however... i have taken to calling my girlfriend/ same sex partner/ how do you type that all the time? muffin butt. i think it's funny. although something tells me that muffin butt is not going to win said contest...
from p-brain :
I personally prefer "Girlfriend/Same-sex partner/lady-lover/meal ticket/[additional-comment-depending-on-the-subject]" !! It may be long but we all know her as "Girlfriend/Same-sex partner/lady-lover/meal ticket/[additional-comment-depending-on-the-subject]". That's the fun part; to see what the last alias is going to be. =)
from oomm :
I love the whole thing you used to do too, but I can see how it can get a bit long for some people. If you're really into changing it I'd suggest "Naked Dancer of My Heart"...not much shorter though is it?
from nimiiwin :
I thought "lady lover/meal ticket/girlfriend/same-sex partner/today's name" was hilarious. Barring that, how about Lovebug? :)
from cutegrrlncva :
This is my first message for you. I have been reading for many, many moons. Sorry it has taken so long. I feel like I have been using you. My appologies, the most sincere ones too. I meant no harm. Promise. Anyway, as far as the NICKNAME/ALIAS contest, I am not a fan (AT ALL) of the LadyLadee thing. It give me the willies. And, those are not a good vibration. Yuck! I really enjoy th lady lover/meal ticket/girlfriend/same-sex partner/(name of the moment!!!) thing you have going on here. It is cute and thoughtful. It shows that you think of her in so many capacities. I find it sweet. Now you have my vote. Keeping my fingers crosses until the next entry...
from luach :
I like the whole... girlfriend/meal ticket etc... thing. it works, sums it all up. how's life?
from twinker-bell :
Sooo glad you are back! It was worth the wait, this entry had me laughing out loud... and I need it, so thanks ...for the side notes! Happy New Year..Twinker-Bell(Jenn)
from seekingme :
We need updates! We need updates! We need updates! The chanting has begun!! :) Glad you're back
from heartylaugh :
Consider your chance given. Still desperately waiting for news
from oomm :
Thank Goodness you're back!
from windrider :
Yup...I will give you a chance...still come by everyday and still wishing you the best in this new year. May it be filled with joy and be a smoother road then the past year!! Yeah for new beginnings!
from sammybob24 :
I'll take it!
from chicagojo :
Hope your new year is a great one!
from cutie1083 :
Happy Holidays!
from angel0fdeath :
Hi :) Just wanted to say.. Well, that I've been reading your diary for a few weeks now, I guess, and something just keeps compelling me to come back :P You're quite a funny chick and I enjoy reading your diary. Hope all is well. :)
from ruvoryn :
I'm so glad to hear that everything is going okay with you. I've missed you! :) Stay calm, get plenty of rest, and write soon! :)
from cutie1083 :
Happy thanksgiving:)
from fiercelingua :
They have inorganic turkey?
from no-yes-maybe :
Happy Thanksgiving...good luck with the family affair~
from sabathine :
Oh wow... I didn't know anyone else did dry runs. I do them for everything... I feel like I can't go anywhere new on the day I'm supposed to go, unless I've gone there already in a less-urgent manner the night before or something. I figured I was very unusual but I am glad that someone else feels anxiety about traveling to new places
from haloaskew :
One of my friends is a jurist on the Enron case (but I'm not supposed to know that, so SHHHHHH!). She goes to jury duty three times a week and has been for the past YEAR. It could drag on several years more! Talk about a John Grisham novel gone bad. Ack.
from surrealgrrl :
As a member of the dark side that is is my duty to inform you that there is no such thing as a moccachino. Mocha frappachino? Yes. Moccachino, no. -But anyway...that sounded bitchy, when really- I am not trying to be a bitch. -Just to correct you respectfully, as a member of the dark side. And your sterilization remark is hilarious. See? I start sentences with and too.
from dimstar :
You write so wonderfully. You are really hard on yourself though. I think you are a very kind person, from what I can tell, and you deserve to give yourself a break. Take care. I hope that things begin to look up for you. xoxo Gwen
from oomm :
Just act like you can't wait to get on the jury, like you want everyone to PAY FOR WHAT THEY DID DAMMIT. That ought to do it. I always really want jury duty but never get it.
from and-um :
but just think... what if JUDY was the judge...?
from velvet-heart :
I dont know you from Adma, but I have read your diary before a few months back and enjoyed your humor very much. But with all seriousness aside I love your brutal honesty better, You really the true you baring it all to every oe even tho you feel exposed because of other things- a crutch of any kind is still a crutch, I have mine and they are my emotions, all one million of them. I dont know but I'm right beside you hon. Hang in there *snuggles*
from thewisefaery :
Hey, please don't feel like you have to apologise for the lack of funny. We like your funny, sure, but I think a lot of us just like your honesty (funny or not). I appreciate your serious entries every bit as much as your funny ones. I hope you are feeling better soon. All the best to you and those you love.
from ruvoryn :
Hon, don't feel like you *have* to be funny. Regular readers (like me!) love you for who you are, not for your funny side. When you're down, we're with you. When you're up, we're there. Just take time and care for yourself, and take it a step at a time. Crutches are damn hard to get over. Love and hugs to you!
