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from amylee1fan :
Heh,ya have an interesting diary.Plus you're kinda funny.So basically I guess what I' tryin' to say is I think you're cool.
from punk-loser :
well danny, being the FFXI obsessed freak i am as well, i found it quite the amusing. and i knew it'd just be a moment till someone figured out how to whore themselves.
from punk-loser :
wow, palanhuick and mindless self indulgence, doubled with hilariosity and a fancy for megaman... dude you rock the parcel
from jesbohn :
sexy pic on your profile. you are beautiful like a desert fairy. (in otherwords, i love ya)
from sexyatheist :
fantastic article. thank you. those damn catholics. why can't everyone just be a jew?
from princesscris :
Heeeeeey! You crack me up guy! Thanks.
from dust-settle :
loving the banners, great diary.
from dont-stop :
You see...I clicked without the boobs. Funny banner.
from bohner :
you are a beautiful beautiful man. ::sniff:: I have never seen such beauty on a man
from indie-snob :
Hey there! I just added a review for a Placebo show I saw a couple nights ago and thought you may be interested. I have a bunch of other concert and album reviews here, too, including Radiohead. Check it out, thanks!

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