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from breathe-salt :
i don't know if you still check your notes, but i really hope so because i'd love to know where to find you..
from sparklytears :
you know i will follow you if you will let me.
from arajane :
i'd love to know where to find you.
from bombasine :
but yes - my sweetheart and i have a rich and idiosyncratic relationship vernacular that includes the large white teeth of colin meloy.
from bombasine :
"when the country was new the lake was surrounded by a heavy growth of green forest trees, which reflected upon the surface of the water a green shade resembling the cloth called bombasine, and by common consent it thus came into general use."
from starzero :
i've been there, the shaking crying puking state, the scrambling around trying to find my heart, my lungs, my small intestines. i've an entry somewhere about it. someone found me through that hole, and now she has her hooks in me. i'm sure you know by now, though you may take longer to accept, the feeling passes and all the parts are where they belong. at least for those of us who still want them.
from mangotuesday :
love and complimentary music taste.
from life4rent :
Beautiful words, just like before.<333
from starzero :
change is pain. chaos is hiding.
from hydrofox :
golly gee. how i miss thee. really, i do. <3
from hydrofox :
do you have... beans for me? i need beanies for my bean hole!
from midget-fairy :
hey tis me, just wondered how you are? i havent heard from anyone all summer. love ya lots, love becka xxx
from hydrofox :
hey. you. you know what? you're beautiful. inside and out. dont ever think differently. i heart you. bye<33
from alcapone7 :
Hi JB. Couldn't find to much updated writing on your site but trust you are well. Sadly, I'm still incognito on the freefall but my spirits are high. When I finally get back online all will be explained. You take care of yourself and keep writing. Love,
from starzero :
well, you wanted us to yell at you if you didn't. i think i more than make up for you not having time, considering how insanely prolific i am. it helps that i'd rather write junk than do work.
from starzero :
from thefallofart :
username: sunkship, password: lungs
from syntax-lies :
I really enjoy ready your words. *Misery is a butterfly*
from eloquent- :
we enjoyed your diary & would love to have you as a member of eloquent! ♥
from tpobaw :
this is me screaming.
from star-rats :
so tell me, since when did you have the ability to write my soul? xox
from morceaux :
you write beautifully, darling ♥
from morceaux :
i'm pleased i can describe something. it's a severe woe is me, lack of inspiration moment. i really need to break through this writer's block. exoh.
from morceaux :
doll, i don't know why i didn't find you before, but you're beautiful. i have an ungodly amount of homework tonight, so i may not get to adding you right away, but i have your name, and you're going on my favorites as soon as i get the chance to put you on there. ♥ ♥ ♥
from vintagetrash :
your words are beautiful ♥
from volted :
you do far a better job at it then me love,yr wonderful!!
from volted :
i really enjoy your writing <3
from gabby-bella :
what a great journal you have. I couldn't stop reading. How much fun I had reading all your entries. Have a great day!
from heartslashed :
thank you so much for adding me! i will surely return the favor. xoxo Kait
from heartslashed :
ah, you are lovely. xoxo Kait
from star-rats :
your talent hasn't faltered. glad i found your journal again <3
from ladyfingers :
hey you. hope things are good (although i realise sort-of-okay is probably more realistic) . . . drop me a line or something. *imaginaryhug*
from starofwinter :
I've been looking through your diary and, well, I am too astounded to say anything "poetic" here...a fellow kentish girl then? Ellax
from exhaust :
Thank you. It's always nice to be liked.
from starzero :
i am a bucket of words, overturned. they just keep pouring out.
from starzero :
the soil seeps up all it is given, to nurture life, to bring light from the earth. the rays of cosmic tomorrow bring "yes" into being. corn and soy and a little farmer boy all waiting the coming of love.
from sparklytears :
you were supposed to be born as oxygen, love. i know this because i was meant to breathe you in. xo. [<3]
from hydrofox :
from emotivatedx :
gasp. i think i'm in love with you! you like bright eyes. your screen name is adorable. your musical selection is beyond great. you like the best actor ever ((jake gyllenhaal.)) you like the good girl and donnie darko. gasp; how could i not love you?!