from seekingme :
My support is with you. You are a very talented writer and you do not need to be funny to show that. Not every part of our lives will be funny, but humor can help to keep your spirits up. Hang in there.
from mommylap :
Honestly, that might have been my favorite entry from you ever. I had a love affair with Big Gulps for a while, because I'm all about the value- but although I ended my Big Gulp affair, I haven't ended the Diet Dr. Pepper addiction. I'm trying, but it's a crutch. I miss you when you're gone, and I always worry when someone isn't talking, because when I'm not talking it means I'm not even thinking, I'm hiding.
from windrider :
Be gentle with yourself. When my sister was hospitalized with suicidal depression I went through the same feelings of helplessness and anger and feeling like a failure. Somewhere I went wrong and that is why this was happening. It took awhile for me to realize that it was not about me - it never was and it never will be. It was about her and no one could do anything about it except her. We could be there for support but we could not make her change - could not make it be a different situation. It is really really hard to understand that there is nothing you can do to change what is going on except to be there for support and make sure the kids are taken care of etc. It was the same way when my Mom died - again the helplessness and anger but again, it was not about me. Let go - you are not the cause and there is nothing you can do except be supportive. You can love her without being absorbed by her. She needs to do this on her own - she has to do this for herself. I am glad to report that my sister is now doing wonderful. She said that she had to sink as low as possible before coming out the other side. Not everyone gets to the other side but she realized that she had to do this for herself and no one could do it for her. If you ever want to talk, please feel free to email me at [email protected] Be strong and don't be sucked into the whirlpool of darkness - your sister would not want that and neither do you. The harder part is to keep on living and learning to accept what you cannot control. Its a hard lesson - but know that there is a bright side to the veil - just get there.
from oomm :
You don't have to be funny for us you know. We love you for your honest, for your you...the funny, that's icing. But really, I think we're all in love with the cake.
from pushpull :
[mentally holding your hand and lending you all of the support possible via a diaryland note...thinking of you and wishing you peace of mind]
from rainbow-revu :
Hey there, we would love to review your diary! Come request!
from windrider :
Strength to you and remember to live your life too through all of this. You can tell us as much or as little as you want. We are here to listen but not demand :> Hugs...
from dimstar :
I know it is hard to believe, but I empathize with you. It is a devastating thing to go through. I hope that you are okay. I am glad to see that you are back. I adore your diary. The entries, (not the sad ones) bring a smile to my face and brighten my day. I really hope that things improve for you. You are a wonderful person. xoxo Gwen
from ladypoetess :
First off, glad to see you back. Second, I am very sorry to hear that your sister is still in so much pain and you have my fervent prayers that she will find a light in her darkness and find health again. Third, I hope you have at least gotten something of a break in all of this. And fourth is an offer of all the hugs you can take. *winks*
from hitomigray :
I just dropped in, and figured I ought to give you a thumbs-up from way on the other side of the continent. I read through your entries over the span of two days--they were that interesting, yes!--and all I can say is... I hope you overcome your hurdles, and that life starts treating you, your friends, your wonderful, ever-so-patient lover, and SUE a little more kindly. You're an inspiration, even to a confused little freshman like me.
from mastrbateme :
maybe you should try to attract attention with something besides your sexuality. Because I'm sure there's more than that to you.
from thekinkymary :
hey, i saw ur lil' ad thingie and clicked on it. then i read ur entry, kinda confusing w/ the cap. words and all. but still all the same, hope u read mine and like it, ttyl-mary-
from ladyvaduva :
have an absolutely marveful trip!!! u deserve it! and much more! cheers cat
from smidgeroo :
Tell Sue that some complete stranger in Diaryland hopes that everything goes okay. Sometimes, we need freedom. Mi madre y padre are sort of the same way... nothing goes without Dad's say-so. Go Sue! Maybe Mom should take a leaf from Sue's book...
from windrider :
Hurray Sue! Go Sue!! That is fantastic! I also hope that things are healing for you.
from no-and-then :
from ladyvaduva :
sorry to hear about lucky.. but she's still lucky.. lucky to have friends like you and ur partner.. happy therapist(ish) day to you cheers cat
from trapidi :
i will pray 4 your sister
from trapidi :
nice way of taking a day in your life and making it an action pack movie!
from rate-land :
hey you! It's me! Yeah me! w00t! your retro-matic too! check out retromatic! there is one question i have. *yawn*...check out opages and my diary... well actually like when you check out the diary assosciated witth this name click "me" to see my personal diary;) w00+!
from windrider :
Hurray! I am so glad you have returned! Good luck on the healing and it is nice to hear your giddy side again - Go JUDY!
from da1-4-u :
I am also a recovering nail biter. I was told that if i kept up the bad habit no man would ever put a ring on my finger. well... they were right ... no MAN has ever put a ring on it but the one my GIRLfriend put on there was quite nice hehe. Glad to see you back. Missed you... Da1
from and-um :
i am THRILLED to see you back.
from blue-belle :
i will pray for your sister.
from and-um :
you and your sister are in my thoughts and prayers.
from jamsjunction :
First let me say that my thoughts are with your sister, and your family in this time of the unkown. I stumbled across your diary a few months ago I think it was. I read alot of your entries, almost all of them I think. Then I had to have my PC reformatted, and my favorites were lost. I was checking out a new diary, and saw you were listed in there reads, and I was delighted to have found you again. Again, I am so sorry to hear about your sister, I will say a prayer for her, and your family.
