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from periphrastic :
Congratulations on the new job!! That's very exciting, and I'm happy for you. I hope it turns out well. Belated happy anniversary to your journal. Keep writing, please. Especially the juicy gossip on this new boy?
from omfggwtf :
i like your diary! x
from periphrastic :
I'm not sure the comments option is working for me at the moment, so if you didn't get the one I just left, congratulations on getting the part! I must confess I know nothing about Rent, so I don't know who Maureen is, but I am very excited that it is a part you wanted. You deserve it. Enjoy the celebrations!
from periphrastic :
Don't worry, you didn't come across as a 'know-it-all', and that's not at all what I meant when I referred to your advice! I was grateful or it. I was citing you as an authority. :) I'm really sorry to hear about you and Sandman. As you said, you're sick of the platitudes, so I won't say them -- just keep hugging those dogs of yours and venting in your journal.
from fan4 :
from periphrastic :
Thanks for your thoughts on returning loaned items. It is reassuring to hear a second opinion on the matter, especially from someone who speaks with such authority and therefore must be right. :)
from periphrastic :
Thanks for sending me your password. I've been doing a little catching up, and I'm sorry that things have worked out the way they have, particularly with Bork. I had guessed as much from the message you left me, and from where things were when I was last reading. It must be an incredibly difficult thing to go through. But you're coping! And you're finding good things to celebrate. And new people to share those new, good things with. So I'm happy for that. Long may it continue. You do deserve happiness. And your knack for appreciating it in the smallest things will help you attain it.
from periphrastic :
Wao, you're still reading my journal? I'm amazed, given how sparse updates have been in the last, well, few years. I must admit I'm not reading yours, because I don't know the password. Would you be happy to share it with me? I'd like to catch up on your life! Thanks so much for the message of support. It really meant a lot to me, and has helped me to stay strong and not decide to recant in order to restore short-term happiness.
from fan4 :
*hugs you*
from fan4 :
Could I please have your username and password? You can either e-mail it to me, or send a private message to my guestbook.
from judasgirl :
Are you giving out your password?
from fan4 :
Are you okay?
from fan4 :
Today is Nov. 13, 2007. Your mix-CD arrived in the mail. Thanks so much. I haven't listened to all of it, but one song (Holding Out For a Hero) has became a favorite. :)
from fan4 :
Earlier this month, you mentioned a Pay it Forward activity. I decided I'd like to participate, and mentioned the activity in my own diary. No one has shown any interest in PiF though.
from ivyparker :
Hi, you've got such a wonderful diary. Glad I read your entry today.
from fan4 :
I don't have an account at livejournal or myspace.
from fan4 :
Oh, looking at your notes, I see that the last one I left, was about me and Perry. I did go on a date with that guy, but when we were supposed to go on a second date, he turned into a jerk. I'm not friends with him anymore.
from fan4 :
Happy belated birthday! Are you still making mix-CDs for people? I like all sorts of music, such as soft-rock, love songs, popular, folk, and easylistening. I don't like rap or heavy metal. We may not know each other very well, but I do like recieving stuff in the mail. I also like recieving surprises every once in awhile.
from geoffchaucer :
I was a bg fan of Neil Gaiman back when he wrote the Sandman comic in the early 90s (in defense of being a comic book dork, my girlfriend C. got me really into them). But I haven't read 'Neverwhere', so you're a step ahead of me. Hey, Bishop Allen ( are playing several shows in Texas. Ellum in Dallas on the 13th and Proletariat in Houston on the 20th. On the 15th, they are playing no less than 4 shows in Austin and once again the next day. You should go see them. Our wedding song is 'Flight 180'; request it in my name.
from fan4 :
Normally I'm not a big fan of V-Day either, but this year I decided to buy some goodies for one of my guy friends. His name is Perry, and we chat on the bus. Anyway, I decided to buy him candy and a card. No, nothing was too romantic or anything. The card was of a friendship variety. He's not my bf, we're just friends. He did appreciate the gifts though, which made me feel good. Although he didn't get me anything for V-Day, Perry did give me an early b-day present the day before my birthday. Due to this action, my dad considers Perry to be my sort-of bf.