from neutrons :
staring at you through screens i feel very dull. i envy your words so terribly much that i cant help but love you. xoxo____manda
from plastic-jaw :
you are really really wonderful.
from starzero :
petals fall / consumed by fire / the burning core / flames of desire / a lava flow / erasing all before / barren heartscape / feel nothing more
from fake-angelic :
you layout and writing is BEAUTIFUL.
from acidic-heart :
aw your diary is so pretty :)
from gloryxxfades :
from fraudster250 :
Hello JB. Haven't heard from you for a while but trust you are o.k. Not sure if you knew I'd moved me diary. Anyways, off to Miami soon and when back in the UK I face being evicted so things are up in the air. Make sure you keep yer writing up; you are more talented than you dare/care to think. With love, Alcapone7.
from kimeminem :
New lip piercing? *claps*. I have two now; have been banned from any others. Apparently, if I have any more holes in my face I'll start to leak. *cries*. Hope that you're well. It's been a while since I've noted. xo
from always-crazy :
i remember you from before. you're a cool cat
from starzero :
do you know their music? how did you find out about them? i've only met two other people who knew about carter, so i'm surprised.
from soul14 :
hey, just dropping by. your layout is lovely as usual and i see that you still write as beautifully and poetically as ever <3
from starzero :
i really do like your use of the english language. the poetry of your words. i'm trying to come up with similar things, but it all comes out blocky, packed in, backed up. like i'm asphyxiating my words, and they tumble out motionless and heavy. they weigh down the screen, pull at the eye, and make everything heavy. by drawing such attention to their ungainliness, they detract from the flow, from the point, from the purpose they're supposed to convey. the message i'm trying to get across becomes swollen and chunky and vague. i feel such full things, but i can't communicate them.
from relient-a :
i love you.
from leely :
i hate that love stuff :/
from here-i-come :
thanks anyway! love leighann
from ladyfingers :
hello dearie. sorry i haven't been in contact in absolutely ages (i even managed to miss your birthday) but i've been feeling quite ... insular? (that'll do!) i hope everything is meandering along pleasantly; if it's not, you know my email address if you want to spill your guts. still got your christmas pressie here xxxxx
from fraudster250 :
Hello JB. I hope you've had a Christmas and somekind of New Year Celebrations. I send my love and trust you are well. al. x.
from midget-fairy :
i wuld say happy new yr bt i fink its a shit fing 2 say so yeh jus hav a gr8 yr wiv much weed, sex n booze! love ya always!
from parasitaemia :
i .love you too bex!
from seventeen- :
i only read one entry but i like it enough to add you to my favorites, if you don't mind that is.
from leely :
merrrrry xxxxmas!! <3deeface
from soul14 :
just passing through and happy belated birthday <3
from quietcrown :
that was lovely. +happy birthday!!
from leely :
youre ONLY fifteen?! i thought you were so much older. fuck; youre talented<3
from fadescape- :
ohmyfuckinggoodnessgracious. you remind me of weetzie bat, if youve ever read that. youre just beautiful. <33 ♥ miss vee.
from deadtomorrow :
happy day after your birthday!!
from justanother- :
absolutely [[fucking]] beautiful, dollface <3
from floorspace :
hello, katie hs just scoffed an entire wham in the journey from canteen to library
from quietcrown :
i dunno why i just clicked on your diary again, but is that a daisy de villeneuve drawing? topshopliekwoah!!1 very nice as always. must add you to my profile, also.
from quietcrown :
modest mouse AND THE SHINShjdgashluiotdbqa GYUFDISGHFDSU!!!!!11. OH. [lovely new home ♥.]
from kimeminem :
*claps* The Shins! Well. I hope you have an excellent time. =)
from i-d-i-o-t :
yup i am still here...or rather, i return after a loooong time away. good to see you're still around, lots arent xx
from self-harm :
no he's not :-) <3 xxx
from justenough :
wow; only two entries and already im in love
from tearoutmyeye :
and we'll become silhouettes when our bodies finally go -you are added, and awesome-
from sad-doll :
<3 <3 <3
from ohmyjetsabel :
&she was her own mistake.

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