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from chiv :
Ha. HA!
from daath :
...And it's back up yet again after having died. Like a 100% recyclable Lazarus, Chat is reborn through our resident Christ, Andrew.
from daath :
As coroner I must aver, I have thoroughly examined her, and chat is no more slightly dead, but most assuredly not at all dead. It's back up.
from chiv :
'Cello, you little monkey.. what're you doing to messenger? It works with the contacts I don't want to talk to.. FuckFUCKbastardFUCK! -stabs guestbook-
from comparable :
as far as i can tell, you are fantastic.
from chiv :
So did you? And gosh, what ever is this person [points below] talking about?
from janefury :
Hi! I just wanted to write to suggest something...ready? ok If your gunna have a sex chat. Why not state that the room is for sex chatters only so it saves people from WASTING their time. nice site. Really.
from caspia :
Hey fellow Minnesotan! If you're a fan of the Wild, or love the Twins, please join the Wild, or Twins-fan diaryrings. Let everyone know we support them. Thanks and have a great day.
from spoonthug :
from chiv :
Hey! You weren't supposed to leave until I had time to get the groping in, damn it. Now it looks like i was fondling some random chatter. Em. Damn it! Notes? I can't be at all subtle about my identity now. Oh..well.. (swigs) that case.. pff.. you updated the comment..awww..well i feel special anyway. Maybe i will adopt you later. Toodles.
from indie-snob :
hello there! I just reviewed Goldfrapp's latest album, "Black Cherry," and thought you may be interested. I have a bunch of other concert and album reviews here, too. Check it out, thanks! (and I'll have some Modest Mouse live reviews in two weeks)
from chiv :
seriously..i'm pretty fucken bored/drunk.. doing owt fun? hm? hm? wake up! useless. (pets cello) woah, i need to go away, eh? in fact i really really need to lie on the floor just there..
from plaguewalker :
rock out and it all tastes like carrots, reading things will bring plastic bags to life. thanks.
from sistercookie :
Maybe it just means that you like tall, dark and handsome men who are also funny. But freud would say something like its something to do with your obsession with men or something to do with your father. Personally I think its just because he is like the tradgic hero in a comedy/drama. Maybe he just appeals to bleeding hearts or something. LOL
from sistercookie :
Just a question but really how familiar you are you with figure skating world? My father's second wife was a figure skating coach professional/junior levels.
from sistercookie :
You should write a novel about your dad. LOL
from sistercookie :
Unfortunately nightmares don't seem to care what time of day it is. Sleep when you are tired if you can. Normal, what is normal? Even if I operate on 9-5 hours I still hate the morning. To quote Garfield the Cat "The only good thing about morning is sleeping through it".
from sistercookie :
I started a ring called Mentalorder, please check it out.
from sistercookie :
I would stand in line for this. You are so right.
from chiv :
heh, i love you. ...i forget why. i was just laughing. hm.
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting
from maeve-arie :
Hey have to use my new and improved "pull down menu" and there Lo and Behold you will find your whiny poo stain! Love Maeve
from laura-diane :
i wonder why you'd think i'd be scared that you read my diary? it makes me giggle :) thanks - i'll catch up on yours when i get some time, if that happens.. thanks again.
from chiv :
damn you, broken guestbooks! ...have a canadian beer for you? do i have to do 'everything' myself? =) so undemanding, cello rules.
from chiv :
cello leaves and i feel strangely guilty. *trys paying more attention, in future*. meh, i think that's about all.
from gelert :
ooh. fancy that, notes, eh? *favourable cello-related comment*
from ranul :

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