from fan4 :
Merry Christmas!
from fan4 :
Are you okay?
from kate-san :
hahah. thanks. and you too! keep on keepin' on, i mean. don't let your "friends" get you down. it's the people doing the jobs that no one else wants to do (i.e., public transit workers, retail employees, etc.) who make my day, because they're passionate about what they do. that's not something to be taken lightly.
from for-you-only :
Heh, that's funny, the thing is says on your site, "if you copy this site then you're clearly retarded" When I first saw your page I thought, "oh, this person made their own layout, cool" then, as I looked at it longer and then tried to click the "leave a message" link witch didn't work, I began to think, "okay, so this person knows how to use images, just not how to find good ones, and they have limited knoweldge of html. ahh well, she'll get their, my first site sucked too." So yeah, anyway, I visited your site in the first place because I wanted to welcome you to the "vocabulary" diaryring. Well, you've been welcomed. ~Phoenix
from mixedup :
OH! AND I got you a postcard from the exhibit - if you'd like it, it's a graphic. Just email me with your address if you want one. :)
from mixedup :
Your comment almost made me cry (nothing to do with the PMS at all...). The feeling is mutual. Thank you so much for your kind words. Sometimes that's all that's needed to make me happy for a bit. :)
from kate-san :
thanks a ton. my boyfriend and i couldn't agree on whether it's in the major or minor mode. i'm glad your husband enjoyed it! and once again, thanks for settling the matter.
from mixedup :
Congratulations! (At least I'm assuming.) Enjoy being a Mrs. :D
from joywise :
I love your edgy sense of humor!
from destrudo :
from harri3tspy :
Hi. I'm updating the academia diaryring and I found that your rings page at katiebird82 is throwing up error messages. I'm therefore deleting you from the ring. If you fix the problem, then just rejoin and let me know where the link is. Thanks!
from girliebod :
I've just joined your Ovarian cyst ring and thought i'd say hi.
from absinthesigh :
Thank you so much for joiing the Joss Whedon Diaryring!! - with love, ophelia " Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love, the clarity of hatred, the ecstacy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion, maybe we'd know some kind of peace. But we would be hollow. Empty rooms, shuttered and dank, without passion, we'd be truly dead." ~Joss Whedon
from absinthesigh :
Jing-tsai! Thank you for joining the Firefly rings!! Fang xin, we may be small but we are mighty 8-). with love, ophelia
from jaykay617 :
Hi! I know this is a little late, but I just wanted to welcome you to the ear-piercing diaryring! Thanks for joining!
from fan4 :
Thanks for telling me what you thought of the book, without spoiling me.
from geoffchaucer :
Also, email me? I can't fing a link to mail you on your site...
from geoffchaucer :
I just wrote an entry inspired by your page title (
from candoor :
still I'm drawn back, even while I am away :)
from f-i-n :
beautiful journal
from geoffchaucer :
Hey, your profile indicates you're still in Podunksville, TX, which seems like not the right place for an aspiring singer (and fellow college grad!). Is this really the case?
from ghostiness :
Bwahaha! I feel for your insomnia, because even though mine is self-induced, I still suffer. And yes, revenge shall be sweet. *Gets all CSI and dusts for prints*
from ghostiness :
Hah! I get that. That's a Dave Navarro. I wish I were that attractive, but I'm not, which is why he lives there instead of me. I'll mix it up soon, now that I have delish pictures of me with Buffy people to put up.
from ghostiness :
While I always love a good stalking, please don't misunderestimate me: I am a full-fledged, 16-year-old young woman. Not a him. But it's cool. The name is kinda asexual. :)
from lustykazoo :
so glad you got your mixes & equally happy to hear that you're enjoying them, & for the record, it's no pseudonym darlin'... it's the real thing (you can blame my hippie parents for that one) ;)
from marebear78 :
Ok, so i signed up for the diary nazi stuff. oh shit.
