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from tacie77 :
Almond bark WOULD be good right now. And now I crave it. I have some, but I'd have to melt it and then run to Wal-Mart for pretzels to dip in it (not in that order?), and well, that would take loads more motivation than I apparently have because I'm not doing it. And my daughter values her sleep a little too much for my waking her up and dragging her to town with the reasoning "mommy needs pretzels" to go over well. She went to bed early so "tomorrow will get here faster", and pretty much left specific demands not to be woken up until it's her birthday. I'm eating cocoa krispies. Just thought I'd share.
from rachelliz :
EEEK, I cut and paste the wrong thing!!! Ignore that. What I meant to say was I have heard good stuff about Tree Grows, maybe I'll add that to my list. Have you read Bell Jar? I was thinking of rereading it soon. I really loved it.
from rachelliz :
I heard a man on a bus arguing that Ohio was not the midwest to which a woman responded "what is it then? the east coast?" Maybe mideast would have been the answer. I know that's not your point at all, I just was reminded of it. That man was annoying.
from nikitrubl :
hey, I just wanted to apologize for the pic being down on the Mark wahlberg diary ring. There was a mix up with my gold membership payment, and hopefully everything will be fixed soon! Sorry for an inconveniance!
from morbid-lover :
Hi there. I've seen that you've joined one or more of my rings, but I've switched usernames. To access my rings, please re-join at the bottom of this page:
from soandsotgs :
hi, i wanted to tell you i liked your diary and that i LOVE user name on neopets is bubblbutt in case you wanna be my neofriend.... i wanted to show you this website that i think is pretty funny.... tell me what you think
from onedarksoul :
hey, just stopped by. nice diary. look me up sometime. later.
from p-brain :
welcome to the -79 ring
from roapearl :
Thanks for joining the ring. Eccentricity is wonderful, innit?
from windshadow :
Welcome to the talktomyself diaryring! Thanks for joining!
from nikitrubl :
Thanks so much for joining the Mark Wahlberg diaryring! He is definately the hottest guy! *tootles*
from windshadow :
Welcome to the garlic-lover diaryring! Thanks for joining, and don't forget your mints! ;)
from phoenixtease :
Thanks for joining the sparkly diaryring :o)

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