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from manda-d :
*gasp* She is beautiful.
from andreeb :
Wow! Mastitis sucks, doesn't it? As for the latching on problem, if you pump a little bit (by hand or machine) before trying to nurse, it will make things easier. 6 hours already -- so lucky! Sorry about the infection, too. Ick...
from andreeb :
Good luck!
from andreeb :
I've got my fingers crossed and prayers said for you. Don't worry too much. Josh's head was the size of a pea when he was born. He looked like that shrunken head guy in Beetlejuice.
from jenistar2 :
hey--thanks for having jenistar on your buddy list. I'm moving--new url is Hope you'll follow along!
from jumblygiant :
Hope all is okay. *hugs*
from andreeb :
Congrats on the new house! It's beautiful.
from sarahsundae :
thanks for adding me.
from andreeb :
Hi -- Thanks for the add to your favs. Read your site and congrats on the baby!
from nyquilgirl :
amazing... i'm so happy for you.
from manda-d :
*frowns* I'm so sorry...
from itsmylife :
YAY!! Congrats!!
from nyquilgirl :
OH WOW! I am glad you are still here.. it's been too long!!
from squarepants :
Hi there...Just a quick note to let you know that your "rings" page isn't working.
from aquietboy :
hey sweet girl..........i had no idea you were still peaking at my diary every once in a while, what a nice surprise. we're still in a fight though (as my girl would say) about you not coming down last weekend. its not a real fight, its more just like a baby one. and i'll forget all about it as soon as you get here around easter........
from freevah :
Thanks for adding me to your list of favorites! It made my Monday morning!
from not-a-barbie :
Thanks - I will!!
from kaelyca :
the world is evil, that's what. who would have dreamed that there'd be such an attack on the strongest nation in the world?
from twinkeee :
Just read your entry from 9-11, and I agree-- it was sickening to see the Palestinians celebrating death. I am so glad I live here, and not in a land like that.
from itsmylife :
Hey there! I JUST found your diary and read every damn entry. You are super! I could relate to nearly every entry you have. Where are you from? I am in Ottawa. Anyways, I am looking forward to all you have! S :)
from angel-o-fab :
I just started reading. I just found you! unfortunately, me's up too late, and have to get up too early. can't wait for more. can already tell you you rock.
from march-hare :
Welcome to the Sixteen Candles diaryring! "No more yanky my wanky the donger need food!"
from march-hare :
I'm back! This time it's to welcome you into the eclectic diaryring dedicated to duckie, blaine, andie, iona, and yes even steff! Welcome to the Pretty in Pink diaryring! *cheers*
from march-hare :
Welcome to the Breakfast Club diaryring!
from murmurs :
You finally have a guestbook. Just wanted to say hey and tell you that I enjoy reading your diary...:)
from miss-chief :
okay, welcome, and ummm, if ya feel like it, let me know that you stopped by!

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