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from meffinmisfit :
REPLY TO: 04/28/14 post: Are you really fine?
from meffinmisfit :
You are so right about friends. Love your attitude.
from jpoet112 :
i did the routine, and i did the lethargy, and i stopped giving a fuck what people thougt and what i said and what they saw. i know where you're at. i know how you feel. not that i have any magical powers to make anything better. but you're not screaming into the void, cause i feel you. just thought i'd let you know.
from broken-earth :
I typed " i feel like i'm drowning in a black sea " into a search engine and the only hit I recieved was you. <QUOTE> i want everything to be wonderful. i want to have someone stroke my hair and let me know me how wonderful i am, how beautiful i am. i want someone to cry into. i want to cry. i want someone to cry for me. <QUOTE> I cried. Please contact me @
from caged-freed :
saw you were a member of the edsufferer diaryring and thought this new forum at caged-freed might interest you. check it out, if you can, and take care.
from finalscore :
woo, heero and duo. :]
from jpoet112 :
what kind of movement?
from jpoet112 :
life seems, at times, much screaming in the void, with no response. reachings and attempts at compassion that go unseen, or die unwanted. so i bother and scream in voids in vain. its just my way. i'm only wishing benevolence for everyone. not that many people really seem to care. but so it goes. into the whiteout, static silence all dying down to nill.
from jpoet112 :
i don't believe in the strict god of you. and the sin. and the wrong. because love is love. with either gender. god is love. and if you find love in someone of the same sex . . . or of the other sex . . . wouldn't god be happy for you . . . that you have found love (god). everyone wants a beautiful enigma. someone unatainable. it is the human condition, i fear. everyone wants the myth of perfection. the whale that ahab chased. i don't believe in a lover who is perfection and purity. i believe in a lover who is flawed and beautiful . .. but perfect . . . in all her flawed imperfection. but i pain likewise. as do we all. wanting a lover to make us beautiful. to endow us with that beauty. but i just want to get beyond that. and be beautiful standing all alone . . . some solitary strong . . . everyone wants to be alone sometimes. away from the mundane rut . . . the rat race that is every day life. sometimes being alone is easier than explaining yourself to everyone. easier than trusting or confiding in people. but everyone needs someone . . . or else they die in anome . . . that's what Durkheim says. our lives are small and petty. i grant you that. and everyone's talking big about eternity. and peace on the next plane. transcendence. but really . . . even for the nothingness of this human existence . . . it is still the only thing we've got . . . its all we have . . . its everything. i read A Shropshire Lad and feel that I should simply let it go, recognize that none of it is important . . . and become eternally peaceful . . . but i honestly don't want that. because it is important to me. and i'd rather be torn apart and involved in it all loving and feeling and crying and wanting and giving a fuck . . . and raging . . . then some soft pacification . . . . life might be nothing. but its real . . . and its yours. and its mine. it has been good. it has been bad. but it is ours . . . some akward blessing . . . but blessing nonetheless. and everywhere abide small pockets of beauty . . . moments . . . bird songs . . . children playing in a field . . . sunshine . . . and maybe that's not much to live for. but then again, maybe its everything . . . love, jonathan.
from reannemia :
interesting to note that U are very well read!
from brokenbits :
want me to design you a template? i did mine, and these 2 - and
go see what you think xxx morgan xx
from brokenbits :
want me to design you a template? i did mine, and these 2 - and
go see what you think xxx morgan xx
from nellenerak :
You can do it!

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