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from fridayfilms :
from f-i-n :
a most excellent diary!
from westbye :
I'm 32, four years removed from looking for a <i>room</i> with "tolerable" <i>roomates</i>, and now I'm looking for a house and not discounting the outer burbs of fucking Lewiston Maine. There is no rational explanation for any of the above...
from solarlab :
well. you ARE one of the people i look forward to.
from seastreet :
Nature does abhor a trailer park. I hope you like spam and beans.
from seastreet :
Since I am only a subhuman d-lander I cannot post notes to your blogger site. Even though I was not fortunate enough to know Gordon personally, I wanted to send my condolences. Also wanted to proffer lunch if you end up in Florida anytime soon. (Given our dazzling array of natural disasters I assume you'll be back.)
from solarlab :
cunnilingus - now, lower in carbs! sick. sick. sick world.
from solarlab :
my canadian friend just enlightened me re the pronunciation of your town. it ain't penis. am i showing my true colors?
from solarlab :
i think it sounds like a drag flag girl. or a back-up singer. tonight, on the ed sullivan show- dick templeton and the scrotumettes!
from fifthcolumn :
Thank you. I should make more of an effort to update--I'm new at this and still don't think of life as a journal entry. Destroyer Dan seems to be pushing the envelope and taking pop music in wild new directions, but I'm afraid it's not as enjoyable as it could be. To do that in a way that makes people tap their feet and sing along is true genius (Streethawk). I saw your journal, too; you're a very good writer. Keep it up.
from luvabeans :
i told the poopybubble story to some friends last night. it was very well-received, as it should be. poopybubble girl IS my destiny.
from amblus :
Keep it clean? Keep it CLEAN? You offer up an image like that and then request it be clean? You disappoint me, sir. "Please eat my apple ass." is about as clean as I can get, and I didn't even manage to not swear.
from tchekwie :
I laughed. It was funny. I should do it again sometime. Don't stop, oh don't stop, oh don't stop. I am very impressed that you are the product of the city of Regina. Very impressed.
from dearly :
I suspect that you are from concentrate, but I'm afraid that abstracted refers to mr. exitfish, not yourself. I haven't decided on an adjective for you yet. I'll give you something to tide you over until I do.
from kacklefight :
hehe, you are mean... all your favorite writers, damn, you must really hate them..
from dearly :
I spent an nearly an hour with your diary today. I loved it. I spent most of that time biting my lip, as I was in a place where even quiet laughter is decidedly unwelcome. I think I may even have been scowled at for smiling at the computer screen. Thanks for that.
from ajcornelius :
I think I love you. Do you know how long I have been trying to put my finger on the "vu jade" feeling? I thought I was the only one it ever happened to and it was only because I'm half crazy. I'm so happy others get it, and that you have named it so I can properly address it next time and fold it into a little thought eggroll and dispose of it. You are a genius, thank you!
from ajcornelius :
Soon, my son. Soon. Just keep it lusty.
from westbye :
from smartypants :
The entry that helped me learn how to sleep was my very most favoritest entry ever. Especially the part about the turkey. Now I am off to go register
from westbye :
Use of flask has been approved, bro. Tipsy wedding entries await! But I digress...
from ajcornelius :
Hi palinode, I really like your stuff so I made a mad-lib about us: A teapot, an ajcornelius, and a camel lived together in Diaryland. The teapot kept their home lusty. The bedpost made the yard brown. And the camel, whose name, incidentally, was palinode, worked as a pool boy in Diaryland. The three friends lived together quite dumbly for many sugar beets. But then, the camel thought to himself: Why is it that I have to thrust to Diaryland every day, spending hours in traffic, while my roommates dance at home? So one drunk May afternoon, palinode came home early from work. Wielding an ajcornelius with deadly accuracy, he struck his roommates in the zebra until they were dead. Then he ended himself.
from amblus :
mondo mutants = SNORT!
from seastreet :
After this last entry I feel I must show my face. I can't remember how I stumbled onto (into?) your diary, but I am very fond, and anything I can do to reinforce the sense that Estonia is the karmic center of the universe is always a plus.
from sonicdeath :
I don't really know what that was suopposed to mean. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh we [heart] the doctor. love us!
from sonicdeath :

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