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from bindyree :
(duplicate from my own notes page! Arghgh! LOLOL) I just wrote you a big long thing that was supposed to post to *my* notes wall and there it is on yours instead. Ack! Anyway, watch out for that miserable little training wheel of a human being; I haven't thought about that waste of protoplasm in many months. As long as he's at large and still looking for victims, there will be folks like you and folks like me who won't give him a chance to succeed. Thanks for the heads up!
from bindyree :
One would think that with all of the safety concerns that come along with an online existence, that people would indulge in *less* emotional promiscuity these days instead of pretty much the same or even more. I guess it's just human nature, and it's really hard to remember that this is all just a bunch of ones and zeroes sometimes. Confidence artists like the one I encountered and outed are still finding the online world as one big playground. Be safe! xo
from fightn4life :
Thanks for your inspiring and helpful comments...they have helped more than you will ever know. Thank you soo much.
from fightn4life :
I love your grit...I wish I had a handle on my life as you do. You're my inspiration. And...I still say you are going to be an awesome mom. :)
from fightn4life :
You will be a great mom...allot of us are prone to depression and do alright rearing children. try your best not to worry...I know empty words but I wish you peace. I loved this post because it was so real. i lived a life some what like you are living many a year ago with my first husband. Just know I am sending positive thoughts and prayers out for you. And..I had to laught about your cat...sorry. Cats are not a good judge of our mommy ability. You'll be thoughts are with you, Sandyz
from notme2000 :
Hey, if you still read my diary the username is "reader" and password is just "password".
from kiosh :
Hello, dear! I hope you're alright! I send you a big hug and much love.
from fightn4life :
Take care of yourself and know you will be missed. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
I recall so long ago when I crossed a state line hearing the song. "Someday it will all be over" I cried but my life took on a new path. Some good times some very sad. they all brought me to where I am today. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
No it will not go away if you just ignore it. Please have it checked out although it could be nothing. I had a not so good mammogram a few months ago, went back for the second then a cat scan. I am fine but need to be watchful in the event something changes. My mother is a breast cancer survivor while my dad lost his sister and mom lost her sister both to breast cancer, both due to waiting thinking it was nothing. We also lost my dear mother in law to the same cancer. Awareness is number one, waiting could end you life. Get it checked out, ease your mind and live without needless worry. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
One day at a time, thank God you are still with us. You were on my mind today. :) Sandyz
from fightn4life :
I tried to understand your information on my space; I would like to stay in contact with you. I would like to read your diary for day one. You are so young, so much to live for even if today you are not aware of it. I know you may poo-poo all I feel inside but I pray something will connect, if not it was not meant for me to reach out. My step daughter took her life, (not many know this, they know she passed but have no clue she committed suicide.) I am telling you this as the ripple effect of her untimely life has devastated many people, friends, family and children that know about this. When one person makes the conscience choice to end their life the hundreds of others that are affected is unbelievable. Her dad, my husband will never be the same, she has three sisters and two brothers, one is close to following in her sister's foot steps and she has three young children. She is fearful of where her sister is in after life and doesn't want her to be alone. Her step sisters and brother are sickened by how this has affected the family, we once were so very close and this has caused a gap that seems difficult to cross over. So many people are playing the blame game, fights erupting where once was family get-together's. Her children are racing off to different places, afraid some thing they said, the way they acted or for something unknown they caused her to end this life. I recall so many years ago I had three children and was in a extremely abusive relationship, I thought the answer was to take my life. My ex-husband almost did during one of his attacks. What I learned was how strong I really was and how much life meant to me and those I loved should not carry the burden of guilt with them for some I did. That feels like a life time ago, I have walked some painful roads but through it all I have become the person I am today, stronger and have passed the message on to my close friends and children no matter what life hands you it will one day be an important part of helping another person that feels death might be the answer. We live in the flesh once, don't toss that away. Only one God has the authority to really decide when life is no longer important for us. Sometimes life is not all about us and for reasons unknown we are here to help another soul. Lord only knows whom all might be affected if yours is suddenly taken within your own hands. Write your stories, others will learn and hear their own within your words. They will feel you strength and know this life we should be in awe of, not searching for ways to end it as I did so long ago. I thank God for the one person that heard my pleas and felt my pathetic little mess of life was one worth saving. I also thank God I am still here to help my daughter heal through a tragedy that was no one faults, answers only known in the heavens, and that is the only path back to those we have deeply loved and lost. (Faith) Sandyz
from fightn4life :
My thoughts are with you, sorry things are so crazy right now. Scream if you have too and do kick the crap out of the neighbors. :) Sandyz
from biodtl :
I can understand why you're having a hard time believing that. I would probably set up a fake account and reply to see if he respoded. But I'm evil and sneaky. Good luck.
from biodtl :
congratulations and good luck!
from biodtl :
I'm sorry that you are having such a crappy time lately. No matter what, just do what's best for yourself and know that there are folks out there that support you and care. I hope things start looking up soon.
from bindyree :
Hey, baby! Thanks for taking the survey. :-) xoxoxoxox
from iwillsurvive :
Hi, I noticed you listed me on your favs list. Firstly, Thanks for that! Secondly, I'm trying to rally the Diaryland Community to raise $10,000 for the victims of the Tsunami. Please visit my diary for all the details. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!
from dailywisdom :
That was me, below one entry... Don't add the secret diary to your fave list okay? Mum's the word. Shhhhhhhh. :)
from ohtwo :
Sorry about the fries quote. Not directed at you in any way, darlin'. :) I wish you were there to hear our boring s.o.b. instructor say it. It was funny then... :)*
from dailywisdom :
Your wisdom is up at DailyWisdom! xoxox -- Jamer
from dailywisdom :
Your wisdom is up at DailyWisdom! :) ILY! xoxox
from bindyviews :
Your review is up. :)
from sunnflower :
Miss Maggie - You added my diary to your favorites and put a Suburban Island button on your sight - hurray and thanks! I am sure all will go well with the wisdom teeth but it's awful thinking about getting them taken out. I know as I put if off for many years. Ironically, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be when I finally got it done.
from loserreviews :
Your review for Loser Reviews is up. Thanks for being patient. -Leni
from hissandtell :
Hi - I just clicked on your "revenge" banner because I have a "revenge"-theme banner going at the moment, too - I'm working my way through the older entries and loving your diary . Fabulous stuff!
from credence :
Everything you just described, I just went through. It hurts so damn bad to hurt someone else... I wish I had consoling words for you. Things are better because I wouldn't let him think I didn't care, even though I hurt him. But I think it actually makes the healing process much more painful, to desperately try to include this person in your life anyway; to do everything you can to show them how apologetic you are. I'm sorry it happened to you, too. I wrote some of what could maybe be explanations of why in my diary. I don't know if it'll be on the same wavelength as you, but... yes. I know how you feel. *~n~*
from myhorizons :
Thank you for adding me as one of your favorites.
from ladyfrodo :
from bindyree :
Thanks for your kind words.:) Blessed bees and merry parts to you always.:)

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