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from smedindy :
No, I hadn't heard them! Thanks for the tip!
from smedindy :
Hey, I hear the station is in trouble! Hopefully it's a governmental boondoggle.
from mommylap :
I was just going to leave you a note saying if you live in Indiana, you should read my buddy smedindy...who left the last note so..yeah
from smedindy :
Cool. Thanks for the tips! Take care!
from chubbymum :
Hi... thanks for you note...if you want the username and password email me at chubbymum at yahoo dot co dot nz and I will give it to you. I protected it so that I could be honest and not fear about what others think but love people reading ;-) Thanks for the note. Love Chubbymum
from dangerspouse :
Of course I was drunk. I was at work.
from dangerspouse :
Ha! Playing the Guilt Card, are we? It might have worked, were childbirth a biological imperative, not elective. But to bastardise Dickens: "Are there no condom factories? No IUD's? No adoption agencies? Good day to you, sirs!" You made your bed, had fun in it, and now sow what you reaped. No fair complaining...or trying to make us RESPONSIBLE types come over and clean up after your mess. I mean, jeez - I don't ask YOU to come here and help me with my drinking, carousing and motorcycle racing responsibilities, do I? Bwaaahahaha! Sterility ROCKS! Now pardon me, I think I'll go take a nap. Because I can. Whenever I want. Even on-air...... ;)
from dangerspouse :
Wheee, basement weather reports! That's great, having Hubby call in the current conditions. I like the dartboard idea, too. And anyway, we're talking about NPR listeners here. They're above such mundane concerns :) Thanks for the great note!
from dangerspouse :
Haha! "Nobody's perfect"...touche! (BTW if you click my previous entry - "Garage" - you might get a kick out of one of my rare radio entries. I mean, if you can tear yourself away from Mommy Duty long enough...) :)
from dangerspouse :
Hi! I just stumbled across your diary, and immediately added you as a favorite (hope you don't mind). I'm a Westwood One announcer who wishes he could stop living the lie, and move to NPR. I look forward to living vicariously through you!

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