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from teachin-usa :
Make him come back...
from alex1979 :
My notes are up, but could you email me instead?
from kaffeine :
ah, ok, t'is clear now. again, i was only making a stab at my own silly self, nothing inferred towards you or anyone else. no appy-polly-logies necessary. be well.
from kaffeine :
um... that was weird. what on earth did i do to offend you, besides poke fun at myself?
from heckafresh :
What the!?! You think of things months before me. I would have been a musical prodigy if my asshole parents didn't hide the harmonica my uncle gave me for christmas on top of the fridge when i was five thereby ruining my appreciation for anything that wasn't a cartoon. My point is I'm really smart, so you must be smart too. Email me your new site so I can appear to steal other great ideas from you. insertcornyaddresshere At yahoo Dot C om. I may be changing sites soon too. I'm going to Kenya.
from revisions :
ha ha...maybe what not to listen to when you are depressed...
from tattooholly :
i'm ok with being pg. i'm very nervous about having 2 little ones to take care of. i keep thinking if i can keep this little guy in there for a bit longer then indyanna will grow up more and it will be easier. but i don't think he will be staying in there after this month. how are you? wish i could email you without them being returned to me. do you have another email account? i get your emails but can't send you any. weird........
from participant :
(found you through Janitor-X) I LOVE ONE OF THE COMPUTER TECH-y GUYS FROM MY WORK!!! In fact I'm dating him too! He doesn't play D&D thank GOD. But he is knee weakeningly geeky and dishevelled and scruffy. If you really want you one of those guys, just go for it. They probably don't bite... too hard.
from teachin-usa :
Yes, I truly thought the following line was very funny: "HAVE FUN OR YOU'RE FIRED." Also, to make your day even BETTER I'll tell you I love your d-land name.
from tbehemoth :
yo it's tinybehemoth my e-mail address is I will click on your new homepage as compulsively as I did nibblec.
from tattooholly :
um...i want to know where you are going! i only get on here now to see what you are up to. please email me with the info i so desperatly need. hcarman @ classicnet. net
from janitor-x :
How did you get to rub elbows with Sandinistas? I'd always (naively) assumed they'd just as soon knife you as look at you if you're American. As for the birth thing, you're not the first to mention it nor will you be the's a massive, massive hang-up of mine. I like your notes; you can email me at JanitorX (at) gmail d0t com if this yellow-box format of communication gets tiresome.
from janitor-x :
I wasn't so much talking about the relationship per se as life in general...relationships being a microcosm of life in general. I figured everything in life would become more "blah" the older I got. I could be just as wrong about that, though. Anyway thanx for the note.
from janitor-x :
for what it's worth I wouldn't fault you one bit on the four, uh, terminations. Shit happens, regardless of what some followers of a certain Jewish carpenter would like to believe. You took care of your problems, which is more than I could say for 85% of the population.
from tattooholly :
i've tried to email you numerous times! it keeps getting sent back to me blank. weird?! i would love to see pics of juni now. and to play catch up. hope to hear from you soon.
from janitor-x :
You're the first person that's said that (the lab coat thing) to me. Seriously. You might not say that if you saw me today, however, as I'm wearing shorts. Lab coat + shorts + forget to shave = look like sex offender.
from janitor-x :
You, lunatic? Oh come on. I came *this* close to sending you a shout-out the other day for stating my exact feelings on the boy-girl band thing. Clearly your perception of things can't be that far off. Wish I could give some advice on getting kids to behave but that's a little beyond my experience.
from petersburg :
actually this is the former tinybehemoth (petersburg is my roommate's account). Update again, if you please!
from tattooholly :
congrats on the hizzouse! hurry hurry back to the net.
from mom-on-roof :
Hairy Booby. Still very bad, even knowing the back story. Grubbo is a HUGE improvement. If I were your kid, I'd BEG to be called Grubbo.
from mom-on-roof :
Those are bad. Hairy booby? Please, I must have the back story for THAT one!

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