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from aucrepuscule :
fine. i will.
from aucrepuscule :
i'm haunting you i guess
from aucrepuscule :
(freezing/wet is my name and password)
from aucrepuscule :
i'm up for that kind of thing freezing/wet god i hope the best for you dear
from aucrepuscule :
you are like fine wine.
from aucrepuscule :
thank you very dearly...i agree with you that translators give everything a much colder (yet almost a dumb and sweetnatured) meaning, really. and just to continue to assault you with french, a message: je parcourais vos articles de journal récemment et j'ai pensé à mentionner que vous êtes un écrivain merveilleux, monsieur. vraiment, goodnight.
from aucrepuscule :
i hope you're doing alright, my friend. i hope you've retired from the internet and are living an upright, exciting life.
from hider :
it's scary how much i miss you
from sythy :
Hi, sweetie. I'm writing here because I'm afraid to check my e-mail (no one likes a disappearer). I'm sorry we've been missing each other; my heart goes out to you. I started being a little busier lately since Becky is now in town (and other things, mostly good). I simply want you to know I've been thinking of you, and every now and then I even have a little dream with you. Take good care.
from aucrepuscule :
Oh, I wouldn't say it's flat at all. That's actually extremely nice. Thank you so much. I wanted to say that I really enjoyed your writing as well, but I'm a little shy. You're a very good writer, on the record.
from immolation :
Thank you; which typo?
from pink-circle :
I've noticed your interest in poetry. (and art?) and I'm sending you this *circle invite* because I think you would be a great member for this group. To join, visit here: ---- for more information, visit here: ----- thanks for your time. ~Pink

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