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Robbi, I am so sorry to hear that Chase is making life so difficult at the moment. It's a good thing he's still super cute, hehe! I wish I had been there so I could give you some great advice, but I haven't. The only thing I thought of was that maybe it's STILL to do with the new baby? He might be taking some time to adjust. If that's the case, staying consistent is good. Also maybe (miraculously) finding some extra Chase and Mommy time to show him how special he still is to you? The only other thing that comes to mind is that what you wrote reminds me soooo much of some TV shows I have seen - the ones where they have a family with a troublesome child and they get an "expert" in to figure out the source of the behavioural problem and show the parents how to fix it. Do you ever see those shows? Could you pick up any tips from them? One thing that seems to be common in all of those shows is that consistency is important in dealing with the behaviour, which you're doing so that's great. Even if it means following up on something that he does when you're out, as soon as you get home. The other thing I see commonly on those shows is making sure the child gets praised for good things and gets close one-on-one time with the mother (and father I guess) to feel secure and accepted. But I am sure you do that too. I wish I knew what to suggest! Is he worse when he has had a lot of sugary food or drink? I heard that sometimes it can affect some children. Hmmm, I can't think of anything else. Maybe he is just finding all the recent changes hard? Jaidyn started school right when Hailey was born so that was a big change for Chase too. The family dynamic has changed so much for him in such a short time. Maybe he just needs a little help to adjust to his new place in the family? I hope you find some good solutions Robbi!! *hugs*

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