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from annanotbob :
Hello - had to pop in and say I think your username is my all-time favourite - I just can't stop saying it. Sad but true.
from anthronut :
I think the internet is the new television. But it's worse. There's so much more time to be wasted on it. Anyway, just thought I would say hello! :)
from stepfordtart :
Hello. Just in case you thought you had a lurker, it was me, trawling through your archives whilst my BF is fart-arsing about in the shower. Thanks for giving me something to do (other than surf for porn and drink myself into a coma. I might do those anyway, in a minute). s x
from catsoul :
Hey lady, happy early birthday to you!! A little lip balm and some chocolates sounds like you need to do some retail shopping pre-birthday just to get ready for the "big" day!! Hey, don't short yourself on your birthday!!! Have a great one. =^..^=
from pojken :
the same thing happens to me at work. [with the calendar]. we've been on [for the past 3 years] a "pooped puppies" kick. gets us by. [[real life remains appallingly calendar&clock/watch -less.
from torchstar :
"totally redo something I'd been rather proud of," is so frustrating regardless of judgement of another who knows or doesn't! When that stuff comes up I have to remind myself it all pays the same. Know or remind yourself when in existential doubt, you are a successful being because you draw breath. Think of how many generations your predecessors were fit for survival- all winners! So are YOU.
from curious-me :
Hi, I ran across your journal and have been reading it. Just wanted to tell you that I think your pictures are Amazing - you have quite the gift. I hope Chicago is working out for you. Take care.
from raven72d :
Lovely entries. And photos.
from dataguy :
really really.
from dataguy :
from mordorr :
kitty is so beautiful.

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