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from just-fine :
I read. I still check diaryland even though hardly ever update myself anymore. It seems a world ago i used to post here like everyday. I miss you and i wonder about you sometimes. Will e-mail you soon, it would be good to talk. Claire xxxxxxx
from anainsight :
welcome back!
from anainsight :
hi, I've been wondering where you've gone. are you coming back? your password, you gave it to me but it no longer works. I hope things are going well for you. let me hear from you!
from ashley2ashes :
help anaz-gurl
from miame :
I used to read you long ago....I would love if you would let me in [email protected] Sandy
from silver80 :
I would to have your password. You can e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks so much!
from anainsight :
hi, thanks, you already gave me your password. it sucks that so much of your life has been taken over by these unwelcome people. maybe you can move to dallas soon and leave them all behind. I just started school myself and I'm working really hard and I would hate to not have my space. good luck on your college course. peace!
from small-one :
i do read you, when i can. . .so it would be loverly to have your p/w. my addy is: [email protected]
from bebegracie :
No worries. I do enjoy your diary. I donlt kow why but I especially liked the ones where you backdated from the 'clinic' thing you were at xx
from unrelenting- :
My darling Ruthie, I miss you. My new email address is [email protected]. I would love your new email and the password for this diary (I see that I am one of many!). I replied to your note in my OD but I don't know if you check your notes over there anymore. I hope you are well dear. I'm still thinking of you, love you dear. Love, Mel x
from aorist :
Hi sweetie, c'est moi, Wish (from tf). I see your diary is locked (I know, I know I am slow). May I please have your pw? My email is [email protected]
from thinplease :
DUH...guess I should give you an email address...sorry my bad: [email protected]
from thinplease :
Hi, I was just cking on you cause I read your diary every so often...was wondering if I could get the pass word? thanks...hope all is well. :)
from slipofagirl :
Hi doll! Is there any way I can get your password?
from emaciana :
hey. ive been reading your diary since last year. i was wondering if i could have your password. i'm a member of tf. my user/pw is tf for my diary. my email is [email protected] or please leave it on my notes page. thanks a lot. take care.
from perfect110 :
Hello, Ive been reading for a while now, and was wondering if I could be so privileged with a password :) my email is [email protected] or you can leave it on my notes page thanks :) perfect110
from agonie :
okay,silly me.. my email address is: [email protected]
from bebegracie :
ill assume you dont want me reading your diary bebe x
from agonie :
That's fine! It's a choice I have made to write in french here, because I can connect with other french speakers like me. I don't expect anyone to understand my ramblings... however, if you go on livejournal, my address is and I need your password and username for sure! Take care xoxoxox (your diary makes me sad, but I like to read it anyways... aren't we all a bunch of self-mutilators???)
from just-fine :
Have you given me your username/password already or not? :/ I'm in a bit of a cloudy state this morning (i'm sure you know what that's like) and can't remember. All i know is i can't get into your diary :( Did you ever get the letter i sent btw? I hope so, hope your okay too. xoxo
from perfectmess :
Hey, I've been reading you as long as you've had this journal here, and always enjoyed your posts at TF and I would love the password. You can find out more about me at my website if you want background on me, and my email is katherinez{at}gmail{dot}com if you want to email the password. I really hope I hear from you!
from apetrouser :
I completely understand if you're not comfortable with giving it out, but I too would be interested in the PW. Take care, and thanks, Becky ([email protected])
from unrelenting- :
Hi Ruthie, It's Mel here. I left you a note on OD asking about the username/password for your diary, but I don't know if you still check that or not. I'd love to see what you've been up to. I hope that you're ok. Take care hun x
from bebegracie :
Hi there, I hae also been reading your diary and would reaslly appreciate a password, if you would be so kind! You can mail me at [email protected] thanks xoxox
from kari92 :
Hi :) I'm going to add to the list of password requesters...although I understand if you're trying to limit readers. If you would let me read your diary, my email is [email protected]! And I hope you're ok.
from blueeyes76 :
hi ! have been reading your diary for some time now (and even sent you a postcard did you receive it ?) and just seen you'v locked your diary..may I have the p-word and username please ?
from silver80 :
Hey, your on my favorites list. I have been reading for a while. If you don't mind can I have your password? If not I'll understand but I'll miss reading your journal. Take care, Silver80
from anainsight :
Please let me have your password if you don't mind, I'm always wanting to check up on you and I think about you a lot. (hugs)
from kaytayp :
hey Ruth dear, I know you must have locked your account for a reason, but if you're still letting others check up on you let me know. my e-mail is on my profile page. take care, yo.
from onecutabove :
I've been reading you a while... Is it possible to get your password?
from just-fine :
Locked? :( Are you okay? xox P.S: I do hope that letter reaches you somehow, i'm sure they will forward it to you, i'm sorry it never got there in time, i should have written sooner.
from onedeadstar :
hey, could i please get your username and password? thx
from shesajuliet :
is the Kristina you went to meet in Dallas Kristina Swygert?
from anainsight :
where have you gone??? please update. have been worried about you. did the move to Dallas go okay? please update so we'll know.
from happydiary :
Congrats on going home. You're so lucky to get out of the freezing cold Wisconsin weather. Also, your new cat sounds soooooo cute! Good luck with a day program. Keep us updated!
