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from hehe-imcrazy :
wondering if i could get the password stuff.haven't been on in a while and thought i'd check in with everyone from my buddy list
from treesssa :
I was a psych/soc major and can not help it analyze this.I do not think this is a case of Lee being a bad employee.If the customers are happy with his performance, it shouldn't matter what his wife writes in a diary. He is the TARGET of a self-important individual. If he was not the target, there would have been someone else.Lee may be smarter, more intelligent than this fellow, and he is a threat? Anything that you write in your diary SHOULD not be used against your husband.Unfortunatley, people with opinions,whether they be an employee or someone's spouse, is a nono.This man is a sorry individual that thrives on acceptance and praise and is very competative.He is a bitter man.Getting rid of Lee will only releive his mind temporarily.There will be other good employees,another challenge to this person's ego.I'm sorry that your husband is a target.They hire'yes-men' and sloths that do not a give a crap whether customers are satisfied.Just as long as the manager's egos are stroked.These companies fail eventually, or are bought out.If just one person thought of employee morale once in a while, our work force would be a much more pleasant place to work in and we wouldn't have unhappy families, people dreding to go to work everyday.The classes that are offered to business managers DO stress morale in the work place. But its up to indivuals to actually put that into affect.Maybe he should focus more on employee and customer relations?I'm sure the issue is totally lost on him.Why and how did he seek out your diary in the first place? I wonder about a company where the manager has time to do these things.Is he on company time?If i were human resources, i would investigate this.He obviously has too much time on his hands. Sad,Very sad.
from myexodus :
I've been getting daily hits or just about daily from a blocked referrer too.
from candoor :
I think I know where I am (but do I know who I am?... candora in my more creative hopeful romantic moods, that's who... and still loving you :)
from twisted-mind :
Hey, I used to live in Steilacoom/Lakewood/Tacoma. For about 15 years until we moved here about 2 years ago. I almost miss the rain can you believe it? Kinda cool to have you and MsGuided from the old stomping grounds. :o) Makes me wonder why I never met either of you back when I lived there! Yay for Cable!
from starlight42 :
hey I see you added me as a buddy (over from Ohana)- with the DL after my name. Acutally, here on diaryland I don't have that in my name. It's just starlight42. I had to add the DL on MSN because my regular name was already taken. sorry to confuse you!
from annivate :
agreed. short hair is better. it's easier.
from candoor :
so your banner was not wasted, I came, i read, I left this note... and a smile :)
from nora555 :
I have a folding table as my computer desk!!
from nora555 :
I added you to my fav's I think I used to read your old diary HMMMMM
from leslieirene :
I'm glad that you missed me! :) That makes me feel good! You're a good person, and a great writer! Blessings, Leslie
from poolagirl :
Can I say it one more time? HOORAY!
from poolagirl :
You are back on my faves list with a new identity. Once again.......HOORAY!
from poolagirl :
OMG! I found you! I clicked on your banner and I found you! HOORAY! This is a banner day for me! HOORAY! I missed some reading time lately, and I thought you were gone forever! HOORAY!
from candora :
I decided I like you, or at least I like your writing so I like your literary personality... especially your sense of humor and ability to snark about the challenges of life and inspire a smile... and I admire the family unit you maintain... I respect families, kind of envy too cuz I have none... anyway, I just wanted to send a smile and some applause :)
from squirrelx :
I want to thank you for the kind words you left in my guestbook! Love, Xtine P.S.: ever considered votin' Libertarian?
from rae-babe :
My theory is that some of them were just perverted kids when they started college; as for the rest who knows ;0)
from spritopias :
Excellent that they found the car, I hope you start to feel better.
from myexodus :
I saw your comment at Christopher's diary and just knew it was you!!!!! Love your layout and your now going on my list
from spritopias :
write everyday and as much as you like.
from spritopias :

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