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from serena6184 :
ps...that last message is from me. who is also that other diary name. so yeah. serena says that. jessica....word
from uphillalways :
oh goodness. it was a joke. if you read all of my descriptions of people, not a single one of them is serious. if you took it the wrong way then i'm sorry. if it really bugs you i would be happy to change it. but it was only meant in humor. i think you seem pretty cool.
from serena6184 :
holy crap alan rickman!!!
from serena6184 :
holy crap alan rickman!!!
from mirasoprano :
Lauren - Please inform me as to why I should love Howard's End. After reading it this summer, I concluded that Forster was utterly brilliant in Maurice, but Howard's End just seemed to miss the mark. DHS thinks I am a devilish little English major for despising Howard's End...
from wonderwall :
howard's end-- great book.
from desenchantee :
Utrecht!! That city is very nice, you will definitely enjoy your stay there.
from desenchantee :
Great writing talent, will definitely be back to visit your diary. I saw you'd like to study in the Netherlands. Have you ever been there? It's gorgeous, I fell in love with 's-Hertogenbosch. Where are you thinking of studying?
from funda :
you can meet me in the middle.
from candora :
your excitement about your challenging schedule is more important than the small minded conformists who prefer to play it safe... I still enjoy your mind.
from trendymatt :
Stalkin' it right back at ya, babe! It's fun to be back in the land of diary.
from deadpainting :
hey i like your diary, and i love the fact that u dedicated a whole diary to the hours! thats my favorite movie, and woolf is my fav author, i have all her books they had at the book store, neways, i dont want to bore ya, well, im out ~"Miss Takes"~
from honestyonly :
just beware... just because they are quoted doesn't necessarily mean the whole blog is good.
from dstrymyswtr :
thanks for the 2 cents... I need all the help I can get, perhaps tho this is just me reacting to overkill or something... I have no idea what I am doing
from squishyvan :
I love your layout! It goes so well with your username which is awesome too!
from honestyonly :
Nevermind, found it. Duh.
from honestyonly :
Can you tell me how to put the optional fields in my layout? I can't find it anywhere!
from nosuperman :
thanks. it looked a little funky so i took it off. but hey that's me. i hope summer is great for you. it is not bad being stuck back in marietta.
from honestyonly :
I'm flattered that I inspired you, but you should know that you amaze me almost everyday.
from white-bread :
i love that song... open book, that is. i just found your diary as one of the recently update. cake is my absolute favorite.
from wonderwall :
oh man- how many times can they play that evanescence song?? its a good song but come on, i'm already tired of it. good luck with work.
from intheory27 :
It all makes sense to me now. :)
from candora :
as a babbling fool, I love your propensity for creating places online to write... if I only had more time, alas, so many words, so little time... my website was kind of like that before I started using the public journal sites... now I have a bunch of public journals in addition to my website journals... all the more to not have time to update... thanks for the comment (I finally found it tonight)... you become more enjoyable with each read...
from manchmal :
Wow. I read the 202 things about me (you, rather) page, and it is eerily similar to my own "me-things." Except I feel old.
from z0tl :
in theory, i think she found me in that book you left open in the library :z
from speculating :
Woo. Thanks for signing my map. I am such a knob that I didn't realize until today. Thanks for the compliment, too. I'm always stopping by to check your diary out. This yellow layout is so darn enticing. :)
from gbg :
Welcome to the Wal-Mart sucks diaryring!
from wonderwall :
howie day!!! he's awesome.
from wonderwall :
ah, radiohead. one of the few bands that always gets more intriguing with each listen.
from grrldreds :
hey, I am doing a study for my university on college students. If you would be interested in taking the survey it would really help me out. Everything is confidential. If you would be interested email me at [email protected] and just say you're interested in the college survey. Thanks.
from speculating :
I love the layout. Yellow is my favourite colour. :) You make me and yellow proud.
from honestyonly :
New layout totally rocks! Love it!
from honestyonly :
Even though I do support this war and feel it is for a good cause, I want you to know that I honestly understand the anti-war stance. For a while I was torn, because I, like most people, do not ever wish to see war or innocent lives lost. It sucks, but I do believe that our prayers can help and I have faith that the outcome will be a good one. Let's just hope this ends swiftly. Take care hon.
from invisibledon :
Thanks for playing in the neighborhood
from aaronorear :
It's the Cake quote...gotta love Cake...
from wonderwall :
wow we have a lot in common. i feel like you are a strange cross between me and my friend ocean (spikyhead, on d-land, if you're so inclined.) of course, you are your own person and i should be able to say something nice by way of non-comparison, but i am stupid like that. anyway, all of this was supposed to be complimentary and somehow turned into me rambling, but i'll be back.
from heidiann :
Thank you SO much for what you wrote in my book. I love your layout! And now I'm going to read more of your past entries. =)
from intheory27 :
Hehe. :) You're welcome. I wanted to post something and that was the funniest quote I could fine. :)
from intheory27 :
The Hours sounds fantastic, Lauren! :) I'll definitely be adding it to my reading list.
from rockonbytch :
i like yur diary!take a look @ my diary!if you like it could you add me to yur faves?i'll do the same for you if you will for me!
from intheory27 :
You don't have to add inklingz just because it's me. :)'s a weird, weird amalgam of all of the weirdness that spurts from my fingers beyond my control. Once in a great while, no less. No obligation attached. :)
from starkitten01 :
I love your diary!I would like to keep coming around to keep up on your thoughts, they really get me in the best way. I understand them.:) StarKitten01
from horngoddess :
Thanks for the note. It is a small world indeed. *S* Maybe we'll get to know each other better.....who can say.
from sylvershyne :
Oh i love the add..and the layout
from hilly1 :
YAY Cake!!!! Sorry. I'm sure there's more to you than Cake. But it caught my eye. I shall read more. ^_^
from intheory27 :
Thanks for taking my survey. :) You rock da hizouse. :) <3, the other half of �-Money. Bling bling. :)

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