from ladypoetess :
Your sister faces a long, very hard road - I have faced it, and it is never easy. But the love you describe that surrounds her, that will help more than you can possibly imagine. Knowing that people -=care=-, does far more than you think it might...
from da1-4-u :
>hug< ... I havn't read your diary yet but it's nice to see your name highlighted in red. My prayers are still with you and I hope everything is fine. I don't know how religious you are but there is ALWAYs a rainbow after the storm. God is keeping you in the midst of it all. You'll go thru more trials and tribulations but He knows how much you can bear. *Da1
from hothead :
*tried to leave this on your guestbook, but it apparently hates me....original message follows: oh, honey...big cyber hugs to you from me. i was just so glad to be able to make a little sense of my experience by sharing it with you. and don't worry so much about the funny, unless it's for your sake, you just write what you feel. so, yeah...goddess bless, and if you ever need me for anything, i'm here to help.
from ladypoetess :
*offers you hugs and positive thoughts - you and yoursister* I know the place she is in, and I know how hard and painful it is. I also know the place -you- are in, and how it is just as painful, only in a different way.
from hsloane :
I'm so sorry about your sister. I will send positive energy your families way. A friend of mine's sixteen year old cousin tried to kill herself last week. She took 350 pills. All different kinds. Luckily she too will be okay. Again I'm sorry and hope all goes well. You are definitely in my thoughts.
from worldgurl :
sad to read about your sister. chin up.
from kitten42 :
please go here and vote for design # 10 if you do i will love you forever and link you everywhere thanks!
from never-land58 :
i love your layout <3 so cute ;o))
from growpeace :
Hi, It sounds like the "doctor" your sister is seeing is screwed, why is he giving her so many stupid pills? My friend died because of stupid doctor pills and now I find here on diaryland a ton of people suffering and dying and cutting themselves, the reason all the same, stupid doctor pills. I wrote about it and a way to help maybe, it has helped over a million people. I would love if you could get your sister away from the "doctor" before he manages to kill her. If you love her try to get her to a doctor that does not hand out stupid pills like candy. I care and hope that she makes it. Here is what I wrote and Aloha from Joy with Hawaii's Noisy Frog Invasion News.
from vinndictive :
I'm so sorry about your poor sister. Seeing family members dealing with so much pain and not knowing how to help is the worst feeling in the world. I hope she is able to get past this darkness and learn to like her life again.
from twinker-bell :
my thoughts and prayers go out to your sister, your family, and her children... is there anything i can do? i'm a goog listener, a great babysitter...and one thats just struggled with life myself...
from sunnflower :
So sorry to hear about your sister. You're right - 120 anything is hard to imagine.
from zostrich :
hi. i really love your diary. i'm sorry about your sister.
from jujub27 :
I am so sorry about your sister and I know how much all this hurts. I've gone through a similar situation and I know how you feel... almost sick. How could someone do that? Why would someone do that? Was life really so bad? To your sister... it was. It was unbearable. She must have been in unbelievable pain. How scared she must have been when she swallowed that last pill? Knowing she was going to die... knowing she would never get to see her children grow up... knowing she would never get to see her children get married... or having grandchildren... I'm not saying what she tried to do wasn't selfish, but I feel for her. I know her pain and anguish. I know how helpless she must have felt. Like there was no other alternative. I just hope the gets the help she needs. And I hope you get through this, and her poor babies. Best of wishes, Promise
from sammybob24 :
My prayers will be with you for as long as you may need them. Be as strong as you are able, and surely brighter skies will be on their way. Love, KW
from thisendup :
listen, i've done that. i've woken up the next morning and tried again. when you wake up and your throat is sore from the tube being thrust down it you feel strangely better. that part of you that wants it over, that wants you to end it, that part is happy. that part is satisfied and will go away for a bit. that part will stay quiet and leave the fighting part of you alone. if your sister seems better for a bit just remember that she may just be on a break from that part. i don't say this to scare you, just to let you know that i did this. you love your sister and you need to be there when you can. she doesn't want you to save her. she just wants to know the reason for continuing. you can help with that. i hope that i have said the right thing. e-mail me or note me anytime.
from sunshine1447 :
you have my prayers.
from da1-4-u :
In God there is NO FAILURE. Your sister and your family will get thru this. Please be strong for her. Rejoice in the fact that she's still here. I found my sister lying in a pool of her own blood as a result of suicide. It's an ongoing pain knowing that if I would have just been five minutes earlier I could have saved her. Your sister was extremely blessed. My thoughts AND prayers are with you.
from no-and-then :
I'm sorry to read about your sister. Her and her children will be in my thoughts.
from bindyree :
Your sister, as well as you and your sig-o, are in my thoughts. I hope the storms will pass.
from mommylap :
Your sister will definitely be in my thoughts. Having been in the position of considering my children might be better off without me, that their father might be a better father (or a father at all) without me- your missive really hit home for me. I hope you get the chance to hug your nieces and nephews and your sister very tightly. They say that you're given what you can deal with in this life, and although I find that inanely screwed-up, I'm glad your sister has you in her life, since you can help your sister remember why she should be glad she has a life with all the humor and insight you have.
