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from i-am-jack :
It's nice reading something from you, even if you are jyst popping in. Fuck social media. And yeah I do a lot of writing on notepad and in paper journals these days.
from i-am-jack :
I would hate to see you go. But if you need to change your identity sort of speak, then do it. If you are still going to write somewhere else I would still like to follow/read you.
from i-am-jack :
"I am often too suspicious as it is, but that is something I need to work on, and generally irrelevant. It is, however, unfortunate that my suspicions turn out to be true more often then I like. Is paranoia really paranoia when you are often proven correct?" "It is much better to withdraw your light due to hurt, then to lose it completely." I relate to these so much.
from i-am-jack :
That is the main reason I like my job. I work the graveyard shift. I clean a restaurant after hours. By the time I come, the customers are gone, and I leave before most of the kitchen people arrive. Most of the night, it is just me and the aftermath of a lot of swine, known to their faces, as the customers.
from i-am-jack :
Lately, I have been feeling my ability to communicate wilting. It is an extremely frustrating feeling. Usually when I start feeling like that, I write in my paper journal more until it passes or seems to improve.
from stellamane :
I hope you don't mind that I add you to my fav. list. It's just that I enjoy your diary and I'm searching for like-minded people.
from i-am-jack :
I just wanted to let you know, that I am still reading this. I look forward to your musings and poems.
from chaosbean :
Hey Mr. Matt, I was just checking back in on you. I'm sorry about your dad. I hope everything works out and he doesn't need the surgery. Take care of yourself
from ravieslave :
To keep you from reading it? Is there something wrong with my text? Do I look fat in Verdana? ;) I use your links page, ergo I brought it to your attention. I will say, though, that this distance is probably the best thing for us, so in essence I concur.
from ravieslave :
Oh, that was whiny. Sorry. I'm just...despondent about everything right now. That didn't necessarily help.
from ravieslave :
Jesus. You even took me off of the links list. I guess it's better we never met, huh.
from fangtastic4 :
hey ho, someone's not in a good mood! hehh what's wrong, dudeee? long time since anybody ever heard from you. hopes your doing well besides having the urge to see if people actually did fuck themselves. oh wells, anything, you can just talk :)
from dizzigemini :
I allready DO fuck myself. ;x Why don't you write MORE in this diary? Whats the point, then huh>? Tell me, because u write well. And telling folkx to go fuck themselves won't get you a seat in heaven, my dear.
from kizzykim :
I hate hating it too. I hope it gets better. :)
from daleyk :
Its so odd how this world works. I would like to say I feel for you in your situation, or that I am sorry for you, or something encouraging along those lines. But the harsh reality is I don't care...I don't know you at all, or what you're going through. Even if I did, you are there, forever away, and I am here, happy in my world...or content, rather. Now I am not saying these things to tell you to get over yourself, by no means amd I saying that. I just say, when I feel down, I simply escape to another world, and let the first drift away... See, you could enter my world, and forget about the first. My world of no hesitation; my world of many life is split to so many directions because I have so many times before left one world behind and created a new one. You can never ACTUALLY leave one behind though, its always still there. So I have built up a nice collection of them. Anyway, you'll be okay, just find another secret hideaway inside, and come to my world.
from newjen311 :
you're like a male version of myself, but i'm better at it. and watch out for those squirrels...they bite. -ryn
from squirrelx :
Readin' your diary changes and expands my perspective as I'm sure is the case for all your readers. Thank you for writin' it. As ever, Xtine
from squirrelx :
Thank you for a truly compellin' and potentially VERY useful take on The B. S.! I really appreciate your perspective. We'll be returnin' to Bedford sometime this weekend [we hope] and believe me, I'll be wearin' my Raphael medal around my neck. Warmest regards, Xtine
from squirrelx :
Thank you for your good wishes and practical advice. You've really got my number, Matt! 'Quick and dirty' is the way to go for me, and I'll definitely be relyin' on the saints. With affection and respect, Xtine
from i-hate-u-all :
Hey I just really wanted to tell you how awesome your poetry "essential Elephants" is one of my favorites.
from drahmaqueen :
WOW...that's it, WOW Wish I had more time to read today. I'll be back.
from chaosbean :
Thanks for creating a banner I had to click on cause I really appreciated your diary today. Great poem, I needed to read that today. Thanks.
from squirrelx :
Thank you most sincerely for a helpin' of good advice and a great big boost to my ego. Both your wisdom and kindness are profoundly appreciated. Best, Xtine / Squirrel X
from ravieslave :
There has to be a story behind your choice for question five on the survey, and I'd like to hear it. Incidently, 'Do You Love Me' is my favorite Nick Cave and the Badseeds song, next to 'From Her to Eternity'. If you ever come around here, remind me to subject you to my rendition of 'Do You Love Me'. ;)
from enigmotion :
Stunning. I love it.
from invisibledon :
Thanks for playing in the neighborhood
from sumbum41 :
nice. just thought i would let you know that i love your diary and have been an avid reader for a while now. poetically genius. i love it. <3 kaytie
from runic-rhymes :
::Grins:: thank you for putting me on your favorites! I'm glad you like :)
from zziememkye :
Stop doormating? But how could I ever? (don't worry I am being sarcastic.) But really - thanks for your concern. It means a lot, even though you a complete stranger. Which surprises me, but hey what in this world isn't surprising? My diary generally only offers one side (the bad side) of everything so it isn't completely accurate. Am I making excuses? I don't want to be... but maybe I don't know. Something to think about.
from zziememkye :
An inventor of what? Only you really can know... but I love your poetry. What I've read anyway. You write a lot. I find it inspiring... just the right touch of abstract thought, combined with fascinating ideas and imagery. I guess in a way you invent a whole new world... I am glad you like reading what I write... Mostly just confusing personal reflections, things I wonder about... if you can answer any of my questions, or give me any new perspectives, I'd be very appreciative.

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