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from dangerspouse :
Wow, 12 years. Welcome back! You gonna start making the odd entry here again? I've just gone back and read all your old entries and am now curious to know how you've fared over the past decade+. Still a restless spirit, or did you settle down? How about the quasi boyfriend of (then) 10 years? Ever end up going to grad school? Do tell!
from evilgal :
I am ALWAYS up for ranting about men. Besides, I'd love to read more entries from you no matter what they're about.
from court-s :
Any progress on getting that Hip picture fixed for the diaryring? Just wondering! Thanks :)
from court-s :
I just became a part of your Tragically Hip diaryring, and the picture refuses to show up in my diary... Any way you can look into that? Thanks! :)
from wateryone :
Thank you for starting a diaryring for Geographers, it's a way of looking at the world, so of course it's going to make it into our diaries, and I like now being able to identify my diary as such... you know... as a Geographers... Great idea.
from floodtide :
Thank you. Really. Love, Flood.
from hornstar :
I strongly suspect that you've been off doing productive things; not squirreling away your thoughts into a cubicle of cyberspace. Good on you. But what are the rest of us going to read? Really, think before you abandon us.
from sofox :
bundle of sticks says: -True story of a man who had 1400 toes and he lived in a circus. -Dishwashing -They called Ashley crabjuice today -Then he fed his heart to the cats
from ergoatlas :
I am a professional marketer...and I am currently saturating the market with my banners. Works well to get a lot of readers quickly.
from ferencegirl :
thanks. Conair was on the other day and I watched it twice! He is great
from hornstar :
You work at a concert hall?? Do you hate Front of House and everything it stands for?? Me too!!
from ingressofme :
oh shit yeah i was at university of beijing... dude... we totally probably used the same internet cafes... crazay... yeah... little russia rocked my ass off that night... all the more reason you need to come to china... so we can totally hit up seedy chinese places like that.. dude.
from antiprofound :
*grin combined with a shrug* i suppose i deserved it, but my general attitide at this point is, 'Fuck her'.
from ingressofme :
reason number 5435 why i loved china so much.. man... mtv asia.. i don't remember that.. we did get a korean channel with their music videos on it.. those videos were like epic dramas... but air supply concerts?? damn gina.. that's all i can say about that.. you should totally come to china next year when i'm there... how rad would that be?
from evilgal :
Thank you. I think I was overly antagonistic in that last entry, making people justify themselves for liking my diary. I should just be fucking greatful! :)
from verbose520 :
Don't feel bad, I'm in the same boat! I took the 102 the Summer of 2000 and now I'm in a class full of people who took that took 102 last semester and I feel like a dumbass. The first half of 210 is supposed to be review, but I don't remember ever doing 26 step proofs!
from hornstar :
I thought the whole voyageurs boot thing was more deranged and slightly sad than cute. But I appreciate your positive spin on the matter. Thanks for reading me!
from supercilious :
from evilgal :
Too true. There's a difference between reading something for entertainment and believing it, but a lot of women with low self-esteem/body image go out and find things that just reinforce how bad they feel about themselves. It's a long process to deprogram yourself. Like, I can barely watch commercials because all the psychological tricks they use to sell their product are just... draining. I'd much rather be reading.
from supercilious :
Phew... Glad it wasn't just me. It's miraculously fixed now, go figure. If not for you, I may have thought I was going mad. =\ Er.. I mean, it would have been another sign, at least. ugh.
from hornstar :
I saw the last episode of The Mole last night so I'll have to order cable in order to watch CNN compulsively. I loved the episode when they got loaded on wine and became as giggly as school girls. I heart Anderson Cooper.
from robertahay :
Thanks for MAKING a Malkovich ring! Believe it or not, I was thinking of doing that a while ago, but I didn't think anyone would join, heehee! Oh, and the In the Line of Fire quote on the ring kicks serious bottom! luv from Rob
from blackedout :
Oui, we haven't got a series on at the mo over here *sulks* but I've had it right two out of two so far on instict.. I rule ^_^ Hows the one across the pond doing?
from supercilious :
You should fill out your location info. When I think of a diary page I like to conceptualize I�m thinking of a particular spot of the country. It just helps make sense of things :).
from supercilious :
Yes, silly, it was meant for you :). You had commented in a previous entry about disturbing diaries. I suppose I could have said something along the lines 'In response to your entry on...' but ambiguity is fun, don't you think? :)
from supercilious :
What's more disturbing, the diaries out there or that we are so drawn to read them? I'm becoming desensitized to the human condition submerged in this morass of society. Dysfunction no longer impresses me nor does it entertain like it used to (twisted sense of the word, I realize). �Oh, another cutter.� �Oh, another girl who wants a different body.� �Oh, another lonely and frustrated guy.� Are we enlightened by this community or shackled and clubbed over our intellectual heads? I think this condition used to be reserved solely by social workers. Gift or curse... Who knows, it�s just another addiction.
from blackedout :
There's a ring whore ring? Aye me, I haven't joined it yet, I am ashamed... (oh, and to the person below, the Mole rules! ^_^) And I must say I absolutely adore your layout... really need to stop refreshing the page so I can draw on the top bit... erk. Anyhoo, thanks for the note ^_^
from hornstar :
I love The Mole. I missed about half of the episodes (though I considered quitting my job.) It's fantastic now that everyone is becoming uncontrollably paranoid. I'm almost certain I know who the Mole is. And I love your diary.
from evilgal :
Thanks for the kind words. Yes, what *IS* it with humanities professors?
from unwittingly :
Ooo, hello. Just wanted to say -- err, well...hello. Oh! and I can relate to the issue you had with SD in your earlier entries. I'm sure a lot of people can, though. Gah, this turned out longer than I expected. Cheers, and thanks for listing me as a favourite; that's how I usually how I discover good diaries.
from odalisk :
Hello. Thanks for listing me as a favorite. I'll stop by & check out how your diary comes along as you keep writing. Cheers & good luck with the cat.
from ingressofme :
man... sorry to hear about the cats... i kind of can relate.... i have a neurotic crazy inbred siamese cat....we trained her to be nice though... by letting her go outside... worked like a charm... i like your diary a lot so far... i really wish you'd update more often... have a good one----hayden
from blueeyesblue :
Where did you come from? Such a lovely template... and only two entries!
from echoman :
Just saying hi...good to see more mentions of Marillion on d-land.

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