from windrider :
Hello - I have been reading your entries for a few weeks. I am so incredibly sorry. My sister was hospitalized for saying that she was going to commit suicide about 2 years ago. Even that was incredibly difficult. I understand your feelings but I would never say that I understand completely. All I can do is tell you that while you help your sister get through this and hopefully out the other side - remember yourself. Do not lose yourself in your sisters pain - she needs you whole. If you ever want to "talk" feel free to email me. I am windrider on diaryland and my email is on there. And just because I think it is current blog is My thoughts are with you.
from stargazer77 :
i am heartbroken to read that about your sister. especially about her children. i hold a place in my heart for all children in homes like that (i was one) and i feel for them. i hope your sister gets well (in many ways) very soon. i wonder what she is sick with that keeps her in bed with pain? if it is too personal i understand. deadbeat dads are abundant these days, and it is a shame. these children are so innocent and don't deserve to be tossed aside. no child does. how can a parent willingfully leave their children behind? i guess that can be asked to both mother and father in this case.
from kbhakkoah :
I'm so sorry. You, your sister, and her children are in my thoughts.
from rentfreak82 :
I am so deeply saddened to hear of your sister. Thank God she is still alive. My thoughts and prayers of strength, courage and understanding go out to you and your faimly. God Bless.
from pushpull :
I've been reading all of your entries for the longest time now and have meant to drop you a line wishing you fast healing but my internet connection has been all wonky. So feel better soon [glad to hear you're in the upright position again]!!!
from luv-2-sing :
u have an awesome layout!
from pebohead :
from ladyvaduva :
really sorry to hear about ur back.. glad that some one is taking care of you tho! hope all goes well with sue's I guess u can call it an adventure? lol hope you're back on your feet (well more then just the shuffling)soon cheers cat
from dont-stop :
I've had my best friend wax my legs, but then she wanted to do that, so I guess that doesn't count. She did take my shoes off once, when she didn't want to do it, but I was drunk so that might not count either. Hmmm, I'll have to give this some thought. That's an interesting banner you have there. Take care, Beth
from lilchrissi :
AMEN.. ahem Amen I mean lol
from jujub27 :
Hello my name is Promise. I just have to tell you, I think you are hysterical. I love your sense of humor and the honest way you write. I also think you are very lucky to have such a great partner (we could all be so lucky [grrr]). AMEN!!! ~Promise~
from wifemotherme :
Sending up loud cheers while I throw confiti for your "Most Amazing Girlfriend/same-sex Partner/lady-lover/meal Ticket/jewish-american Caregiver" - We should all be so lucky as to have one!
from thisendup :
your layout paints a smile on my face. golly. here's a big AMEN to your lady. it is far from fun doing the things you mentioned. however, it's loverly to get praise. i'm glad that you felt well enough to write, because i felt better from reading. i'll be back!
from mommylap :
I'm glad you're feeling less crippled than before. There's nothing quite as awful as backpain. I hope you were resting quietly and have an excess of sarcasm,wit,&wisdom that can only be purged by writing in your online diary. It delights me. (and yet also moves and enlightens me which makes it the perfect meal alternative!)
from ladypoetess :
Amen and kudos to your wonderful lady. ^_^ She really does sound like an amazing one. *smiles*
from discodoll :
from sammybob24 :
Kudos to your girlfriend!
from da1-4-u :
Hope you feel like a million dollars once you feel better. I look forward to your diary and your savvy pics that goes along with them! Be blessed hun.~T~
from rentfreak82 :
you are absolutely hilarious!
from orange-cloud :
hey i love the colours on your diary and your banner the "5th grade" one. too cool!
from euphoria21 :
I haven't read your diary in a while, but I'm glad I did. ~Vy When you get the chance read up on mine...
from bluevission :
hey i loved your diary :) very entertaining.
from sakisaki :
Hi, I'm a new - but now addicted - reader, and I just wanted to say that I hope everything works out with SUE (and Bill & his crossword puzzles), LUCKY, and your back. Best wishes!
from heartylaugh :
as for things that rhyme with vicodin options B and F are my faves
from ladypoetess :
Yes, yes - back to bed with you! I have had back injuries, and I know how badly it hurts to stay upright. -- As for Sue - yay!!! I'm so glad she is 'getting connected' to a particular subgroup that fits her - I also know how hard it is to feel isolated. Best thoughts for you, your girlfriend/same sex partner/lady-lover/meal ticket, Sue, and LUCKY. ^_^
from ladypoetess :
Re: Stress-related back owwie -- Oh, I'm sorry... I know just how much that hurts. >o<;; Ice, ice, ice. NOT HEAT. Rest, ice for 20 minutes on, 1 hour off, ibuprofen.
from ruvoryn :
I'm so sorry your back is hurting! :( Stress can take so much out of us and gives so little in return... Take care of yourself, let your girlfriend/meal-ticket/same-sex lover take care of you and feed you in bed, etc. :) Spend a day doing nothing. It'll speed up your healing process. Love, Ruvoryn
from serena6184 :
i absolutely love your layout. it is so stimulating. ;) i hope your back gets better soon.
from hungerhurtz :
Just when I thought I was done with my addiction problem, I'm hooked on your damn diary. I love your style and personality. Your humor is fabtastic! Go with it!
