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from dulligirl :
Thank you for your note about my dad. I'm taking it day by day. Hard to believe he's gone. Anyway,I just read your entry and the line "Stop putting our food on your face!" made me laugh. Thanks!
from the-grey-one :
i read a few of your entries, and when getting to the page where you discuss intuition, i decided to post you a message. purely going off my intuition right now, i would like to leave you with a word, and that word is Ayahuasca.
from lobo21 :
Hello. I seem to have meandered to your page. Hope it's ok. Oh yeah, I also clicked on the about button just so you know. Anyway, if you don't mind I'd like to stop in again if I find my way back to your neighbourhood. No guarantees though as I have a malfunctioning GPS as well. Take care.
from la-the-sage :
Good, it's gone. That new comment thing would NOT let me comment! Rest. Rest your overtaxed nerve endings. You're not nuts about taking on others' emotions, why do you think I've become a hermit? And do the happy dance when the guys go back to school after a long vacation. Warding up is almost as tiring as feeling everything everyone around me is, and warding has to be done consciously (at least for me) so that just adds to the stress. The more time I spend alone now the more I realize that's part of the reason I was so miserable all those years- no psychic privacy. Hope your weekend is peaceful and relaxing! ~LA
from alienamiss :
That's a snazzy template you have there. Very cool.
from exegetical :
from xxholding-on :
hey i saw you were online and i really wanted the vote/review from diaryland members towards an art contest i joined. It's a coach marketing contest and i need as many votes as i can get! I'm already in 13th out of 2700, please help me out!
from xxholding-on :
hey i saw you were online and i really wanted the vote/review from diaryland members towards an art contest i joined. It's a coach marketing contest and i need as many votes as i can get! I'm already in 13th out of 2700, please help me out!
from dulligirl :
Thanks! It was really cool to get a job on my first try!
from notme2000 :
Hey, if you still read my diary the username is "reader" and password is just "password".
from tablemartyr :
Oh, I just love the Pumpkins. They're so absolutely... uh. Smashing.
from dulligirl :
Your comment brought tears to my eyes with the truth of it. I find little beauty in myself lately but you're right that I don't Jim would be friends with me if he didn't like being around me. But my brain and my heart find it hard to believe. Thank you though for the sweet comment.
from dulligirl :
Happy 4th of July!!!
from la-the-sage :
I like the new look! ~LA
from dulligirl :
Ok,now. As one who is 41 but has little in common with people my own age, I know how your friend feels. Most guys that I relate to are in their twenties. It had little to do with looks and more to do with where they are in life and where I am in mine. It's more similar that of most 41 year olds that I know.
from aharris06 :
There are more people then you think that read your diary. Yes, anonymity is nice.
from dulligirl :
Waiting on old ladies, no matter what their age, can be quite the pain. I don't act my own age so I don't know why women turn "old" so quickly. I refuse to. My interests, like your own, are almost more like a teenage boys'. My life centers around music. And I don't comprehend how others don't share that same passion. Anybody else's job sounds like torture to me. Anyway, keep thinking sane thoughts.
from dulligirl :
Thank you for adding me! I also wanted to comment on your entry about beauty. I've always had a battle with my self-esteem so I know where you're coming from. If I look at myself objectively on a good day, then I know I look kinda cute and nice-looking. Other times I just see myself as plain and bloated. This is why I don't look in mirrors on those days.
from yaketyyak :
Apparently, we have more in common than just having the same couch. "It is what it is" is my brother's favorite saying!
from la-the-sage :
I think when the credit we give ourselves exceeds anything we might have gotten from parents then that lost and hungry feeling goes away. ~LA
from coexistapart :
I don't think the SuperGold diaryland email system has EVER worked. Sadly.
from la-the-sage :
Since Christmas is the holiday of choice here at the Hobbit House I wish you a merry one. If your winter holiday is of another flavor then accept my good wishes in the spirit they're given. Mwah! ~LA
from nicim :
7/30 sweetie - this extra depression may be a combination of side effects from your medication. go on the web and look them up. i've found unexpected side effects when doctors just insist they should be fine. you recognize it's there - now it's time to take a stand. come on - you can do it!!! XXOO N
from non-fuckabl :
Yeah,I also love dragons!
from nicim :
6/15 A dream with me? Oh goody goody. I want all the goofy poignant details - yes I do! Findlay dreams about me all the time - but I suspect your dream was quite different. Right? RIGHT? *LOL* XXOO N
from serenaville :
My. Thank you, so much, for adding Serenaville to your faves/buddy list! It was a kick to notice you'd also deleted your archives, and started fresh. It's warming to know you'll be reading regularly... glad you found me! I look forward to learning more about you. Thanks again! :) -Serena
from nicim :
3/23 "But, before I go, I'd like to mention that I read somewhere recently that other people treat us how we teach them to treat us." why dear you read it in my diary yesterday!! And it was sweet of you to remember! XXOO N
from nicim :
2/12 where are you? time to share some wisdom with us humdrum souls. XXOO N
from manic-vent :
thank you for adding manic-vent, but I have returned home to b0b0
from nicim :
Thank you for adding me to your buddy list. It's always nice to meet someone new to D-Land (or an old someone, since you seem to have been here before). I collect dragons - so we have at least one thing in common!! XXOO N

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