from marebear78 :
I really enjoyed reading your stuff. I, too, can relate to the political rift thing-y. My parents are smart people, so I just can't understand why they root for the Republicans...
from lustykazoo :
it's only temporary while i post pictures & write about my trip to colorado, it'll be back open very soon ;) hope all is well
from banefulvenus :
LOVED your banner. you have a great site too!! :)
from pornoviolent :
Ro-Man: Starred in the 1953 four star film Robot Monster. Ro-man is half man, half monster and is from the moon. His special powers are his extreme strength and deadly calcinator ray. He is sent to kill all earthlings. But like any man would, he has trouble killing a pretty young lady Only 5 earthlings survive, but it all turns out the whole movie is a young boy's dream. Or is it? Rumors of Ro-man sightings after the filming were heard, but no one knows the truth.
from opusshrugged :
i just added you to my favorites list & thought i'd drop a note & say i hope that it's alright. i wandered into your diary by way of banner-clicking & before i knew it had managed to whittle away a full hour perusing your entries. so, you see ... i had no choice but to add you ;)
from justinlw :
I still love the journal Katie!
from patapataashi :
Hi there. Just happened to stumble upon your diary today, and I have to say it's quite interesting. The sheer dorkiness is glorious. Being a dork rules like fire, whoo-weee! I think I'm going to join your Dork ring now. One day dorks will rule the world! Mua-hahahaha!!! ~*Ashi-chan:*~
from swim4gold04 :
matt caplan rox my sox you are a smart cookie
from shortbow :
Hidey-ho, neighbor! I just signed up for the dork ring because, well, I'm a dork. *smiles proudly* Anyway, I went to put the link on my rings page and, behold! All of my links were suddenly white. This doesn't work very well on a grey and white layout. Now, is there some way I can alter this so that the links in your ring will remain white but the links on the rest of my page will remain black? Danke!!
from megmarch :
Just so you remember: The magic word is "shmoo," you dork.
from allie-ballie :
Is it okay if I add the code on a separate page?
from chaoticj14 :
&I adore this diary already.
from idislikehugs :
Thanks for accepting me into the dork ring. *sniffs, tries to suck up the snot in her nose..* I'm overwhelmed with dork pride! ^-^
from heavenly0ne :
hello. I just wanted to go to all of the quoters diaries. Visit my guestbook or notes page with one of your favorite quotes. I want to do a diary ring showcase in my diary. I want the whole ring to participate, so please submit your entry real soon!
from rockstar87 :
hey there- happy to be matt caplan ring member #2! i heard a rumor that he was gonna record a new cd, do you know anything about that?
from bonkersquipy :
hey i'm just checking to see if you got your cds in the mail...i sent you the package on the 20th so i'm hoping it got there...just let me know....thanks...
from sunnflower :
Hi - I love your journal design - it's beautiful. Glad to have you join the Paris diaryring. Paris - ah the food, the sights, the lack of any French I bring to this picture!
from apexsensatin :
Thanks for joining my diaryring. You totally rock.
from bonkersquipy :
yeah chock this one up to complete stupidity...i seemed to have misplaced your address during finals week so i cannot send your cds..but in good news...i happen to run across a copy of "mystery white boy" by jeff i can send that one as just drop me a line or something...or send me an email at [email protected] i shall send them right on out...sorry for being such a flake...
from gonnaimplode :
Thanks for having me in your ring. But you don't have to thank me for being a dork. The pleasure in that is all mine. ^_^
from bonkersquipy :
well i know you dont know me...but i was checking out your christmas list and i happen to have the jimmy eat world and jeff buckley cds just lying if you want me to burn them and send you a copy no problem...i would be happy to...just send me your address or leave me a note and i'll email my email...therefore leaving actual addresses out of diaryland public viewing...well that is all..hope things go well with quincy and that you feel better soon...later
from crazydood :
As one of the Thai food girls, I'd like to congratulate you. Another one bites the dust...
