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from barank :
i used to read you all the time. then i fell off the face of the earth. i often use a line you once left as a comment regarding punching someone in the throat. it still makes me laugh. hope you are well.
from jenniesblog :
its been forever im back and im glad that ur still here
from jenniesblog :
You locked it! Whats up?
from barank :
clicked on ur slice of ice link, looked at ur site meter, WTF?!?! i was number 666. that can't be good. anyway . . . was wondering, can u use wax instead of water or liquid? let me know.
from orgami :
saw your banner most of the time i dont get to see banners on my system too bad so when i do i click on them and most times i am dissapointed However yours is refreshing and light hearted!! bravo i shall return again Miss K-2 ..O..
from jenniesblog :
Happy easter
from edgarfrog :
Women's Lib writers needed.
from coronagrl69 :
Just dropping by to wish you the best holiday... take care
from ms-turner :
No smoking in a bar? Damn, that is un-American.
from kingbastard :
Hey! I like reading your stuff. I think you'd like my shit. Check it out when ever you get a chance. It's See ya!
from bingoguy :
Did you ever get my email?
from bluemeany :
So have you told South Beach to fuck off or what? Because that's what I'd do.
from bluemeany :
You know, I seem to have conquered your note-board. Cool! Anyway, why is it that my buddy list keeps saying you updated, but when I click on you, it's the same entry as before? I'm so CONFUSED!
from bluemeany :
I think you should call the old man back and say that you ARE James, but you haven't called yourself that since the sex-change operation. See if he just rolls over and croaks right there.
from bluemeany :
Good luck with the pooping.
from bluemeany :
Damn! 7 pounds in 9 days?? I' ve lost maybe 5 pounds in 3 months. Rock on witcha bad self!
from bluemeany :
That's right, you stick to that diet! And keeping giving the finger to those who try to lead you astray ... sooner or later they'll get the message.
from bluemeany :
Fuck South Beach. You need the diet where you smoke a lot and eat a little, the pounds will just fall right off. Heh ... or maybe that's just for 'tards like me.
from bluemeany :
Isn't it fun to suck at cooking? Before I was married it was my favorite excuse for going out to eat all the time, and after I got married I found it was the best way to get Husband to do all the cooking for me, so I can feel like I'm a queen and he's my kitchen bitch. Tee hee!
from d1mndn3r0ugh :
Loved your banner!
from bluemeany :
Hey, I clicked on your banner and must say I find you so very entertaining! Plus, that little fuzz-in/fuzz-out thing your page does totally captivated me. -Meany
from luvabeans :
just wanted to let you know i still read and enjoy your site, too, even though i don't often comment. thanks, missk.
from hippychickie :
just found your blog... I think we could be the same person... or something like that... never mind. I just had to switch to a new ID and lock my old self up.... bad stuff w/ having ppl tell you they are going to kill you on top of being paranoid... that is me.
from apathyascend :
Never date or be interested in a guy named Larry. What's wrong with you? Don't you know that guys named Larry love to touch little children by taking their no-descript, 1982 Monarch down to the park and luring kids into their car with promises of puppies and all-day-suckers? Watch some Lifetime Movies and watch out for guys named Larry--they'll get you every time.
from euphoric-fae :
buimia? wtf? are you out of your mind? take it from a bulimic you don't want to end up puking blood and ending up in a hospital every monday morning...anyways it sound wierd comming from a stanger but.. anyways.. blessed be, Carine.
from candoor :
you are a puzzle (probably cuz I haven't read enough) that inspires my smile (I think :)
from onecrazylife :
Love ur diary!!! You did a great job on ur template. You are so interesting to read about! Thank you for not being normal cause I am crazy also (hehe)
from banefulvenus :
I really loved your "Reality Test" banner!!
from cdnfoxygirl :
got to your site by a nifty banner ... have no real reason for leaving a note ... just thought, you know, well, nothing at all. that's the problem with young people these days. they don't think *shakes head*
from luvabeans :
what is going on with your diary? since d-land's had its meltdown, i haven't been able to get in. it's odd.
from bubaloo :
Don't worry about it. I'm the same way. I still can't get into your diary. Pixie had to reset all her passwords. I miss ya!
from captvfirefly :
I'm with Bub - how do I get in??
