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from beautyguru :
It's J.K.! Drop me a line at [email protected] Ciao! J. K.
from mmqc :
Consider yourself poked. POKE!! Who's the weirdo below leaving novels in your notes?
from starlight42 :
love your layout!!
from berrywine :
e-mail me she says forgtting of course I don't have her current e-mail addy. Off to write boy smut bye Auntie Mongi
from berrywine :
who is this Nick person you speak of? I don't remember seeing him from anything. Oh and I wuv you Auntie Mongi can you tell me how to fix my crappy background please I really need the help because well I screwed it up
from lealoo :
ooooh! I love your layout too!
from rebornpunk :
Yah! Amelie is the best movie ever! ::ahem:: Yeah, I sort of have that illustrating actions probablem, though, now I think about it, :: looks thoughtful:: it,s not that bad, do you think? ::looks pleadingly at correspondent:: <><
from queerme :
ugh.. I can't get ahold of you! I wanna make an offer @ on your 'To Venus & Back' cd. Email me @ [email protected]! Pwease!
from p3-corr :
hi, i looked at your diary like i said i would in the survey. very cool diary! are you still obsessed with sourgirl - roflmao. she has done alot of surveys!!
from pillow-wept :
..hi. thanks, yeah what IS the deal with creepy biker-dudes? wackos! x
from fateexchange :
lexapro is no good. it made me tired all the time and didnt work.
from pillow-wept :
first off: great layout. Amelie is a brilliant film. secondly, great taste in music. third, love your diary/writing. x
from leiaangelus :
okay i took your quiz and said that you should have asked fav episode...and i'm a dork cause you did...sorry
from berrywine :
*glomp* hi Auntie Mongi. Guess what...I have Pixy Stix and rum. Sugar sugar suger *bounces off* bye bye
from dawnacrystal :
I would love to rethink the liquid diet, the only problem is that for some reason I have had a hard time keeping solids down. I couldn't even keep soup down today and I was only doing the liquid thing for one day. Maybe I'm getting sick..... Dawna
from rotinigold :
Thanks for filling out my lame survey. I made a new one that's longer [wink]. Actually I read some of your diary and I like your brain. I will continue to read. I like that you totally admit to liking Jess Klien (I do too). See you. Rotini.
from ravenheart :
Thanks for the guestbook entry!
from ravenheart :
Anyway, I love Leonard Cohen's Waiting for the Miracle, I just felt I had to tell you, when I saw you had it in your Lyric of the Day.
from ravenheart :
Thanks for note. Your diary is just great, I'm going to read more of it, I love the pink. Anyway, thanks for your opinion on my link color, I thought the red was a bit too wild, but I feel that it fits together. No matter what, maybe I'll change the purple to a softer version.
from cnfssnlgirl :
WE are two of a kind. I *LOVE* Tobey! He was awesome in spiderman, and I want to jump his bones. Secondly, I am SOOOOOOO feeling you on the clevage/lose weight thing. I also, am not fat, but I am squishy, and I have DDD cups. I'm 5'5. They are annoying, and it is so hard to find cute shirts. They are all made for those A/B/C cups. Although, I know people who are C's who have trouble finding clothes. Tonight is my first night at Weight Watchers, and I'm going to lose this shit. I want to be non-squishy, and at the least, a D cup by the end of August! hehe. Maybe we could hook up and go to Vickie Secret together. I can't wait!!! ;)
from mmqc :
Hey, tantrum-throwing girl, I know a cure for shin splints. It does not involve kicking a treadmill.
from mmqc :
Curses! You know, after reading your diary, I HAD to go sign up for a pita page, too. I haven't done anything with it yet, but I'm signed up.
from wonderwall :
hmmm... i don't know if i should reveal my secret identity to you, but i guess i will. :) i'm meghan, your reviewer from diary reviews. i just wanted to say, i like the new layout much better and it doesn't remind me of the orthodontist anymore. sorry for taking my repressed dental memories out on you. i just hate any place where people in white coats expect you to have coherent answers to questions while sticking implements in your open mouth. ok, ta ta!
from mmqc :
Meant to tell you before, but my brain is on vacation: your new diary layout kicks ass!
from lizabeth1st :
Dude! You Fucking KNOW it!!!! I'm memeber #2 of the Lex-Luthor Diaryring!!!
from mmqc :
Welcome to the world of AIM! It's really not that difficult to use, I promise. You can just ignore the icon thing. That's optional. I'm on there with my real first name, not MMQC. See ya 'round the instant messenger chat world sometime!
from mmqc :
Congrats on the excellent diary review! And you were worried...
from diaryreviews :
Hi! Your review has been posted at Diary Reviews. The URL is Also, you have qualified for the 90 and over Diary Reviews Diary Ring! Congratulations and thanks for choosing us!
from mmqc :
Ok, you know I had to go and take the test, so there's no point in even pretending I didn't. I came out as stupid Harmony, the wannabe evil girl. Waaaa. I *am* evil, I am!! I refuse to paste Harmony's picture in to my diary. Hmph.
from mmqc :
I'm begging. Please don't take anymore what-"blank"-are-you tests. It's torture, pure torture, because I can't pass them up; I'm a quizaholic. In other news, I like the new pink diary look!
from purplebanana :
i've always wanted my own stalker! i think..anyway, thanks for listing me as a fave. i need to go read your diary now and see what makes you a stalker.;) hopefully there's nothing about boiled rabbits or notes made out of newspaper cutouts anywhere on your site!
from mmqc :
Hey--I found someone who taped Angel, so all is not lost! BTW, I took the Trainspotting character test, linked fr. your entry, since I am an internet test addict and I must take every one I come across. I'm Tommy. I think I need to re-take it...
from mmqc :
Hi. Thanks for adding me to your favorite diary list! I read yours, too (when you update...!) Funny, though, I don't even remember writing anything about cockroaches. Now I need to go back and find it. Whatever it was, I'm sure it wasn't nice. They are not one of god's creatures. They are nasty. Especially when they're in your vending machine cocoa. Is that what I wrote about?

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