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from lizbathory :
You can't have access to my diary, as I have several stalkers, and refuse to let anyone I don't know in. However......I have started a new one called "pet-play" There is only one entry so far, but I have been busy. You want credentials? When I was 20, I was introduced into the scene by a friend, that night I was spanking a 40 yr old man who was proped up naked on his island counter in his kitchen. I spent almost 4 years in the scene, playing almost daily. Then I met a nice naturally submissive woman, who is now a 24/7 live in, and I gave up the local scene to concentrate on her. I do not cyber domme, or domme from long distance. I do it one on one. Now I only play with her. Hopefully almost 8 years of experience is good enough. Considering most ppl on here think it's a joke, and just say they are into it, because they read the sleeping beauty books. My proudest moment was in '96 when I broke an airforce captain, and made him cry. I am real thank you.
from autumnal :
from willowdreams :
*blows a kiss to my Master*
from thepolarfox :
Thank you for your welcome. I am sorry to hear of your loss, and wish you the most expediant of recoveries.
from secondglance :
Wow Thank you for writing to me-I don't know how you found the time inbetween everything else. I hope the surgery went well for you and I'm extremely sorry about your friend. I hope your friend's family and friends are coping well. You can message me anytime you like.
from diva35 :
*smile* I agree, you can always find me on yahoo buzz me anytime
from diva35 :
And I know it is hard to lose a friend, the best that we can do if to never forget them, and live as they would have wanted us to.
from diva35 :
Thank you for adding me to your ring *smile*
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting
from notyetnamed :
Hello Master Wheelie, Thank You for Your interest in my journal scribblings, Master. Yes, at first i had another nickname, but that profile didnít work or had problems with it and that is why i made another one. Master greets You: His e-mail address has been put in my diary as the contact address, in case You (or anyone) desire(s) contact with Him: [email protected] Respectfully, girl (not yet named)
from jasmine-s :
Hello Sir :) Saw your message just now and didn't understand exactly what you mean by it, Sir. i don't have a survey, since i don't have gold membership. Hope you and your family are doing fine :) Kind regards, jasmine.
from autumnal :
meow said the pussy cat
from willowdreams :
*grins* saw the banner, love it!
from willowdreams :
oh yea... made a survey.. nothing major.. just super simple as it wwas my first time and i couldnt think of the good stuff to ask *sorry* your willow
from willowdreams :
i spose.. when i chose the eyes, i thought.. what would Master like.. yet what fits me now? and that's what hit me when i saw it.. amazing? without even trying.. i kept with the theme of you and paw4.. thank you for the note, and no.. i havent seen your new banner yet.. ~your willow~
from nixx :
getting real concerned now, Hope your doing ok....You got my number, gis a call so i know your ok :-)
from paper-rose :
Thank you, Master. No, I have never met a normal Aquarian either. ;)
from crosette :
yes well...what happens when the one you love wont (or cant i guess) love you back...
from autumnal :
i woke up with the worst charlie horse of my life, screaming obscenities into the air at 6am. several minutes of agony passed, then some calm. i moved, thinking it was over and doubled back in worse pain than before. 10 minutes later the pain began to subside. helpless. powerless. aching.
from ladyjanie :
Thank you for the nice comment and welcome! I have the banner up, no worries. I'm just trying to tweak it so you can see it better (my links are black, so anything with a black background doesn't come up).
from nixx :
ThankYou, Nuff said :-)
from autumnal :
i dont know why you cant see my page. anais nin was a writer of diaries and fiction. delta of venus. little birds. cities of the interior. my site is other sites are the film Henry&June is based on one of her diaires about her early life in Paris and the love triangle between her, henry miller the writer and his wife june. she was a great writer and very psycho-sexually focused. i always ask people if they've read her.
from autumnal :
im glad you took the time to go through my sites/page. cheers. yes that is me. thanks. tell me do you read anais nin?
from autumnal :
hmm i dont know why you cant access my page. how about this
from jasmine-s :
Hello, Sir :) Just a little note to thank you for talking with Master yesterday evening :) Kind regards, jasmine
from jasmine-s :
Hello, Sir :) Thank you for your notes :) Your suggestion about me writing a "paper" letter to get my feelings out and then not sending it was a wise one and i thank you for the idea. i think that would be exactly the thing Master would have me do, if it wasn't for this diary-thing that seems to do the same for me : The minute i was finnished writing that entry, i felt all better :) Amazing what writing can do for someone :) On a different note - i have read a certain diary from a person who seems to have problems with things that are none of her concern and i think you are right...she is not worth the attention, Sir. What i would suggest is warning Andrew about the fact that people are putting pics up from other people without their consent...just an idea. Kind regards, jasmine. p.s : Master says he supports the soccer teams with "good" play . He will be all over the TV today today - sigh :)
from jasmine-s :
Hello Sir :) Just would like to thank you for your kind message :) Kind regards, jasmine
from in-adequate :
i'm gonna be really rude and say you seem a bit up your own ass and in a dream world.must be nice...
from jasmine-s :
Hello :) i have added you on my favorites list and i hope that is ok. i Always enjoy reading about your life. Kind regards, jasmine
from reviving :
No, no, there is a spelling mistake. I believe you meant "here" instead of "her", but I could be wrong and it could be a pun on your part. I'm from Canada, so it's not a country/spelling issue.
from willowdreams :
did a entry on my diary but cant get the email or o2 to work forsome reason, o2 says the text survace is temporarily down, sigh, and email i cant seem to send it, i really dont understand linux, or maybe its cuz this browser sucks, its konqeror but mazilla isnt doing any better. sigh *blow you a kiss* yours, willow
from jaxraven :
*huggles* Welcome back... I'm afraid I haven't been following the news much; been in and out of the hospital yet again myself, and likely to be down for the count for a couple days. But hopefully, I'll be online almost non-stop both once I'm in California to visit Caleb, and then when I'm back and my computer is functional again - it's trying very hard NOT to be right now. Again. *sighs, hugs you* Anyway, welcome back, and good luck on the not-as-fun-as-it-should-be road to recovery.
from nixx :
Ok good point, you were never sane - thankgod for paw4 else you would need a name tag just so you know who you are, actually that wouldnt work, you'd not be able to read it !!! Now are we going to continue the arguement via notes or are you going to stop hiding in the corner and log into a messenger and face me? oh and as for my neighbour nursing you - we would both do it, you would be damn glad of the hospital after us 2 LOL
from nixx :
Me switch for you????????? Ermmmmmmmm...............Hows about NO !!! LOL, Well atleast you haven't lost your humour along with your sanity !!!
from nixx :
Good to have u back buddy, so boring with no one to pick on !!! LOL. Take it esay and build your strength, your gonna need it if u think u can beat me :-p !! *hugs*
from jaxraven :
Good luck in surgery, and I hope they manage to do good-and-useful things! When you get out, I'd love to spend some time on messenger with you, discussing layouts - I have a few roughed up, but I've no idea what colors you would prefer, or if you have any special images or graphics you'd like incorporated...
from ladyjennalea :
ok thanks! thought i fubared the system. it's working now! (had to redo it all.)
from quietus :
Wheelie, BF
from willowdreams :

