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from mbarestfrog :
hi, do you like old skool hip hop? could you read my diary entry called "quest for song" ? have you heard this song by any chance? thanks :)
from anifish :
Isn't that a great big relief to receive all the college stuff in the mail? I knew I was in, but it still felt good to be getting mail saying, "You're in. Welcome" all the time! I think I might be weird... haha
from anifish :
Cool layout. And about the prom thing. It is MUCH better when enjoyed with as many friends as possible. Most of what I remember about my senior prom was how stupid my date acted and how much fun I had with my friends. :)
from sapphire292 :
Nice layout:D
from randimac :
=0) I am just really psyched with my gets great songs in my head so that I feel good. You are a great artist! Thanks again!
from randimac :
Thanks for the layout! =0)
from iluvmuffins :
heya! cool diary, check out mine if you want! peace out :)
from decon :
If you do not know Jesus as your savior, just follow the ABC's of Salvation: ADMIT you are a sinner. Admit that you have been disobedient to God. BELIEVE that Jesus is the Son of God. Believe that he gave his life for you. Believe that he died and rose from the dead. CONFESS your sins to Jesus. He will forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. If you did these things, you are saved and have eternal life in heaven. But, don't stop there. Get a good Bible. I recommend the New International Version (NIV) or the New American Standard Bible (NASB). These two versions are accurate and easy to read. 1. Read the Bible daily - Read the book of John. It is the fourth book of the New Testament. John tells you all about Jesus. After you read John, read the book of Psalms. It is in the middle of the Old Testament. God will give you a hunger for his word. 2. Attend church regularly - You also need to find a church that believes the Bible and start attending. Get involved in a Sunday School class. Go to church every chance you get. 3. Pray daily - Just talk to God. Thank him for what he has done for you. Thank him for being your savior and your God. Ask him to help you understand the Bible. Ask him to help you during your day. He hears and answers prayer! 4. Witness to your friends and family - Tell your friends about what God has done and is doing in your life. Tell your family about your relationship with God. Tell you co-workers what God is doing.
from randimac :
Hey, I'm curious, how could I get a new layout?
from xxruby37xx :
yes Geez Neez, you're SooPeR now. hehe
from heartshaped :
beauty-ful. <3<3
from thisisjohn :
I like your layout. Very nice. :)
from randimac :
Thank you for the compliment! =0)
from life-as-a :
i am so completely in love with your layout. all hail gimpy.
from girl101 :
happy birthday girlrockerface!
from bambamam :
WOW! that is ONE fucking kickass template! How do u get that..or make it..? Mine is lame, im computer illiterate! LOL.. ne way, u have a cool diary... :))...PEACE OUT
from fangable :
i live near san francisco, that's where i saw tsunami bomb.
from fangable :
tsunami bomb is SO awesome, i can't get enough of them. you go to 2 concerts a month? that's hella cool. there's a local concert around here every month, i go to that and yea any other concert that sounds good, like once a month or something. wow. yea, i got some free stickers from AK, they are so awesome. that concert was wild though...whoa..
from fangable :
i saw audio karate too! did your friend, stephanie, see tsunami bomb and the vandals too? they were all on tour together, it was an awesome concert, i'm listening to audio karate right now :D
from paulie1219 :
Hi Babe!!! Gernez!! hehe. Happy 5 Months!!! I love you!!! *muah* =*0) oh yeah...New happy face...hehe. Well, im at school right now. its like 8:50 right now. I gotta go to the tutor lab in 25 minutes. I'm bored. I'll see ya around 2ish. I'll end it here, cuz I have to do some hw..hehe... I LOVE YOU MY DEAREST GERNEZ!! *MUAH* <3 LUAP =*0)
from glitterdawl :
from glitterdawl :
from scanzilla :
I love unicorns and jesus and super powers.
from cereal-slut :
It was no problem...Good luck with your film stuff...& Thanks. =)
from girl101 :
what an excellent idea [/birthday] ps how are you? xx/x/x
from cereal-slut :
Err...I'm not Asian...I'm actually Irish...But I think It's bullshit too. =/ You're smart, your race is known for being intelligent...Be proud of that.
from testify :
from newearthmud :
how can you think the bible is the"final word" and still love the book native son?! im not trying to personally attack you but i just think you should step back and think about what you believe in. black people have been opressed by mostly only god fearing white people. religion is about opression and not understanding. living lies an dbelieving htem and forcing them on others. native son is abou tunderstanding bigger and his situation. i sympathize with bigger bc there are people out there, a whole society, who fucked him up. youre one of them i think. i dont know you but im just putting it out there. its not your fault you were brianwashed probably by your parents and your school etc so you can easily change if you recognize the real truth. read soul on ice. and peace.
from paulie1219 :
Gernez is the greatest girlfriend ever!!!!! hehe. She taught me how to play "slide" hehe. I love you babe! *muah* <3 PaUL
from stitch1219 :
from blushingcece :
thank you so much, if only we could find "perfection"
from stitch1219 :
I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY <3!!!! *muahhhhhhhhhhhhhs* June 29, 4:10 pm. p.s. I MISS YOU!! I LOVE YOU!!
