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from ruby001 :
I just wanted to ask you about your layout. How do I get to change my layout. I used to be on Dland ages ago, but its been a while, and I've gotten a bit rusty since. Also, I read that post about your relationship. Check out my diary in the future to read more about my past relationships.
from sunlightsnow :
Your recent entries read like my last relationship at certain points. I hope it does indeed work out the best for you. My most recent attempt at new love fizzled out because the man wasn't ready to move on (he got burned by his ex whom he asked to marry him...). I may get back with this recent man later since he is amazing (there IS a reason why the other lady got engaged to him), but if I don't, I will truly treasure the last few months I was with him. It feels odd to pour out all these thoughts to a stranger, but hey, at least I got them out of my system! Thanks for listening.
from sugamaniak :
Aww, well thank you. I guess we both just gotta take happiness one moment at a time. And worry about the rest later. :) But its easy to say that isnt Thank you for the lovely note and reading...i really didnt think anyone did!
from sunlightsnow :
Why thank you, dear. I will take all the votes of confidence I can get!
from mymonologues :
I really love your writing! Sincere thanks from Amsterdam!
from onesevennine :
Thanks for that. It is an interesting point that these people are drawn to me just as much as I am to them. I appreciate that. It takes a bit of the burden off me. :)
from fuck--that :
I adore you! Thanks so much for your support!
from catsoul :
Hi, I just started reading your journal a while back. I have alot of tattoos, so I was wondering what you had tattooed and what is the signifiance of your tattoo? =^..^=
from abhorgod :
so many chicks into married men here, i need to marry my GF so i can get more ass!!
from mechelle420 :
hey i noticed you have your diary locked. hope everything is okay?!
from luncheables :
I just opened up my diaryland account today. But I have been reading your diary and a couple of others here in D-land for a couple of months when one of my friends who is also a member introduced me to the site. Now that I've finally decided to open up my own diary i can comment on all of the others i've grown to enjoy over the months like yours, okrosieposie, and toastbox. I love how real and funny you are. Reading your diary is very refreshing! I am going to add some entries soon and hopefully you will become a reader!
from okrosieposie :
what's your email love?
from okrosieposie :
No it's come when I try to click on January 2008 and the rest of the links none of them show up???
from okrosieposie :
Oh noooooo! Whoooooooooa, wait...whaaaaaaat? HOW? Mishhhhhhhh!!
from okrosieposie :
awwwww i'll miss you :(
from chuzzlewit :
I just came across your diary and it's design is so striking. It's really very pretty!
from okrosieposie :
...Like you don't even KNOW. I am such a mess. I'm bouncing off the walls with a skittle bag of moods. UGH. Men should have periods. All I'm saying.
from sunstarr :
Hi. I just read your blog for the first time and I have to say that my heart goes out to you. While I don't personally suffer from social anxiety disorder, last year I had this strange depression fall on me like a heavy downpour. I had no "reason" to feel the way I did and yet then there were some days where I was very happy--- almost too happy. I finally got up the gumption to talk to someone about it and he diagnosed me with Acute Mood Disorder. Apparently my chemistry is a little off in my body and so while I have some similar moods as someone bipolar, my moods are not that intense or diverse. So, he prescribed a medication and I take it once a day and now I feel very balanced. I still have days where I'm depressed (like PMS!) but I don't feel like the world is caving in on me. It's great to feel "normal". I wish for you that you find that very same feeling during your journey to well-being. Much luck to you...... (Michele; that's my name)
from okrosieposie :
Oh boo. What to do?! I hope things work out. I'm glad you spoke up though...because never speaking up makes things worse. That's experience talking. Let me know how it goes :]
from okrosieposie :
I'm going to be that friend. Give yourself some time and space. He's being a little bitch and you don't deserve that kind of treatment. Cursing is normal, but if it's cursing AT you, you don't take it. That is what we civilized people call disrespect. And you're better than that. And stop trying to be the bigger person. I understand where you're coming from, but it's like YOU'RE doing the growing up for him. He needs to learn on his own, not by example. I feel you, lovey. I, more than anyone, want this to work for you, but not like this. Just breathe a bit, okay?
from okrosieposie :
SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH! Thank you. Youre scared. Its normal. But youll be fine. Its better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all, right? This could be good or this could be great. Its up to you and what you make of it. Its June and look at you, youre taking a risk and going after something potentially great. He likes you, you like him. Whats not to like? :)
from okrosieposie :
Why you are so scared to take a risk? I am going to jump the gun and hopefully I dont stick my foot in my mouth later but here goes: I think he genuinely wants to be with you. So take a risk! Nice and slow. Youre not marrying him.
from okrosieposie :
Im upset over the fact that I did not read your last note before I left for Spain. Because the last couple of days, I have been thinking about him. :( SCOLD ME, PLEASE! Ive been saying, "No...stop it. Spain, baby, youre in Spain." But then the thought stays lingering. But Im LOVING Spain. Its gorgeous. But please...scold, yell, reprimand me soon. Before my last two weeks are over.
from sunlightsnow :
I think your diary is funny, I enjoy reading it. And I think it's terrible that you have to have lunch with a supervisor. That seems ackward. I wouldn't know what to talk about...
from mechelle420 :
heyy there fellow michelle, haha I read ur entry and I do the same thing. in fact I wasn't entirely honest in my last one, cause I don't think its my own private sanctuary...I think ppl check up on me..and there's plenty of stuff (sexual) that I don't write about cause I'm scurred! lol. we need to let looose man!!
from okrosieposie :
Well, I did what you told me to do. I talked to him :\ Look at the latest entry and give me your input, please. I'm not upset, just a little disappointed. I dunno...I'm just. Blah.
from okrosieposie :
I figured :] It's cool...thank you for talking to me though. I appreciated it. I hope you're feeling better?
from okrosieposie :
heeeeeey i saw that one of your entries is title OMG MY BFF ROSE!?!?!?! lol!
from okrosieposie :
And yes, having high expectations or any expectations allows for shit to hit the fan. [Sigh] I feel you, girl. I feel you...
from okrosieposie :
i dunno...i mean, things are pretty much back to the way they used to be. we're talking almost every day, from like 9 to 5, the usual and then he'll text me at night or whatever. just like how it used to be...the conversations are more detailed now, there's the whole innocent flirting, the "read-between-the-lines"/double meaning phrases, etc. maybe i'm being impatient, maybe i'm reading into stuff again. i don't know. i'm not making any mention of it...i'm not trying to. i'm pretty much following his lead. i don't know if i should be doing that because that's like pretty much letting him control the situation. but it's better than putting myself out there, right? lolol i don't's a mess. like...what happens if he does want to go back the way things used to be, in this whole "pseudo-relationship"? then what? WHATEVER. lol. we'll see how things play out. lol. i'm torturing myself with this crap. lol thanks babe :]
from okrosieposie :
hahahaha great! what did you think of everything? i tend to write entries a little close together, just an FYI...but thank you for catching up! :] and im glad you had a wonderful time at florida, besides spaghetti...but good for you :] and what do you mean what "is his problem now"?
from okrosieposie :
were you able to ever catch up? and i emailed you FYI...
from okrosieposie :
you're horny? you and me both. lol. i'm down for some passionate lip-locking and thrusting of body parts. lol. hope you get some soon :]
from boutherlife :
I love your diary, i'm a newbie and like i've read alot, so far your in my top 5(: your so funny, cool, and laid back thats what i think when i read your diary(: you rock!

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