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from raven72d :
you are missed...
from raven72d :
Married already?
from raven72d :
Are you still around?
from coffeerings :
i clicked your [very catchy] banner and i found myself browsing your site for a good half an hour. i just want to say that your photography's just splendid and you're amazingly talented.
from banefulvenus :
It is official YOU ROCK! I clicked on your banner and absolutely LOVED your site!!!
from mcjesyka :
I'm very very jealous of you...
from thespark :
We're a collection of writers...but you're not a writer. Well, I like interesting diaries. We have some design sites and review sites in our ring, so why not a photo blog? All you have to do to join is link us from your main diary page. Once you've done that, e-mail me. Please include your username in your e-mail, so I know who you are. [email protected]
from imome :
all your photos are beautiful <3 i.m glad i ran into your site, like the banner :)
from thespark :
I run a diary community. I'd like for you to join the ring.
from raven72d :
Your photos are always entrancing...
from raven72d :
Your photos are always entrancing...
from chelsearae06 :
beautiful pictures... it's a good thing you can't draw :P or else we would never get to see the purdy photography
from iamafatgirl :
i am so jealous.......i'm stuck here in Alabama, and you get to take these awesome pictures from everywhere! :D
from uglyd0g :
Wow. You're a really good photographer. I'm hoping to get into a career in photography or graphic design someday. =) keep up the good work.
from raven72d :
Merci! I'm a major fan of the Psyduck.
from raven72d :
Now that would make sense-- A brand of rum from somewhere in the West Indies... Note-- somewhere Hemingway says that all bartenders in Paris at expensive bars in the early 1920s were called James to sound English... Just as waiters at garden restaurants in Vienna were all "Johnny" to sound English...
from paulmx :
nice page you have
from enchancea :
beautiful picture
from camera-girl :
Thanks for your sweet note. Love you!
from pirate-ships :
because because because of the wonderful things he does.
from pirate-ships :
because because because of the wonderful things he does.
from redcadmium :
neat diary! good to see photos on this site (i, myself, fibble with all kinds of illustrations) keep on, lady, nice work! marine.
from raven72d :
"Excuse me...but are you wearing underwear?" I used to ask that in dance clubs in the later 1980s. No one ever slapped me. Some girls said yes, some said no (good girls!) and some said...they no longer remembered. Which is just...scary.
from padoum :
hello! bonjour plutot! je d�barque sur diaryland apr�s avoir d�sert� les sites francais (...) et je tombe sur ton journal. Tres sympathique au premier apercu! ciao ciao!
from miklusz :
Please, visit my website and leave the note. I've started to prepare the English version, and I'm waiting for you opinion and suggestions!
from cherry-girl :
I heart your diary. What is your name?
from how-odd :
that photograph is beautiful. -Nic
from funnyfrog :
thankyou for being one of my favorites
from moony68 :
what do you teach? i'm throwing out a guess - french? where are you, exactly? do you enjoy your job?
from moony68 :
hiya. just thought i'd drop a note and ask how in the world you manage to travel so much! whatever your job is, i want it, if that's how you manage to go all these places. love the latest picture.
from diary-viewer :
Would you like a new diary review? If so, check out the site at
from rawr-kitty :
i like I can't draw banner. I love the pictures more tho. oooh, so pretty! :)
from beagle47 :
figuring you to be no less than a ladiscrete i clicked your wonderful banner. the "eyes" have it! ;-) peace.
from dry-pavement :
from cherry-girl :
:D you rock my socks.
from cherry-girl :
i love the photos. i added you to my profile :D
from virany :
Merci!! ^.^!
from virany :
C'est tr�s beau... ^.^
from roftlmao :
je t'aime
from raven72d :
Lovely photos...
from moony68 :
merci, i will eventually! :) thanks for reading, and i promise, my journal entries aren't all like that. i'm usually really happy and excited.
from moony68 :
i LOVE your photos. it'd be really nice if you set them up so that we could sent them as e-postcards. they're gorgeous. :)
from rainyday6 :
your pictures are so lovely ^__^. Keep it up!
from haikyou :
your haiku is up :)
from iamchristian :
I really liked your beautiful photos, but why haven't you given any accounts of your travels?
from raven72d :
Lovely photos!!
from cheshireluci :
what's an au pair? so you kept the same job, but each year on your vacation time, you would travel? see i was thinking of getting a visa and moving to Ireland or something for 6 months. i would then have to get a job while there to support myself, probably, if i could, as a bartender or bar wench or something. if i could save about 2 or 3,000 dollars, that should be enough to get me there, i would think, plus a little more. maybe i should just start emailing you instead of writing long notes!! ha!
from cheshireluci :
These pictures are beautiful! I am envious of your ability to travel and take pictures. I would like to do that so badly.. I also like the way you organized this site: Scotland, France, how you categorized everything. How have you been able to travel so much? Give me pointers, please!! :)

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