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from nessiegurlie :
WAAAAAH! Another profile buddy hits the dust. I'll remember you fondly. Peace!
from krazyloko :
It was nice seeing your name in red. I'll follow like whoa. And if you get an email about someone signing your gbook and you check and it's nothing... um, my bad. :-)
from serenaville :
*FAINT!* Your name! In red! Huz-zah! Even if only temporarily. I will follow, I will follow! Notify list? Where?? Lead the way...
from serenaville :
You're not coming back, are you? Damn, but I miss reading your entries. 75 days. Seriously bummed. Gosh, hope you're alright!! :(
from serenaville :
I really, really miss you and your entries. Come back soon? Please? :/
from itsmylife :
Ok, well I should be there in the afternoon. We are leaving Ottawa in the am and then driving to Waterloo and I'll comeback to Guelph. I'm going for dinner with a friend hopefully but how about the afternoon? Only thing is, I have no idea what your number is or where you live!! How about you email me st "[email protected]" and give me your deets. I can try to call you tonite if you'll be home..
from nikkib253 :
I guess I tried to join your heathers webring too. Just like to know what the outcomes are.
from nikkib253 :
I recently tried to join your Interview with a vampire webring and to no avail I havent received a reply.
from itsmylife :
Did you get my email? I am going to be in Guelph on Fri and and wondering if you'll be around!!
from lizzie217 :
So I must say, I was looking through the diaryrings directory, and I saw your Big Fish ring. Then I took a look at your page and profile and realized it. You are so freaking cool. I can tell that you are definitely a Baz fan, because most people have never even heard of Strictly Ballroom. You seem like a pretty big movie buff, and that's me as well. So if you don't mind, I am going to put you on my buddylist because it seems you will be a good reference...not to mention entertaining!! It is very refreshing to see someone with such diverse tastes as yours!!!
from for-you-only :
Okay, I have a few questions, one on your profile, is that you? Two, now did you get my e-mail? Three, what did you mean by Safari? And comment; I had put in strawbetties, instead of Strawberries!!! lol. TTFN! -Pink
from fluteguy07 :
the user name and password are both mmpb
from serenaville :
I never cease to be awed at, and envious of, the feats you accomplish with your HTML bag of tricks. Currently on my kitchen counter are not one, but TWO, fat books on HTML from the local, renewed for not being read the first time around. Doing nothing more than holding up my mail. "Patheticness, thy name is serena." If I ever blow the dust off and crack one open, I might be able to pull off my own coding miracles. I should, so that I don't puss out and crib your source code again. Because that would be lame. Yes, yes it would. "Yes, Id... it REALLY would. Sit. Stay. BEHAVE." Bleah.
from crimsonqueen :
Happy Valentines Day! <3
from rain-n-tears :
Hey there. Well I am back to writing in my online journal. Just thought that I would stop in and read up on yours.
from kimisamazing :
oh you severely rock. keep on writing there, girly.
from serenaville :
I found your space by clicking your banner, and wanted to say how impressed I was. Between your layout, those great 'explanation boxes' that pop up defining terms within the text, and the things you had to say within said text... well, I'm just intrigued. You have more entries than I'll be able to go back and read, but I am bookmarking your diary for at least browsing through part of your archives, at later time. I did peek at your source code, to see how you made those boxes come up. I would never steal someone's code, but confess to interest in maybe using that idea in my diary one day. Would you possibly be willing to give your permission for me to do so? I would be happy to credit you. All in all, I am thrilled that I clicked on a whim. If you note a spike in pageloads in future, it's likely just me. Take care!
from ittybittycat :
You have a really cool diary. Love the layout.
from slashrgrrl71 :
Hey...I think you should rock whatever hairstyle you want. Trust me, I feel like doing a Meshell N'deogchello every once in a while myself. But if you wanna go natural, go natural. It's your head, after all. :-)
from savecraig :
I missed the last 9 minutes of Angel, did they find out Cordelia is evil, did they find out she was the one who took Angels soul and I heard Willow and Faith left for Sunnydale, will they be on Buffy next week?
from angelgirl95 :
Your #1 on the clix! Congrads girl, you earned it!

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