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from courtney-d-h :
Congratulations to you and BdeB... have fun this weekend and for the rest of your lives! Connor and I send along all of our best wishes!
from marsist :
signmyguestbook isn't working, so I'll leave a note here... *hugs*
from idonealuv :
Oooh, please don't take that looked GREAT, that was my point. If it'd been me, I'd have wanted to hurl from sheer nerves. Okay, I did see the whites of your eyes when I ran into you, but I'm sure it wasn't all day <g>. And I didn't notice grumpiness on Sunday, you were a hoot. It WAS a great weekend, and BdeB was AWESOME in the tourney...
from keltoi :
I will email you later, And thanks!
from fjf :
New updated links as of this am on my away!!!
from havorc :
Just don't say that it was in poor taste, or the "longhairedhippyfreak" people will jump you, but if you say that it was just all for fun, the "stickinthemud" people will jump you... hmm... I see the dillema.... :)
from chris-sca :
All the REALLY cool people drive Ford Ragners.....
from ladyrhi :
hey.. what's your work email....... it's nice to have our own "SCA warning system" :) I'm [email protected] I THINK.
from mistressrhi :
The Honey Pot is a librarian and they have a Flat Stanley which we have taken all over the place. He's been to Pennsic, to Gulf Wars and to Ireland. Basically, he's also a library promotion to teach kids about different places in the world. You take pictures of him in various locations and then post them on the bulletin board for kids to look at.
from ladyrhi :
I really wanted to add a note to melisent's page, but there isn't a way to do that. I hope whatever you're going through today doesn't last too long. Surround yourself with people who love you and be kind to yourself.
from chris-sca :
from lacuriosa :
Go get 'em, slugger! Congratulations on the new job. Big hug, la F
from ladyrhi :
Yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to the newly employed Moira! PARTY this weekend!
from thjora :
Congratulations!! When do you start?
from thjora :
Wow! That's definitely unnerving!
from chris-sca :
Hope you're feeling better... good luck with the interview
from thjora :
Hope the knee feels better soon. I'm guessing none of the assorted different knee braces has helped any? Good luck with silk spinning and weaving. You definitely have much more patience than I do to even try to work with it. :-)
from ladyrhi :
I'd be willing to help you learn to weave as much as I can. I've got lots of books you can borrow and you're certainly welcome to come over and weave on my loom. Anytime... just give me a call! Thanks for joining the weaver's list. They're a great group of people!
from wyndhaven :
Ah nothing like the smell of burnt Pagan in the morning! LUV YA :oP
from giuliana :
Your garb is not crap! It takes some practice to get your garb to a point where you're happy with it (believe me). An iron does make things easier, definitely. Like Theo, I would also be happy to help you if you want. Just let me know!
from ladyrhi :
You asked about card can either use a pattern to keep track of where you are, or once you get the rhythm down, some people just have it memorized. I'm card-weaving challenged... I hope to find someone like Bera who could teach me her 4 back 4 forward method. The double faced drives me batty and I just can't get it.
from theodora :
(1) Your garb is lovely. (2) I'll be happy to teach you whatever I can.
from inlondon :
I've never heard of orfrois, but orphreys are embellished bands, mostly on liturgical garments....
from dameanne :
Hey, write what you darn well please! Reveal what you wish to about yourself. I think some folks use diaryland for writing good prose, some for a chronicle of their lives, some for self-exploration and I am sure, some write for those who read. I tend to fall into the second and third group and was flabbergasted to hear from folks without diaries who actually read mine. Yes, you should look back over the last several posts just to do a self check on where you are but NOT on whether it is or is not what folks want to read. After all, this is not the whole package just a facet you have chosen to reveal...
from lacuriosa :
:-) I got glasses after college, too. Went to see Evita and everyone was discussing the huge painted curtain before the show and I couldn't see what they were talking about. My dad loaned me his glasses and VOILA! I was dumb struck. Got glasses the next morning. Welcome to the club. It's really not such a bad club. Good people in it. la F
from bdeb :
I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you...
from zancani :
I thought I'd leave a note instead of a gb message. I agree about Ymir. Definately the most fun event since Pennsic. I'm glad I got to see you. I love you Kimmie. Amy says hi!

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