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from meatpants :
How strange... I randomly decided to check this site again tonight. Maybe I will post here again too.
from wombaby :
Tag-writer should be back soon, now the holidays have started! Sorry for the delay, we've all had so much on.
from tag-writer :
Next instalment should be there tomorrow (that's a UK tomorrow, which may still be today in the US). I jsut want to give it a final read through before I post it. Ruby
from delirium21 :
hallo again! i've been looking through your diary and i was reading you "100 things" list, and i noticed you said you didn't get your license until you were 23. i'm 19 and i haven't got mine yet either - why did you wait so long?
from delirium21 :
awesome! it took me like, 3 days to get out of the viridian room. i just couldn't get the order of the chinese characters on the soul box correct. i mean, i knew what to do - i just couldn't do it, LOL. i can beat all three rooms in under ten minutes now. i mean like, all together. LOL i'm such a geek. :p anyway, thanks for replying to let me know you got out.
from delirium21 :
hehe, sorry for causing so much agony. :p it took me forever to get out of that room! anyway, the numbers in the yellow room are the code to the safe. in order to get to the safe, you must open the mystery box and play the tape. but could you please write back and tell me what items you've got, so i'll know what you're still missing? my yahoo! IM is moony239 if you'd rather do that. :)
from dukkha-tanha :
I know you won't get this for a few days but it's the 29th and I just wanted to say good luck on your move! =)
from hissandtell :
Thanks so much for your incredibly kind words, darling; I'm seriously touched. And if you haven't checked it out already, my "Goddess Gallery" on my diary has a few little clues... Love, R xxx
from dukkha-tanha :
That's so great, I'm excited for you guys. And a family? Yey! =)
from october-moon :
Hi there:) Sorry I'm just now getting to your journal. I feel like I've been running a race for the past week. Anyway, I wanna come over and hang out with your tree crab in his new crib. It really IS pimpin'.
from ruachadonai :
Yes, I have huge tonsils and they wanted a scan of just where they are. Nothing major. :-)
from hissandtell :
Hi - I'm here because of your name, which I saw at dukkha's diary. So now I'm having lots of fun reading your older entries, and thought you should know that. Love, R xxx
from ruachadonai :
It's working again. :P
from ruachadonai :
Thanks for the note. Yes, it was by God's grace I escaped. I just wanted to let you know that my comments section was temporarily down so that is why your comment shows up on another entry, rather than the one that you posted it on. Grrr...diaryland!
from ruachadonai :
Thanks for the note, I look forward to reading you too. I'm still thinking about transfering over to Blogger as I never got everything back from the crash. ::sigh::
from cubjam11 :
I can make almost everything, and do it well -- but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me how to poach an egg! :D Hugs, Jamie
from cubjam11 :
Good luck Wendy's boyfriend!!! :) Looks like we both could use some!
from cruel-irony :
I'm really loving your diary! I wish you many moments of peace because you need as many as you can get at the moment.
from babyfavesoul :
love the fact that you're straight to the point and so outspoken , muah
from cubjam11 :
You sure can (use the boo-boo pic)! Feel free to snag it right off my diary! XOXOX -- Jamie
from to-my-heart :
Glad I made your night :)
from wifemotherme :
surfed in on your banner. cute kitty
from dukkha-tanha :
You guys are crazy, man! CRAZY I SAY!!!!!
from cruel-irony :
Thank you for adding me to your favorites. Now I have another new diary to read - yay! Oh, and I love the layout of my diary too. It's an original design by Trancejen ( She does some great work.
from dukkha-tanha :
Thanks so much for going through and reading my entire diary, I can't believe it!! I'm glad you enjoyed it that much and could relate. Automatically that gets you on my buddy list. About the other comment about something lacking...I'm still struggling with it, but it has gotten somewhat better. Take care and thanks so much for reading. =)
from thecellist :
You cats are beautiful. I havn't figured if you are a man or woman yet, thats alright. I dunno why im reading your diary, i just picked you from a list. sqirrel nut zippers, my friend likes them, did a search there you are, got a cool name and there we go. totleoo
from pokiedot8 :
hey, haha yeah...i go to El cap. "cool" you put me on your buddy list thing, i would put you on mine, but i dont know how?! computer stuff confuses me. yup yup. Yeah, i admire you that you move out of lakeside, i'm gonna try to go to an out of state college. will see... ok. catch you in the flip side!

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