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from beagle47 :
i clicked this while there were 43 items still pending on my screen. dollars to donuts they were cats. i personally have two felines now thanks to mrs. b's charitiable spirit. the two? they are good animals. however, they are still fucking cats, jumping around even as i type like wild freaks. why, i believe my own cats are DOGGIN' me. anyway, i hope all is well and you've dumped the cats for, ummm, candy corns or something yummy.
from bettyford :
you make me giggle on the inside.
from heartracer :
i sent you that email!
from heartracer :
jodie, there's something i'd like you to read at heartracer. just some news that made me want to say thanks to everyone who read my ramblings. what's yr email so i can send a password...? by the way, i hope you're doing alright these days. much love, after all this time. xoxox
from ticktrix :
I miss Chris Mock. Do you still talk to him?
from jammybastard :
Your note speaks to my essential point. In this instance, if you don't like Buk, don't read him. Choice is a beautiful thing.
from pageme :
Give me ur address-I can send you a copy.
from mindfluff :
nope, i work in the public sector. i work with lawyers and HR/LR consultants to help social service agencies. i'm actually assistant to the CEO but my favourite stuff is working with the lawyers, which i do a lot of.
from mindfluff :
it's not clean, it's tidy :)
from sekritsquirl :
nice glasses!
from mindfluff :
i'm glad he's going to the doctor. let me know how it goes (he's hopeless at keeping in touch so he'll never tell me :)).
from mindfluff :
it's no big deal. it's just that this is a huge decision for us. some people don't think twice and just have kids willy nilly. we take it pretty seriously which probably makes it come across as though we don't really want it. i'm jsut trying to be honest in my diary and discuss my feelings and fears. my husband and i have been together for 17 years. it's a little bit daunting to think about there being a third person in the relationship.
from ticktrix :
Another place that might still have a copy of your old drivers license is your doctor's office. Might be worth a try.
from pageme :
Hey! For some reason when I go to your diary it's just a blank white page. ??? What's up with that?! Thanks for dopping in to say yay!!! You're next!! lol Send me your current email address and I'll shoot you over some wedding pics. Love ya lots!!! xxx

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