from dopealicious :
wow . sorry it took forever to write u back, been really buzy with real life.... thanks for the lil note, i thought yours was pretty cool so that why i add u to my favorites =)
from glitterdawl :
<33 just dropping by to say hello <33
from glitterdawl :
hey gernez!! you like limitpoint??? they live across the street from my school & play gigs for us all the time. if you want i can get u autographs? :)
from prncessloser :
Just wanted to say hey. I stumbled on your diary browsing through them all. The name caught my eye. I always say I'm a music junkie too. Junkie is a cool word :D Ha. I also noticed you put the Bible as your favorite book. YAY for you! I'm a Christian too...God is the BEST! Do you like any Christian music? I love Christian music--especially Jennifer Knapp, Relient K, Audio A, Third Day, Newsboys, Tait, Katy Hudson, PC3 you like any of them?
from srch-n-dstry :
Do as the prompt tells you to do and remember: Search And Destroy.
from erica2175 :
welcome to the angels diaryring! =)
from supmonster :
*shocked* i'm one of your favorite people??? =D awww i feel special =)
from girl101 :
just kick me in the face already.
from supmonster :
LOL! i remember that me, you and aleth were valentines day haters in 8th grade! i remember it was after talent search, we all yelled into the cafeteria where the dance was: "we hate valentines' day!!"...or something like that, hehe. i can't remember if vangy was there or not...or was that 7th grade? my memory's going...
from mysticchildz :
hey, i've been reading your diary for a while and i like it lots. i was wondering, what kinda yearbook camp do you go to and where? cause every year my yearbook class goes to this workshop at columbia university for a week and it would be neat if it's the same one. i would've wrote this in your guestbook but it wasn't agreeing with me. and anyway notes are cool cause they make you feel special!
from glitterdawl :
hey!!! i got tix for tsunami bomb/yellowcard about two weeks ago!!! ahhh!!! are you going too??
from princessgail :
[010702] thanks for linking me :)
from girl101 :
i understand. let's talk sometime? well, considering i dont have aol for two months, i dont know how (grrr me&my parents). could we write, maybe? KEEPINTOUCHxo. :)
from supmonster : know what's funny? i HAD a neopet a loooong time ago. guess what it was?! it was a COW! hehe. but i don't know whatever happened to it though...
from girl101 :
you make me smilesmilesmile. its finally cold here & you have a wonder knack for using just the right words at just the right time, still telling a story. happy new yr? it should be. (&you know what i think of thee :)) x&o
from darktruth :
Oh Great Music Junkee.. Nice Layout, I'm jealous, Your evil plan is working. I mean... Happy New Year and all that jazz. I just had to visit your site. I mean, Office Space AND Edward Scissorhands? Impressive. Later, Brett
from supmonster :
happy new year, gernez!
from unamerican :
maybe since you're a music fan, you can suggest good songs for me to download. i keep running out of ideas. i need new ones. oh yeh, very very nice layout.
from emoguttergrl :
woo you like good music i like ur diary layout im jelous rudiger those guys are soo nice
from thisisjohn :
new picture. i am a music junky too. music. send me a dollar. music.
from softxcore :
i bought new shows & i wore them for the first time, & I STEPPED IN CAT SHIT. haha. what a day.
from girl101 :
ahhhh thankyou i love you! finally the blurry mystery is clear (oh the irony). thee rocketh yourself :) xox
from thisisjohn :
hiimjohnandimrandom. i really like your layout. wynona. i was going to marry her one day. and it DID snow in reno. 30% chance tonight. live out loud.
from supmonster :
hahahha i like remy's box =) maybe i'll have a dream tonight about remy. that'd be weird. how do you think remy would look like? hehe, and you'd have to chase him all over my house again. ahh...i better get to sleep soon to find out! good night lady maralade princess girl or whatever...blah. laters.
from girl101 :
i was just contemplating 'it never snows in florida.' cause guess what? it HAS snowed in florida!! okay. nfg is great. i have listened to the cd maybe 58.039 times nonstop - it is wonderful. & so is your little slice of journal pumpkin pie {my favorite}... its late; im not making any sense; thee rocketh. xo.
from supmonster :
come over to my house and i'll give you a slab of my cool bday cake ;)
from glitterdawl :
yay! new diary! oh, by the way, im in Pasadena...i dont think ive told you that yet...everytime i tried to leave a comment in ur old "comment box" it didnt work =( oh well! :O)
from supmonster :
i think i spelled stephaMAnie wrong in your guestbook. what a lame thupid looother i am. hahaha...MOO *does peace sign*
from girl101 :
i see. welcome to the coolness. the best is getting 'you have a new note at diaryland' emails in your box....just wait. haha. i feel like such a computer dork & i love it. you sound very cool - you sure know your music! ive heard other wakefield songs but not that one you quoted..... it reminded me of my summer. what'd you do over the summer? who thought you were just their summer girl? vent to me about this. its nice to meet ya. hahaha the dork feeling is back lmao. xo
from musicjunkee :
notes are only cool if someone (other than yourself) leaves you some.

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