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from frankie123 :
every time i see your name in the 'recent public entries' box i think of pontouf the imaginary kangaroo from chocolat and then i get warm and fuzzy inside.
from hissandtell :
Smoochypiepies to you and your fabulooby boobies, baby! I adore your writing, you know (also your bosoms). Love, R xxx
from hissandtell :
Thanks so much for the wonderful note and kind words - I shall email you immediately for your diary password (assuming the email address in your notes is the right one?) Love, R xxx
from lizzyfer :
Thank you for the note and thought; it was quite kind of you. I'm not in any position to spend much time reading diaries at the moment, but if you send your key to me ([email protected] - obviously, take out the NOSPAM), I will eventually. In the meantime, sleep and much driving await me.
from pantoum :
So I listed my e-mails wrong earlier. They're [email protected] or [email protected] -Pantoum
from pantoum :
Durn!!! Sorry. Guess I'll paste my questions as an entry since it's not working. I only send answers if I get them though :D -pantoum
from long-ignored :
so, I attempted to take your survey...but diaryland is really NOT working right. I filled it out then got a blank page when I attempted to submit...
from pantoum :
Tell me where to e-mail you and I'll send the key. I'm at [email protected] -pantoum
from connie-cobb :
Why thank you! I'd read your's, but it's locked & someone's thrown away the key... woe is me!
from long-ignored :
may I have the password?
from long-ignored :
well, thank you very much for the add. I'll be curious to see what it is you decide about me...when you do so -- smile --
from paper-sailor :
Just catching up on your latest entries & laughed out loud at your comments about the three people you'd like to have dinner with. Randall Terry is from my neck of the woods, sorry to say. And my thoughts on Deneuve are the same as yours --- but you said it first, so I'll hold off.
from eitel-eitel :
I like the novel. The universal appeal is there. I can relate to the "search for a word that can make me--me again." Some of the things that were going on at the same time I separated from my spouse are: 1. I moved back to the USA from a country I had lived in for 11 years. (culture shock is much worse returning "home" than going away!) 2. I realized I could not believe in the god that had been forced on me since before I was born. 3. I discovered I would need to retrain if I wanted to make a living, so went back to university. It is not fun, but it is good to know that one really is a phoenix, and will rise from the ashes, to burn away the nonsense, and know what really belings to you, and what is just imposed on you.
from paper-sailor :
Hi, pantoum! Thanks for thinking of me. I WILL keep reading you --- you're a terrific writer & person.
from jenne1017 :
Well, since that entry is long gone, I thought I at least owed it to you to respond so here goes: ANY 3 QUESTIONS 1. If you could have dinner with any 3 people, living or dead, who would you choose and why? Angela Landsbury aka Jessica Fletcher. I want to see if it ever bothered her that no matter where she went on that show Murder She Wrote, someone wound up dying. Elizabeth Cady Stanton -- a personal hero of mine. I'd like to update her on where women are today. Not that I could all that well, but I think she deserves to know what she started worked. And last is Martin Luther King Jr. I would like to get some advice on how to handle the religious and conservative right wings who do not want to see gays get equal protection under the law. I couldn't think of a better man to get that advice from. 2. Describe the best sex you ever had. Like in detail? Actually, my ex is the only one to make me cum with such brutal force -- but I had to imagine other things when having sex with her since I didn't like her. The sex I am having now is the greatest. I have both the joy of giving and recieiving. Plus I love and am attracted to her. So, yes, now is the best sex. Oh, vibrators and being tied up are good too. 3. What is your favorite spot on earth? That's another good one. I loved going to Puerto Rico. That was beautiful and a good time. But I haven't travelled the world in the way I want so I don't know. I do know that to think I like to walk along the tidal basin here in DC. I like my living room to sit and remember things via pictures. I feel safe at a bar here in town and would go there above all other places. I guess it depends....(I tried emailing you to no avail)

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