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from aijia :
do you still read this? oh well. april 1-10 is spring break and maybe i'll really be a second semester senior by then and we can meet up. i applied to harvard, by the way, although i don't really have hopes, more like fantasies of getting in. i am glad that it sounds like you're happy (from your livejournal).
from pink-circle :
{Circle Invite} On behalf of the circle, I invite you to join our writer's group. I have noticed your shown interest in poetry/writing. If you are interested, please note back. :) ~Circle Counsil
from iamhubpluh :
If you are voting AGAINST Bush, check out he is for 100% EQUALITY for the gay/lesbian community as well as for stoping the war in Iraq, and NOT sending more troops as Kerry is for (based on his debate answers). Vote your heart, not the less of two evils!
from ajoyfulgirl :
this probably sounds a bit odd, but hi. this is susanna, another ex-s.f. day schooler, if you are who i think you are.
from ilonina :
Aw, thank you so much not only for showing my scribblings favour so quickly, but also for adding a new word to my (admittedly meagre) knowledge of terms for literary tropes!
from ilonina :
Hi. I've added you to my favouristes list, hope you don't mind! If you have any objection or if you're not crazy about the comment, just let me know. I just think your writing is fantastic.
from floodtide :
Don't think for a moment that I don't miss you, too, kiddo. Suppose it's time we get back to e-mailing. Either that or you're gonna have to sign onto AOL IM much earlier in the day. I think about you a lot. Love, me.
from floodtide :
It's "The Plot Against the Giant" by Wallace Stevens
from sigyn :
yay! I was just looking at your source before you made the change and I was scratching my head trying to figure out if you wanted three columns or four??! it's looking good!
from sigyn :
hmmm..... I have one more possible suggestion... try dropping the "width" property from the various declarations and putting it in the td tag... ie, from ".iscariot" drop the "width: 200px" and then when you have an iscariot td, write it like this: td class="iscariot" width="200"... I've had difficulties with "rowspan/colspan" before too, it never seems to come out just right... ::fingers crossed!::
from sigyn :
I just thought of something else! Maybe try setting the width of your big master table--adding a width="??" modifier to the table tag. This could force the TDs into lining up. Just make sure the width is wide enough to accomodate all the individual widths of your TDs... Trial and error--my favorite! heh.
from sigyn :
it's a note-filled morning! What you have now is *much* cleaner than before. A few ideas--in your top sheet you have several different "td.class" selectors then a couple instances where you use the class attribute along with some inline style declarations, this could lead to confused browsers... as to the empty cells showing up when you want them hidden, I'm not familiar with the "hide" property, so I'm not sure what's going on. If you want them to be completely invisible, no border or anything, try adding another declaration specifically for the empty cells (call them ".emptycell" or whatever...) with a border value of 0. I might even drop the "td" part of all the td.class declarations, just leaving it as an open " .class" (ie, ".alcides" instead of "td.alcides") in the top sheet--you can still attach the declaration to any td (plus any other element you want...). Check out the w3schools tutorials on css for more info than you could ever want:
from sigyn :
whoa, you totally changed it from when I looked! I must have checked my email right when you were fixing to change the html...
from sigyn :
hey hey! I looked at your css--it's a little hard to tell without knowing exactly what you want it to look like in the end, but I noticed a few things that have given me headaches in the past. You have your main style sheet at the top, and then several inline style rules combined with html-style-formatting. I know inline takes precedence over the top stylesheet, so if there's a conflicting rule the top style gets ignored. Also, I try to avoid html style formatting (the "font" tag, etc) as much as possible, getting all my "style" in the top sheet, since I've noticed that combined with css can make some browsers go haywire...Also, there's a lot of tables, many with empty cells, which browsers will generally ignore, thus smushing all the empty cells away. If you want, you can send me a description of what you want the end result to look like and I'll futz around with it a little--I'm on vacation and I think it's fun! (I know, freak alert!).
from sharebears :
Hey Jeremy! Guess who...your latin buddy Sharon! Oooooooh! Yeah, so I finally got a diary's Yeah, that's it for now.
from meganlala :
happy birthday!! it's the same day as mine. hope you had a good day.
from borogoves :
hey hey hey! i'm so touched that i warrented not one but TWO listings on your favorite diaries page. [as she wipes a tear from her eye] and no, the angsty teenage stuff won't continue forever. being twentysomething is SO MUCH BETTER than being a teenager. even 2000, which was NOT a banner year for me (broke off my engagement, got absolutely nowhere on my research, and gained back some of the weight i had lost) was much better than ANY of my teenage years. maybe i just had a particularly bad teenagerhood? no, i think it was pretty average. anyway, you get the idea.
from donkeylady :
oh, oddcellist - don't become a teacher!!!!! My friend Janice has learned Icelandic (and is going back to Iceland next week). She loves it. My personal favorite has to be Old English. ******* Opal
from tommy71301 :
Well Hi Again, Thanks for writing a diary.....

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