from finnmckool :
Ok, perhaps you are ashamed of that entry. But I can't imagine why. Those were some of the funniest, and wonderfully weirdest ways to feel I've ever read. And it got the feeling across spectacularly. Thanks.
from cutie1083 :
I often feel like a Sea Monkey too. When I was a kid, my mom bought me some, and I added the water, but then decided to give them a "bath" and ended up spilling them down the drain. I tried to "rescue" them, but it was too late. So my problem now isn't that no one will add any water, but that I keep getting dropped down the drain and no one will rescue me....anyway, I love your diary:)
from freaktard :
Wow! That's the best layout I've ever seen! What a great diary!
from haloaskew :
You're such a great person for helping out Lucky - sounds like she's on the road to recovery! You might want recommend the following two books to Lucky, for some additional comfort: "Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends" ( and "How to Survive the Loss of a Love" (
from rachimal :
Yay for Lucky! That's great that she found a place. I hope things get better for her really soon. She truly is Lucky to have such good friends. Keep up the great updates
from pushpull :
yay! I'm glad you're back and have solved the Lucky housing situation. I missed reading your diary - yours is the best!
from wyldeboye :
Hey, i love the skill and blend of writting and laughs in your day to day goings. It's so good to read from sombody who can easily manipulate you by a few hundred words :)
from lermel :
hey im a new reader. Just wanted to say hey and i feel for your friend, not the homewrecker though. evil.
from danglemyfeet :
I regret to infrom you that you are being added to my favorites list. This means that I will be reading your diary every time you update. Poor, poor you. I hope you can forgive me someday.
from banefulvenus :
your banners rock!!
from sunnflower :
I love your banners!
from jankly :
i've been following your diary and was very sad to hear about the Lucky/Homewrecker situation. i wish your friend the very best and i hope she doesn't let this set her back too much. i enjoy reading about poor Bill and Sue; both of them! just remember you've got quite an audience out here!
from mylitlepony :
hey hey hey i want you to join my cult. it's called lesbian penguins and we meet every tuesday that is a full moom (the next one is on october 9th) and sacrifice a goat to fred fishman.
from vinyahiswen :
i really enjoy your diary. great read. so sorry about your friend but thats great for u and your girl! awsome! hope i have the same luck....
from spooky4444 :
Hey, thats really sad about your friends, but it's also totally awesome that you've been with your girlfriend for so long. Thats great.
from spooky4444 :
Hey, thats really sad about your friends, but it's also totally awesome that you've been with your girlfriend for so long. Thats great.
from kiosh :
Dear lv2write00: I think you're fantastic and that reflects in your diary. When I opened my account yours was one of the first diaries I added to my fave list. I find it so interesting, honest and lots of fun to read. Thanks for sharing with all of us a great literary piece. Have you ever considered writing a book? You're a talented writer. Keep on with that unique attitude. Oh, and happy anniversary! Josh
from ladypoetess :
I offer my congratulations on your anniversary! And I do understand how damnably -frustrating- it is to see a dear, wonderful, amazing friend going through something so hideous and painful, and not be able to do anything to help. Good thoughts to strengthen you heading your way...
from ladyvaduva :
congrats on ur 11th anniversary.. realy sorry to hear bout ur friends breakups.. its not kewl.. if u wanna get married (as in if u and ur gf (the long name u give her lol) come up here to canada.. we're starting to loosin up I guess lol!! that sucks that things turn out the way they do.. but with the love from u and ur friends I'm sure the gal who got dumped will be back on her feet in no time! cheers cat
from how-odd :
wow. & i thought it was only in my area of habitation that it is heartbreak in lesbian land season. i'm sorry for your friend. -Nic
from luach :
Hey, that sucks about your friend...I'm really sorry. However, congradulations on your 11th aniversary..may you have many more loving years together!!!! Keep writing! ~Qexxo ♥ ♥ ♥
from seekingme :
I am sorry to hear about your friend's breakup. My girlfriend and I work VERY hard to keep our relationship going. We often wonder if it's worth...but knowing the heart wrenching pain we would both suffer if we were to split up...keeps us plugging on. I am sure your friend is hurting badly and is lucky to have such good support from you.
from ruvoryn :
Here are some big <hugs> from a big fan. I'm so sorry your friends are in pain... I understand how it is here on the lesbian side of the fence. You are a good person/friend, and I'm sure your friend will come out on the healthy-and-still-loving side of things, thanks to you and your support!
from knotty-girl :
I really love your diary, the layout and the writing, it's all so very nice. Yay for you. Yay.
from tinkabitch :
this little lesbian loves you! spread the love baby! i love reading your journal.. as i have stumbled upon it a few times.. very nice
from curiosity-r :
come get reviewed at curiosity reviews!!!
from pickletoes :
i love the modcat pictures in your diary
from catastrof :
I work at a place called Lakeridge! That's all. (lovely diary)
from water-druid :
Dude, the graphics rock my world. I clicked in from your banner, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it really was a riot. You're one funny lady.
from my-tangent :
great little place you run, there. fun reads, better than mine. *laughs* kudos on the clever banners.
from neangel :
love it love it love it! btw Ello!
