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from arwym :
Hello, miss! I found your website,, on google. I must say... I LOVE IT! It's full of great facts about wonderful ancient civilizations... I am a fan of history, archaeology, and anything to do with ancient civilizations, myths, and such things. Therefore, I've decided to watch your diary. ^_^ It's good to see other people who enjoy learning so much! God bless you, and take care!
from blackface :
Since you sound like you believe in God and The lord Jesus Christ. Could you get beat up everyday for your believe and never change?
from kikai-yasha :
Hi there, just read your entry. Yes I definately recommend Dr Who, tis great! Me and my Dad were incurably obsessed with it while it was on last year and it's going to be starting again soon! *mad squeals of joy*
from knightsofne :
Hi, Just to let you know I have moved my diary, I am now rainbow85 Sarah
from betseytacy :
I was wondering if you knew that diaryland lies to us! i recently bought a gold membership for 2 yrs. for $54 and then decided 2 days later that i didn't want it... and asked for my money back (which they promise you if it's within 30 days!) and THEY REFUSE TO EVEN ANSWER MY EMAILS!!! so i'm telling everyone.
from kikai-yasha :
Ah Farscape is definately worth getting fannish over. Definately. Maybe you can get hold of a few old VCRs of it from Charity shops? And I'm not sure it it works the same where you are, but in England there are discount buckets at Blockbusters and sometimes you can get really good stuff from them (like I got a Star Trek TNG VCR for 5, which is like $2.75, I think). And yes, the box set includes gold plated CDs. And a Silver plated bonus disc :D
from theswordsman :
Thanks so much for adding me. Take care.John
from curiouoso :
Thanks for checking out my pages. Depending on what you read, I can't say that was a sterling representative of my diary. Come back anytime to see more. Curiouoso*
from missy-17 :
hey nice diary!! like ya pic!! he he;P
from magpiefaerie :
I don't actually have ANY banners - never designed one, never even figured out how to run one. So any assistance there would be most appreciated. Thank you!
from kikai-yasha :
Hehe, thanks for adding me to your buddy list, that was unexpected! I shall do the same in return :D From Kim
from magpiefaerie :
Thank you for the help in getting my new template up. As always, you do lovely work. I've sent you a small thank you .. should be arriving at some point in the near future. Have a great day!
from poetcafe :
i like the site woman!
from poetscene :
heylo - my new name is poetcafe, just ta let ya know. how r things going with u?
from enchancea :
ITs wonderful to just sit and watch nature
from enchancea :
ha I got a 1340 on my SAT's
from poetscene :
hello hello hello! this is poetichealth, with an improved diary. so in case u read my diary, u can read my new one, cuz i don't use my poetichealth one anymore - so how have u been?
from poetichealth :
yay! young talent! i though i was the youngest in luv with classical music (i'm 14) lol
from magpiefaerie :
Fearless? Wow! Thank you. And thank you for reading. And adding me as a favorite. And, of course, for creating that lovely template. *phew* All 'thank you'd' out. *grin*
from writergurl05 :
I can tell just from your profile that you aren't afraid to be yourself. This is a great quality. Thanks for being so dedicated.
from sunnflower :
Hi from Suburban Island and thanks so much for adding my diary to your Diaryland favorites list.
from orgami :
love your site intelligent and that qoute i love lori but I have that I dont know feeling thought it was bad but it is old and latin and it means freedom the alternate answer may not be a or b but c god I am elated thank you Muserealm [email protected]
from subversely :
Hey. I noticed your "Ubi dibium ibi libertas" banner while I was making an update. I love Latin. I have written some entries in Latin in my online journal. My member name is Subversely. By the way, "dibium" should be "dubium" dubious! (Yeah, I study too much). Later.
from chibi-lily :
Hi! I'm just stopping by and saying how great you designs were! ^_^ I loved them... ~Lily
from thedevlyn :
Thank you for taking the time to take my survey. SG-1 is great.
from caraheble :
Kel shah and welcome to the Daniel Jackson diaryring! Thanks for joining.
from hamiltonian :
cool pic
from eyrlorien :
Hey, It's me Chelle. You're old roomie:) Just wanted to say hi and hope things are going well. I have a new Journal at Live Journal if you want to check it out. It's been kinda depressing lately because of crap in my life but my username is eyrlorien. Tata for now and e-mail me when you get a chance. :)
from soulfan24 :
Hey there! Found your site through the Young Hercules ring. Stop by and say hey sometime. You're more than welcome! ~Hannah
from coldapathy :
best luck to you and your music. -a fellow violinist
from mouth-fool :
Hey, I'm so glad you made a LOTR TT survey, and it WAS as good as your first one, I can't wait to see your third!
from sourgirl420 :
Hey I loved your LOTR survey, I was just wondering when you'll make one for the two towers!
from alimountain8 :
Cool Layout. LOTR is cool. I was gonna make a LOTR parody with my friends. We had good ideas. Anywho, I love using the quizzes. VERY FUN!
from ladyofgondor :
Pretty layout! LotR forever... Thank Ivyvalentine for this note. She lead me here... ~Lady Karigan of Gondor
from nekono :
Oh my god your diary is so geeky i LOVE IT!
from ancientcelt :
Hey you. I finally signed up for my own diary. My user name is ancientcelt. Love ya, Michelle :)
from panzer-kitty :
Thanks for taking my survey. Your answer to is love ever enough was wonderful and I agree with you. It's not but it should be. *sigh*
from starboardgal :
thanks for joining the music majors diary ring!! and now i go and practice...
from ravenheart :
Thanks for joining my Frodo ring, you are welcome, take care!
from peaches-grl :
hey, welcome to the xena diaryring. i love your layout. it is awesome. i used to be a music major for very brief time. i couldn't take it. good luck on it. check out my diary if you wanna.
from aviclark :
Thanks for joining the Gandalf diaryring! :)

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