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from dangerspouse :
Get paper plates. Bam. One less chore. More art.
from david-ames :
from whystinger :
Cool diary, hope I find my way back to read more.
from dangerspouse :
Just for the record: we don't feel guilty about it afterwards.
from college-kid :
It's not unreasonable. It's possible-- trust me, I used to be as pessimistic about relationships as you seem to be. Just be patient, you'll find that perfect guy. I promise.
from callmemoose :
Im not sure if you really want outside input on your personal life but I just wanted to let you know that I went through depression for a long time (and still have my moments now and then) and I got to the same point that I needed to go to a therapist. Im not sure how medical/mental health works in the states cause im in canada but I went to my doctor and he reffered me to the therapist. The first appointment was really ackward and I cried through most of it and there was about 20% good information and 80% that i thought she could have just kept to herself. I also thought I would try and avoid taking any sort of medication for fear of the stigma people would associate with "crazy people on meds". She put me on a low dosage of celexa and Im so glad she did. I only made it through 2 of the therapy appointments because I deemed her as an idiot and thought I could do better with a workbook from chapters (which i have)but honestly the medication was so awesome. I didnt feel like a zombie, or like I was not my usual self. All it did was take away the anxiety so that I did worry and obsess about the tiny little things that would irrate me so quickly before. I ended up staying on the pills for about a month and chose to go off of them since I was feeling so much better. I am obviously not a doctor so I cant tell you what to do I just thought you may appreciate knowing that the meds arent as bad as they are made out to be and I would probably still be in the same place as you if I hadnt taken that step. I hope you dont mind me reading your diary...I just find it comforting that Im not the only one.
from amber-yoder :
i'm constantly pulling on my eyelashes and tapping my fingers against my lips as if i'm thinking intensely about something. i pluck my leg and arms hairs out as well... sometimes i'll pick at my skin until it bleeds. i have a lot of little scabs on my arms. i do the same thing with the headphones. i check things a million times before i'll leave them alone. i nibble on my fingernails, though i never bite them off. i too have obsessive thoughts and talk to myself often. i sometimes even have hypothetical conversations with myself, aloud. i cut my hair extremely short but, when it was long, i was constantly brushing my fingers through it because i didn't want knots, though it was more often than most girls do, making my hair somewhat greasy in the process. just a lot of little things, really.
from amber-yoder :
This might sound weird, but I have a lot of the same 'OCD' symptoms that you have. I thought that I was just weird. I have been trying to get better about a lot of it as well. Good luck to you though. I hope you achieve your goals. =]

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