from windrider :
Hey There! Good for Sue kind of...I feel bad for her husband though. I am (was?) bi and gave up the female side of things to be with my husband. He is awesome and I totally don't regret it but I must say I miss it sometimes. Will be reading every onceinawhile to go for a walk down memory lane and of course, to keep up with Sue and Bill.
from jankly :
i have started to read your diary and i love it! i grew up on the sun (i mean, in palm springs) and so i thought your latest description was great! i look forward to reading more!
from mrrecords :
Heya There! I came across your diary a while ago, I'm not sure if you got my note from before... but if you didn't Happy Birthday again (yes... really late now) and I love reading your diaries! Look forward to reading more about the Bill and Sue Dillemas! Byes -Fallon-
from helba :
I love your diary. I can relate to you. I'm glad to have found it. Keep strong.
from shelly85 :
I found ur diary from the banner. You are a great writer. My name is Brandie. Stop by and leave me a message sometime.
from jamsjunction :
I found your diary from the nifty neat banners diaryland puts up..I was completely pulled in, and read every entry you've done. I find you very intriguing! You are an amazing writer!! I will definately be reading this one regularly!
from blue-belle :
hon i luv it.
from discodoll :
I can barelly wait for your next update!!!
from luach :
oy oy oy. I can't wait to hear about the sue/lezzie bar update!!! This sounds so incredibly interesting. Por favor mi amor, update soon! And so you know, mother's maiden name? Adams. ::wink:: ~Qexxo
from theatre-geek :
Oh wow...did that Bill/Sue stuff actually happen or are you just a good writer? Geez. Regradless, I was captivated. I want to know what happens with them. Oh, and I can definitely relate to "Aunt Flo" coming every 28 days. I share your pain. I must have at least 600 mg of ibuprophen to get me through the first day. Ugh. Anyway, great diary! I love the design and vintage look. Keep updating and I'll keep reading!
from burntoutfuse :
hey...just had to say great great layout and template you have. and i love your writing. fantastic stuff. i just love the whole 50's pulp fiction lesbian era. wish i could find more about it. and i wish i could have a cool template also...mins is still the old blue and white one...yuck! well anyways good luck with everything and keep on writing! it's good stuff -burntout
from sunshine1447 :
I must say, your an absolutely wonderful writer, and I'm hooked on reading your diary. I hope you don't mind that I addeed you to my favourites list. I'm rather a few entries late-- but a happy belated birthday to you, and I hope everything clears up with the Bill and Sue area! Best wishes!
from kokoro13 :
I'm so hooked on your diary. You're a brilliant writer. Where do you find those cool 50s femme fatale pics? Anyways I really feel for Sue but more so for Bill as he seems a little lost without his wife. I love that you picked up a crossword book for him that is so cute. Cheers. Happy belated b-day and congrats on the script.
from dreamer3854 :
Happy belated birthday. This was my first time to read your diary, but the banner denoting the same-sexuality really caught my attention. And I feel for Sue, really. It can be hard to decide between the man you think you love and the beauty of woman.
from ladyvaduva :
happy belated b-day.. and that's quite the adventure with sue.. :-) good luck with all that! cheers cat
from euphoria21 :
My girlfriend and I couldn't stop laughing at the BILL AND SUE UPDATE!!! Especially since this was the first time I found your site. Hilarious!!!
from iluvtunes :
I had no idea that Jodie Foster was gay! (Well, ya learn something new everyday!) 8-)
from phizhy :
I really enjoy reading your diary! HAPPY B-DAY! [better late than never]. I'm wondering how are the miniatures? Are they gonna be living with Bill or Sue?
from how-odd :
happy birthday
from discodoll :
I just wanted to say happy birthday to you.
from luach :
MY DARLING! GEMINI POWER!!! Happy happy birthday to you todayand me tomorrow! I give you alllll my diaryland wishes. Er, yeah. ~Miquela (Gemini)
from swirleddream :
Just popping by to wish you a Happy Birthday!!! And I am really interested to read the new Bill and Sue update! haha xx
from crazydayzee :
i just happened across your diary, as i am a banner junkie, and i wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
from how-odd :
your entries are quite amusing & intelligent. -Nic
from mirrordtears :
your geustbook so hates me right now. your brother sounds adorable, and like he was probaly eating up all the attention they were giving him. and i must say i love how you word things in your diary. like overbearing/lesiban/sister/mother figure
from alittlegrey :
Your brother sounds cute. Wow. Does he EVER. I've never had younger brothers, only older ones, so I've never had that doting experience like you had. However, I do have a younger sister, and that kinda feels the same to me. But hey, I'm always one to notice hot girls too. Times like that I kinda wish I had a little brother so we could look at girls together....
from jazzyocchi :
Yeah, me too about the brother. *winks* I've been reading for awhile now, and you sound like me, well, when I talk. The EMPHASIZING certains WORDS when you're TALKING makes me smile, altho my eyes schiz out a bit. However, in response to your question, "hook up" means a helluva lotta things to different ppl. Usually means making out to having sex, but leaning more heavily on the sexual aspect of it, whether it be actual body-bumping or head-bobbing. *winks* Looking forward to your updates, Jess
from awesomefull :
alright, now that u've got me totally turned on over ur cute deep brother (even though theres a big age difference) i'm kinda wonderin if u could post a pic. he sounds gorgeous! just kinda wonderin what he really looks like....