from bubaloo :
OK, I'm stuck. I can't get into your diary. Boo.
from omnipre5ence :
HAHAHAHAHA. Kickass entry.
from coronagrl69 :
thanks for the note... your entries cheered me right up!! hope all is well :)
from bubaloo :
Jesus, now I can't read your diary again!!!! Help!!!!! Did the fucken hens figure it out? ARGHHHHHH!!!!! e-mail instructions on how to reach you to [email protected]. Fuck, I'm pissed!
from theshakedown :
can you tell me how you make the pop up window for people in your cast list?
from his-holiness :
Stumbled upon your comment to Gerg (movie quotes)... Good call... Your layout is brilliant-K
from crock-pot :
Hey, found you through edgarfrog's diary. You should check out my diary. He even recommended it as one of his favorites. Also, I'm wondering, since you use the name weirdaunt, can I pretend to be your weird nephew? You know, the nephew that's always e-mailing you pictures of his balls.....?
from pouncer :
You're so funny and strange I love it. Thanks for keeping me entertained while I'm excrutiatingly bored at work, just wondering what the hell I'm doing here instead of having fun with friends losing brain cells. k- bye!
from onandso-on :
Miss K-2, thanks for the get well note, that was very nice of you. It has been onehellofa week. I am doing a little better now I am finally up out of bed after what seems to be a life time down. Anyway the rest of the story is on my Diary. Thanks again Ron
from bubaloo :
Shit happens. I'm glad my head wasn't bashed in. That was a definite plus as far as I'm concerned.
from satellitebob :
lucky for me, i think that God comment will be way down on my "reasons you're going to hell" list. and i'll be ready for that beer.
from matthewpv2 :
Came across your diary. Interesting...Thought I would drop a note saying hi. Check me out sometime...
from bubaloo :
Alright, I'm totally missing you, hoping that you are alright! Drop a note or something, will ya? bub
from liar-by-rote :
don't worry...i've had two jobs since then, and also, my clients found me. the good ones anyway ;)
from satellitebob :
the guy offering the free blow job was very greasy and creepy... and I wasn't THAT drunk. I thought it was great that in his sales pitch he says "I can tell you like the tits, I have no problem with that".
from hateismine :
you and your damn men. it's getting hard to keep up. hehe. nonetheless, i love your chaotic world. i read ALL the time but i never leave notes...thats kind of mean. ill try to not to be so mean anymore =0) <3
from livingwreck :
Ah, okay, I understand now. Yeah I can. (I"m a bit slow sometimes...)
from somthin :
I don't know this Captain from a turnip but perhaps you'd like to meet some of the freaks I got over here ... anyhow, glad to find you. Yours in confusion.
from bubaloo : I'm locked out of your diary again! What did I do to deserve this fate? I feel like I am in purgatory.....
from miss-k2 :
So sorry folks - [email protected]
from rokazu :
Although I do like Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy, I may start to worry soon.
from genghis-jon :
So the years of funny isn't enough? One lousy entry and I don't deserve the $5????
from spanklin :
from liar-by-rote :
i think you're doing splendidly on your quest to tone down the drink...i've also cut WAY back...just three Johnnie Blacks (airplane bottles) per weekday evening, a little white pill, and pot. i feel virtuous.
from satellitebob :
I think I'm ready for the spankins!
from rokazu :
Yes, that is me. The guy I'm "molesting" in the picture had both his 29th AND 30th birthday parties at Chucky Cheese, but now they don't serve beer around here. His mom actually gave us tokens too.
from gumphood :
hehehe. I am glad you enjoyed that. I I know you?
from gerg69 :
Hey, I saw where you put my eyes up. Thanks for the compliment of using them.
from common-tegus :
sometimes it's so hard to think of the positive things. but you're totally right.
from miss-k2 :
Dear Miss HonestlyOnly, Because I can. From someone who changes their diary every other month. You silly girl.
from theshakedown :
why did you change your diary?
from gerg69 :
sure, you can use my eyes.
from candora :
something intriguing about your design and the linkage... so much to explore when I have more time...
from miss-k2 :
please email me at [email protected], I'm wondering if other people have the same problem.
from bub66ohm :
hi! I'm having just a little hard time reading your journal? What am I doin' wrong?

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