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from braided :
there was another one where the alien couldn't get his spaceship to start, but his tripod lamp kept everything well lit. Apparently it was a dramatization too (how disappointing).
from deflective :
I totally didn't see that coming.
from jumblygiant :
i'm still devoted to you, it seems. hope all is well.
from agoatnamedaz :
Oh my god, there's a mummy in that pond! No, wait. It's just Marina Sirtis. Nevermind.
from marinasirtis :
Actually, I'm just relieved to see that Gates McFadden doesn't look like an ancient mummy that's been soaking in a pond.
from jumblygiant :
you are still so damn right.
from katanabright :
03.17.06 Happy St. Pat's Day. I'm home recovering from a heart attack and am not sure HOW I ended up falling down the rabbit hole into your diary but it is great! Just wanted to say thanks for the smiles. all the best to ya.
from ontv :
In a seething, muted kind of way, yes.
from agoatnamedaz :
33? You must have been in a good mood when you drew that.
from ontv :
If you stopped watching television, you wouldn't know what to buy.
from as-imaginary :
Oh, wonderful diary! I might not even need to watch tv anymore, or would that be insane?
from ontv :
I'll send YOU to McDougall...
from agoatnamedaz :
Excellent soft core porn/Paris Hilton comparison. Send that to McDougall!
from sunstargirl :
hahaha! excellent diary! Have a good one.
from jumblygiant :
I think I love you. I should go on the record by saying "I agree." To everything.
from ontv :
Man, don't get me started on Maury. Because if I start on Maury, I'll soon be on to Connie Chung -- and that's just an inescapable pit.
from ramble-on :
I'm not certain of what your age bracket is, but I simply CAN'T stand Buffy either. I thought I was alone. NOW, if I can just find another human being that HATES Friends, I'd be set. I think Sylvia Brown needs to be hit on the head with a hard, blunt object. I bet she won't predict that one coming. And Montel is no better. Dude, I'm sorry you are so sick, but really, quit bringing on these little twits that can't remember who they were banging at the time of their baby's conception. Hmmm...Maury and him must conspire together at night. Montel: No, I get the "Who my baby daddy?" show next Tuesday! Maury: ~whines~ Awwww Montel! But you promised I could have the "Who my baby daddy?" show for Tuesday! Montel: Tell ya what, I'll do a make over show instead. Maury: Sounds like a plan. On Wednesday, I'll have a drag queen show. Everyone loves to play "Spot the Drag Queen!" I rule, because I make dressing drag chic.
from ontv :
Montel Williams is still on? Cripes. None of my local affiliates must carry it. I've been without Sylvia Brown for so long. I've had to turn to crappy religion for guidance.
from ediblmercury :
You're pretty fuckin funny. And I'm glad your diary is new and only has like 8 entrs too, because if you had more I would be reading ever one of them and it might take me forever.
from jumblygiant :
Sylvia Brown is STILL on Montel, swear to God, cross my fingers, hope to die, etc. Maybe you're the psychic one, seeing as she'll be on the show Wednesday: God without the Pope, who'll lead me and my fellow Catholics. Before you know it we will all be using birth control and divorcing and...oh, wait, we do that now! Happy Thursday!!
from clarity25 :
I just found your diary and it had me cracking up! I'll be back to read more..I just thought I'd be the first to leave you a note. Welcome to D-land:)!

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