from hehe-imcrazy :
hey, u asked if hook up still means the same and the answer is: it ultimately means gettin laid but depending on the maturity level, amount of expirence, and/or the person in general it could just mean messin around(oral and stuff) but this is from an 8th grade girl so....i dunno if u really want my answer but i love your diary
from warmleftover :
Ok, who could resisit rambling lesbian chaotic thoughts about... everthing. I added you to my favs. list! >><<
from maru :
Dude, the cucumbers rock my socks. I'm thouroughly impressed by your journal, even though I can't spell thouroughly correctly :) My browser won't let me go to signmyguestbook pages for some reason, so I'm wishing you a Happy Guestbook Signing Week here. Copy paste this into your guestbook for me, if you like :) Rock on! Hakuna matata, maru []
from megsicle :
Hey, like the diary. Your writing reminds me of Anne Lamott's. Which is completely a compliment! :)
from givemeabreak :
From one lesbian to another...great site! I am glad I clicked on the big cucumber banner! -Teri
from ladyvaduva :
u go girl.. its tough lookin at someone who did something terrible to u.. and u did it.. u looked at her and "gift gave" and everything.. I'm so proud of my baby *sob*.. I'm just bein a putz.. love ur diary cheers cat
from sweeters :
woo-ha!! I am so very glad I made with the banner clicking and found ya, live at Lakeside as it was. Hilarious stuff man! I can't believe Sue came out to you guys like that!! (sorry, old entry I know, but I got lost in the past entries because I was laughing my arse off) Anyway, it sounds like you have a good therapist(ish) because when you tried to whittle away the time talking about nothing really important, she stopped ya, which is good. Even though I think I might have needed some therapy (ish) when she came out to me. Hehe. I love your diary. Into the favorites you go! *bump*
from jenne1017 :
good stuff
from cherry-girl :
you are cool :D
from freshwound :
Poor sue...tell me how she breaks it to bill when you hear from her!!! i've been a fan for a while, but i just got a writable diary...check me out sometime! ~Synthia Celina
from ladypoetess :
Re: "Oy... My lady's back" -- Vicodin is a mild narcotic pain medication, Vioxx is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. Ice works for inflammation, heat for muscle relaxation. Since sciatica is a nerve problem, heat wouldn't help, since heat actually ~increases~ swelling - so yeah, ice is better. *blinks* Okay, I'm a nursing student, and I'm given to random fits of nurse-geeking.... I'll stop now...
from ladypoetess :
Yup. You're going into the favorites list. *falls over laughing* I love the way you write! And, now that I'm going back through your entries, I'll toss out random comments along the way...
from hemopoetic :! that's was the coolest thing i have ever read! yay sue! woo hooo! sorry, hi. liked the banner and yeah...what an entry to come to. i stop now. :)
from banefulvenus :
Great Banner!!
from pantasy :
You girls sound swell. That was very decent of you to listen to Sue's story. These things are so difficult.
from caerydd :
*stifles laughter, lots of laughter* That was an absorbing read! Added to favourites.
from trinabird :
Oh Sue. Oh Bill. They are in my thoughts. What an amazing story! And how difficult. Reminds me of folks I knew in this choir I was in when I was in high school, a glbt-type choir my mom and I were in, and there was a guy who had just come out the previous year after being married for 30+ years. Tough stuff, but congratulations to Sue!
from heyjude85 :
Alright, alright, I HAD to add you to my favorites list. So now I know when you update... I'm addicted!! GOSH, is there a 12 step program for becoming unaddicted (I coined that on the spot, thanks) to your diary!? Please help... :( lol
from heyjude85 :
LOL gosh, your entries really ARE addicting. I had to read them for myself, and I will totally be back again, probably every day. Keep updating O Funny One.
from live-to-tell :
Your entries are hilarious and insightful, and your layout is just fabulous! I'm addicted, and shall now have to read every single one of your achives....Keep writing.
from mopsiehoney :
Very cool layout.
from cherkitty :
I looooove your diary!! Awesome!!
from heidiann :
Ooh ooh ooh! I've only read one entry and I'm already all a-twitter at my discovery of you!
from discodoll :
I love the new layout. If it helps i'm as addicted to sweets as you're to diet coke so i feel for you.
from trinabird :
Oh for crying out loud, you are so freaking hilarious! I can't believe that every time I drop you a note I find myself saying "for crying out loud!" Yes, I laugh at your pain, the pain of no more DIET COKE, and I'm sorry to have to do it, but you just can't write like that and expect people not to take pleasure in it! Ack! Not enough exclamation points to provide due emphasis!! You're great!
from trinabird :
Oh for crying out loud, you are so freaking hilarious! I can't believe that every time I drop you a note I find myself saying "for crying out loud!" Yes, I laugh at your pain, the pain of no more DIET COKE, and I'm sorry to have to do it, but you just can't write like that and expect people not to take pleasure in it! Ack! Not enough exclamation points to provide due emphasis!! You're great!
