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from trinity02 :
i miss you. i love you.
from andlikedude :
hi. i just wanted to say that i get you. you get me. i love your diary. do you mind if i add you as a favorite? - mandy
from asstarsdie :
[email protected] can i have your pw too?
from nervosnweird :
i'd love yr password once you lock the diary my email is: [email protected]. xoxo
from icantmakeit :
Please let me continue reading your diary.
from asstarsdie :
i want your password, pleasepleaseplease! <3<3
from krystin85 :
i would like to keep reading your diary when u lock it, can i please have the password? my e-mail is [email protected]
from sexnviolence :
I'd like to continue reading your diary when it's locked. My email address is [email protected]
from gloryxxfades :
from asstarsdie :
hm. sounds like a fight against yourself. i know what that feels like. <33
from xbrighteyezx :
eeeep, that doesn't sound like the most wonderful of new years eves. i'm sorry it was so sucky. i spent mine on the couch with tylenol and a thermometer... but hey, we all have our years, right? well... happy new year anyhow! <3
from xbrighteyezx :
Happy Birthday. <3xo
from insertsmilex :
happy birthday. <3
from midtownsaves :
i like your jouirnal, can i add you? *diana oooh coheed and cambria
from farbehind :
i'm glad you're happy. =)
from crashintome :
i feel that way sometimes. i guess that's the beauty of college. you can't really stop going to reflect on how you truly feel. although i'm still not sure if that's a bonus or not. <3
from mylovedies :
i like ur site- stephanie
from paintedkiss :
i hear you dear... i am in your position as well &harts; feel better, xo
from crashintome :
i'm so happy you're happy :)
from caitycat :
i love your mix cd. like, totally, really LOVE it. and you have become on of my favorite people. please, stick around.
from downcasted :
really like your new layout, the blue reminds me of something, but i just can't put my finger on it. as always - you rock!
from leely :
i love your layout. the shade of blue reminds me of eating prettycolored popsicles when i was a little kid<333
from leely :
; just out of curiosity. ive heard things BUT whats it like to be high off coke? <3reply if youd like<3
from paintedkiss :
it's too bad about the NON-uniqueness of that person who stole your layout... that's just flat out rude. <3 xo
from downcasted :
safe journey and have fun :)
from lifescurves :
congratulations. that really is impressive. im sure whatever you choose it will be the right decision for you.
from crashintome :
it will save you, i promise. going away from everything saved me. completely.
from downcasted :
congrats! anyone who turns your good news into horrible news is being selfish. good luck! :)
from suker4akiss :
congratulations & best of luck to you
from leely :
i hate evil friends like that<3
from farbehind :
... i said all those things too :x
from wanderer21 :
your words arent irrelevent here. :)
from downcasted :
silence is my best friend. she can't start gossip or talk behind my back. :)
from leely :
i love you
from insertsmilex :
from icomeundone :
Hi there. I had your old name in my favourites, and I thought that I would weigh in finally and tell you that I <luv3 your diary. Mine is open if you ever want to read it. We have much in common. Let your soul sparkle ok doll? Talk to you later hopefully. <3 xoxo
from girlgenie :
i think i still love it <3
from afterher :
I wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call her... you know everybody loved that song back in the day.
from heartshaped :
i'll say it over and over and over: i love you. <3
from fraildolbaby :
"i'm tired of hating him, but i'll never stop" my thoughts exactly. in fact, this exact date brought those thoughts to be me...only last year.
from heartshaped :
oh man. untitled by silverchair. YOU OWN ME.
from white-bread :
from heartshaped :
i love you girl. <3

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