from megmarch :
that's so weird! no, actually, I've never heard of her. But this just proves that six-degrees-of-separation thing. Unless you and I form our own degree. Or something.
from melly724 :
Katie, I know someone who worked in residence life for your University for about 3 years ... I think ... Coree Newman? You probably do not know her ... but it is bizarre ... she was one of my very best friends.
from hellonasty :
hey could you email me the diary ring code so i can put it in my journal? my email is [email protected] thanks!
from jen69 :
hey. just discovered your diary thanks to the wonders of banners. i intend to read on but it may take some time. however yes i have had one of those days where everything seems to underline the same depressing point in fact more than one of those days and yes it usually is "YOU ARE SINGLE. YOU ARE VERY, VERY SINGLE. THERE IS NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH UNAFFILIATED WITH HOLY ORDERS WHO IS MORE SINGLE THAN YOU." so thankyou for making me feel normal?
from bipolargirl :
i love your banner!! i love your latest entry. wierd that i clicked on hump-day and your prof said he was bi-polar. i finally put a banner up myself, but i don't know how to add photos or images to it. if you have time or a link? could you provide it? any help would be appreciated, but TOTALLY not necessary. [email protected]. thanks for your time
from goovie :
hee. i love a fish called wanda. "speak it, speak it!" i'm also not sure if i've ever written a note to you before, in all the time that i've been reading you, so while i'm here, i wanted to let you know that i really enjoy your diary and think you're a great writer. keep having a great summer, and don't let the parental units get you down. :)
from jamtart :
hey fellow dorkette!!! thanks for welcoming me to the diaryring. and..... balloons ROCK! i especially like sneaking up on people and rubbin the balloons on their hair. it makes their hair stick up and they get all mad. :)
from stacyinblack :
hi, thanks for signing my guestbook. i was reading about you and driving around to clear your head and get thinking done...i do that all the tonight...i'm thinking of heading out on a 5 1/2 hr road trip just by myself so i can get all my stuff worked out. anyway...have a good spring break.
from melly724 :
Hoorah for spreading the Matt lovin'! "Sideways" is good for starters ... I really like "September" but I'm thinking that only half of it is up on audio galaxy if the rumors are true. :) Also good are Divide and Conquer, Broken and Road Less Travelled. Are you a fan of the Cute Boy with Guitar genre? If so, I can suggest many more boys you may like to hear. *Mel*
from komradphil :
i would recommend something by rufio, probably,..erm "my everything" i realize that punk may not be your taste..but i think you might like this. its a good tune, and the lyrics are great. have a nice day.
from banana3159 :
Hey-- thanks for the shout out. I really appreciate it. I like your pictures a lot. And of course I don't mind being on your buddy list. --Anna :-)
from kate-san :
I know this is kind of delayed response, but thanks for the note on my other diary. ^_^
from darktruth :
Hey, happened upon your diary becuase, well, we're both dorks. Well, we're both in the dork ring, that is. Nice diary! very entertaining.
from melly724 :
O, Katie! Now it's my turn isn't it? Man, I hate you ... yet, I'm SO ridiculously proud of you for doing it! :) Congrats.
from melly724 :
Katie! You are SO my favorite ever. I just got back from home and I was reading your diary. I literally laughed really really obnoxiously when I read your comment about RENT. I just want to prance about and hug you. You're too cool for your own good. I'm officially appointing you Queen of Melissa's Cool Kids Club (the King is really'll like him). This is really rambly so I'm going to stop now.
from hoebag9 :
Ok, how unfair to the rest of the world is your hair? Hmmm? Daaaamn, girl, you have amazing hair. I've always envied redheads, of course, and you are just too cute for it to be legal. Anyway, as usual, your writing amazes me, so keep it up...else I'ma bust a cap. Shoot.
from jnlm02 :
I'm just here listening to Nelly Furtado, talking to you about guys and people who were once in love hurting each other now...hmm, perhaps I should consider seeking a life.
from johnpowers :
I do not like my Monday clothes.

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