from dramathighs :
ruthie, (tried to sign your gb, but my computer isn't working well so i'll try here) i'm so sorry that rogers was not what it could be and that your homecoming wasn't either... you must be having a difficult time still. and i'm sorry if its rude to say, but your dad is an ass! to threaten you with taking your sister like that... i don't think he would have gotten very far, but still. i'm glad you're back though. oh and about the community college, if you're applying to "V", you might not have to assess, yet. i know that when my boyfriend put his educational goal as "personal enrichment" (or whatever the equivalent is... you know, the category old people check when they want to take an art class or something) they said he didn't have to assess unless he wanted to take english or math. this was a few years ago, but anyway. maybe it can help you out some. take care of yourself and enjoy the new kitty! ps. going to look for housing in berk next month. woo.
from leasha95 :
hey there, i was just reading your diary and i think ive become addicted. good luck at rogers, ill most likely be seeing you in the next month or two there, if i absolutely have to go. take care, stay strong. *~alicia~*
from happydiary :
hey sweetie, I just found your diary, I've been through that whole residential thing too (I got kicked out twice). Anyway, I go to UW-Madison and I live in Chadbourne if you ever feel like chatting. I know this is random, but I just thought I would offer my ear and maybe a floor to sleep on. email me at [email protected] or visit my diary if you'd like to.
from jazzyana :
I admire your strength and you will power.... I hope you achieve everything you desire! I found your diary today, and wanted to say hello.
from slcathena :
I've been reading your diary for a while now and have added it to my favorites. I've seen you both here and around TF and you seem like such a wonderful person--and I just love the way you write. Take Gentle Care, and Good Luck. Prana (from TF)
from cutiepie1983 :
Hi! I just stummbled across your diary and read your current page and felt like I needed to leave you a message! I hope everything works out of you and I hope to drop by again! ~Nancy~
from emptyempty :
Hey Ruth... I noticed you still have my deleted diary listed in faves, so I just thought I'd tell you I have a new one now =) *much love* Hilde
from pleasediana :
i've moved xredbracelet
from porcelaina :
hey sweetie, just checking up on you. Hope things are okay. I think I misspelled the username in my last note to you! porcelaina pw: tf
from small-one :
i just found you and recognize your in-patient agony as it is quite similar to some of my experiences. stay strong! no matter what! (and your "progress" depends on YOUR goals). best to you--xo
from krugerpak007 :
In response to your question, we don't know each other but I recently began reading your diary and also looked at your photos. My Best wishes! Kathy
from krugerpak007 :
I think you are beautiful. Please take care, Luv Kathy
from allymint :
Hey, this is Thinmint from TF. I'm going to assume that you're either leaving for CO or for residential, so take care. I'm still in IP, so my online privelages are limited. In any case... Take care of yourself and I'll talk to you soon. :)
from porcelaina :
lol. Your username is numbers-game. if that doesn't work just use the username porceliana. password is TF.
from porcelaina :
I've locked my diary, so if you'd still like to read it, your username is numbers-game and your password is tf. :)
from anainsight :
I just wanted to say hi to you and ask you, if you felt like typing up those paper journal entries please do - I'm about to go inpatient for the first time, I could really use some advice. thanks for updating. I'm really glad your friend is OK.
from porcelaina :
just wanted to let you know I'm still reading and wanted to give you a big hug! AIM me sometime.
from x1968x :
well, is it alright if i email it to you? i don't want the pword to be public and all if i leave it in your notes. my email is [email protected] - i'd be glad to give you the username/password. i'd happy you even asked! email me or something. <3
from sugar4ree :
I just wanted to say good look with going to stanford, I know you said your not ready to "recover" but I hope you get the most out of it as possible. I also read you are coming to colorado..guess who lives in colorado...ME lol. I live near denver so if you wanted to get away from everyone I could maybe pick you up and we could do something. Well anyways note me back or pm me at tf if you want to. Take care. -lisa
from porcelaina :
I don't really know what to say about the whole "fake" thing. But I can understand why you are so upset about it. It's like you want to have a clear cut diagnosis and a reasonable explanation for your behavior. And if you don't have all the symptoms or behavior, you on't have a problem and it feels like you are wasting your time and that you are weak. That's how we ED people think, and even that isn't normal. I hope everything goes okay. Take care.
from anainsight :
Thanks for the Happy Birthday, just wanted to say hi!
from porcelaina :
I want to hug you after reading the last paragraph (3/16)of your last entry. Lately I've been feeling the same way, except for having to pretend I'm happy all the time, seeing as I'm in Florida with my Aunt. take care.
from dimstar :
o wait, i think i deleted all my reports... darn. I hope you feel better soon. go to for book reports. =) Take care my lovely ruth! xoxo Gwen
from dimstar :
hey as for the book reports, give me your e-mail. I know how it goes...
from pinkballoon :
Write already!
from porcelaina :
I fucking hate raisins too. lol.
from porcelaina :
well, yes, this did happen after purging. But the last time I purged was either monday or tuesday (this happened last night.) I have been restricting since then. It was scary and I'm glad its over. I'll be sure to have saltines or something after purging. I'm sure it was from low blood sugar.
from wrthlss :
Whew! 73. Whew!
from alysia :
ooh i didn't know you had a diary! i am reading your archives right now. good writing...
from porcelaina :
Oh, I'm sorry about all the chest pains. Maybe it was from a potassium deficiency or something. Maybe you should start taking a supplement (I hope you take a multivitamin every morning at least.) About the pictures on that fake TF site, I am fuming. (oh, duh, I'm from TF, lol, sullen_girl) have you posted on TF about this? Do the administrators know? Not that they could do something, I dunno. Just really pisses me off. Maybe you could like, password protect your pics or move them somewhere else. take care.
from elateddream :
That's kind of a disturbing dream.

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