i tried the slave registry.. and now i think i may regret it..

i swear.. i wasnt on it more than 5 min when i got 'yahooed' by a 'Dom'.. and he seems soo... assuming!

I suppose i will have to figure out how to handle people that that.. huh?


from willowdreams :
*smiles softly* i am sorry we missed each other today.. perhaps tomorrow we will catch each other tomorrow? *sighs* today prolly wasnt a good day for me anyway if you have read my several entries... i guess it was a rough day.. tomorrow i pray it goes better for me.. and for you i am sorry bout what happened with the one sub you were hoping to have.. babygirl? i know it had to have been a dissapointment.. *blows you a kiss* night Master
from babygirl300 :
slave is going to say something that will diappoint you very much and it has to come out before slave can become yours she needs to find out what is wrong with her and so slave is withdrawing of becoming your slave Master Wheelie and she will always be friends with you and paw4 so please let this not be a good bye but to be friends..and thank you for trying to be a Master to slave....babygirl
from jaxraven :
*wry grin* Everyone and everything is my therapy... if I didn't find some way to learn from things or enjoy things, whatever they are, I wouldn't be here. Thank you for letting me enjoy myself.
from jezz62 :
cryptically i have my reasons... i wishto keep a low profile... only that way can i truly open myself up and examine the confusion that is me... here i write privately with the odd exception.... respectfully jezz
from robertahay :
Hi there, um, I'm a wee bit confused- is there an extra banner that goes up? cos I have that aquarian one up! Sorry, there were getting to be so many rings I HAD to put them somewhere seperately! :-) luv from Roberta
from jaxraven :
*poings happily* Anything that gives me inspiration for webwork is good... I'll throw together some samples over the next few days and email you links to 'em so you can take a look... if you like any of them I'll re-code them to use the diaryland special codes, email you the HTML, and you can save the pictures to wherever. *happy*
from jaxraven :
*wry grin* Any amount of time can SEEM long, if there's enough going on in the middle of it... I've been more-or-less keeping up to date on your and paw4's logs, and it sounds like you two have been run ragged by life a bit as well. *hugs* Web... HTML... *eyes start gleaming* ...lemme design something? If you've a place to store the graphics, anyway; I really can't host anything non-business right now until we get a better bandwidth deal. If you have a gold or gold-plus diaryland membership then you can just have stuff hosted here on the d-land site... *shrugs* ...anyway, I'm glad you're still reading and still around. It's comforting beyond words some days, to know that people watch and care and understand.
from jaxraven :
*grins* It's been passworded for a while, the one I had just stopped working, thus my confusion and paranoia. But I've a new one now. Nreshan's a wonderful boy, and I DO worry about him when he doesn't update for a while... he's more headstrong than anyone I've ever met, and I keep being SURE he's going to get into trouble.
from nixx :
Oh you will pay for that one, just you wait revenge will be mine !! LOL. I am NOT a switch !!!!!!! please change it on the link to my diary. thankyou *wanders off plotting revenge !!*
from paw4awhile :
Master this slave is lost with out you, but understands that the time away from her Master makes her appreciate her Master even more when she is with him. paw4awhaile (paw4)
from nixx :
Thanx for the welcome, have only just joined the site and still finding my feet !!! Hope to hear from you soon, have added you to yahoo, thanx :-)

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