from babydani :
Hello there, I just came across your diary after clicking on your banner while waiting for 2 hours to add an entry. Anyways, your DietCoke entry made me giggle so much I had to read tons of your archives and leave you a note. Will be reading you often! *kisses* Dani
from ris-que :
Love the new template, darlin'! Did you do that yourself? Oh and BTW, Diet Coke's the devil. Pure and simple. There's no other explanation for why so many people are addicted to something that clearly tastes like ass.
from ionme :
I love your new layout. I feel your pain, I wish I had a diet coke right now too! Be strong.
from icomeundone :
Hello there. I thought I would peek my head around the perverbial corner and say that I love your diary. Very insightful. I know what it is like to have a mother with a mental illness. My mother is a borderline(though I think she is way over the line of the border) schizophrenic. I have to live with her and take care of her. So, hon, I know where you are coming from. On to a lighter subject, I love your layout. Your graphics and stories of your life are hilarious. You are one to be enjoyed. I'm adding you to my faves. Talk to you later. <3xoxo *me*
from lilchrissi :
*hugs* honey
from ravynespeaks :
I really enjoyed the recent entry about your mother. It may have lacked your normal humor, but it was very revealing. My own mother lived in her past most of the time, still does to a certain extent. She had a horrible childhood and told those stories to us over and over again. I usually escaped to my room to get away from her. She wasn't violent, thankfully. I do believe though that my escapes saved my own sanity.
from adele7o7 :
hehehe, some of your older entries are hilarious. also, i know how you feel bout the woman killing her's so crazy :o(
from argylecool :
My mom was/is mentally ill, too. Deciding not to talk to her (8 years and counting) was the best decision I ever made. Mother's day is always a bit tense that way. Sorry you went through all that but it was comforting to read your entry.
from discodoll :
I love your diary, just added you to my buddylist.
from trinabird :
good GOD you're funny, woman! for crying out loud, keep it up! i laugh out loud every day at your entries and my fellow cubicle-dwellers glance at me and then go about their business. you rock.
from lameassgirl :
i def. feel ur pain about getting ur period.. grrr
from p-brain :
This is hilarious! I don't think I've ever laughed through out over ten ten entries in a row before - from the same diary I might add. =D
from ruvoryn :
I hope you and your darling have a spectacular Beltaine! I enjoy reading here, your diary is really wonderful. As are you.
from ladyvaduva :
the flossing fridgid bi-curious lady story was prolly very traumatic.. but all the same bloody hilarious.. I love ur journal.. absolutley marvelous.. plus all the pics.. :-) keep up the good work... cheers cat
from lilchrissi :
I read your entry about the flossing, frigid, bi-curious cell-phone lady and cracked up. Flossing, frigid, bi-curious cell phone lady was a .....OMG! ..Horrifying isn't even the word here..How frightfully unpleasant it must have been or you. ::hugs:: At least it isn't going to haunt you the rest of your life...I hope.
from wigmo :
OH MAN. I'm so bored that I'm looking for banners to click on so I can sign guestbooks (or in this case, leave notes) about how pathetic people are (in attempts to make myself feel better) but I read your current entry about flossing, frigid, bi-curious cell-phone lady added to your obsessive/compulsive-ness, and I cracked up. You're pretty funny.
from punkrockchix :
::staring in horror:: That public restroom experience with frigid-flossing woman is a therepist's dream... you poor soul... I wish you luck on the long road to recovering from such a life-scarring sight... oh yes, and good diary :) -woo
from ris-que :
I adore your style! (and I don' t mean the template!)
from in-my-life :
I found you via your banner and so happy that I did. Thank you for making me laugh this early on Sunday morning.
from mortimersmom :
saw your retro banner and started reading, then going back to read old post. you are great! I especially love the Bill and Sue cat/miniatures entry!!! I can TOTALLY picture your conversation with "Sue"!!!! you'll be on my list of regular reads from now-on
from thisisjohn :
You write very well. I must say, I found myself reading page after page. Reciprocation is extremely important. I don't think its as common as it should be. Thanks for your time, John.
from cabrona :
you're a damn lesbian? can i be your girlfriend? i mean, i know you have one already so i could just be your bronzed housegirl and you could teach me everything you know about being clever, if you'd like. plus we could have really incredibly raunchy sex. think about it and let me know. besos, ~rachel~
from hillgrrrl :
YOU ROCK, lady! Keep on writing and I'll be sure to keep on reading. Funny, brilliant and OH THOSE GRAPHICS! XOXO
from nicoleprice :
heh heh! Pardon my typos. Yeah, me writes good huh.
from nicoleprice :
If you're wondering who the hell I am to come knocking on your door, just let me high-five you and I'll be on my way. Your Woody banner is caught my attention that was a Woody right???). And I've only read your 6 latest entries, but I wanted to say your writing kicks butt. You're hilarious and FUN to read. Yay You! Take care! -Melissa
from sunnflower :
Hi from Suburban Island. I clicked in from your banner - very cool and retro. Love your suggestions for additional reality shows - I'd watch them!
from chordchild :
I really enjoyed your entry regarding Mr. Rogers. In fact, I linked it. (Added baffled comment regarding your previous notes: There are people who *don't* like Mr. Rogers??? The world's gone mad!) ;)
from neko-carre :
Hiyee. Enjoyed my visit to your happy place. ~ xoxo, N.
from sushichick :
I never liked Mr. Rogers, really, but that was a nice tribute! :)

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