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from pixiedust182 :
hi, i was wondering if you had a new diary, and if so, could i get the address for it? i just read a lot of your entries, and im curious to read more! if you can get back to me, that would be great. thanks!
from ktdream :
Hello, there I've linked your Trading card. do you think you could do the same for me? Mine is at Thanks!
from kb8 :
Hi. Will you take my survey?
from fuzzmom :
I'll miss ya, sweetie.
from auntlizblack :
It will be sad to see you go.
from beinghuman :
hrm. i'm not able to get onto aim from home. pleeeeeaassee tell dave or something to email me with it? bah!
from hardlyasaint :
Ack, it's passworded! Do you think I might be able to get a username and password so that I might be privy to your thoughts again? Pretty please.
from sianni :
I just did your 'evil ex' survey... and it kinda made me think that IM an evil current AND ex girlfriend. Damn. So much for me whingeing about them, when i'm as evil if not worse :( thank you for giving me a wake-up call. Well- i already knew i can be evil - but this kinda hit the point home harder. I'd like to read your diary if you give me a password? :)
from science-girl :
Thanks so much for listing me as a favorite diary! I appreciate it! I'd love to read some of your stuff. If you want to e-mail me your password, there's a link on my main page on my diary.
from no-answers :
Please may I have your password? xx
from la-the-sage :
Hooray for kisses! Still working on your stuff. Be patient, thanks. ~LA
from beinghuman :
i'm like seriously disappointed...why am i not getting this email with the password?? well, maybe i'll run into you on aim or something. doggonnit.
from la-the-sage :
Have big, big fun. Letter to follow about ghostbusting in the morning. Good night from an exhausted, ~LA
from bassclargrrl :
yea alligators. :)
from hardlyasaint :
Thank you so much for your kind words of support during my time of need. It's so nice to know that there are people out there who really care about what I'm going through, and although I'm very sorry that you too recently had to deal with the loss of your father, I'm thankful that there is someone out there who understands what I'm going through. My father's death was so sudden that I'm still in shock. Much love. Katie
from krazywithak :
*knock* *knock* Um, can I get the secret password please? [email protected]
from beinghuman :
s'not in there. hrm. try again?
from beinghuman :
c'mon man, i already put in a request for the password...i want in there! *knocks* [email protected]
from blue-mama-x2 :
I want your pw!! [email protected]
from la-the-sage :
Thanks! You are very thoughtful. And remember, "RE-Elect Gore in 2004!" ~LA
from epiphany :
I wish you hadn't locked it. :(
from rockstarsyd :
OK good point...I should have included the e-mail address! It's [email protected]. THANK YOU!!! ~Syd
from rockstarsyd :
Rae...I'm like the many others...where did ya go? Can I have a password? ~Syd
from kittysays :
Hey there...I was a new reader and would like a password [email protected] Thanks!
from bejaluna :
Hey, sweety! I missed the memo!!! Your password??? Pretty please???? :(
from steelpennies :
I'd like to get a password, please.
from jenne1017 :
from adobogirl :
i lost a best friend, too. I call him Mokkori on my website. He still has me blocked on AIM and it hurts. I offered the olive branch like you did to no avail. Oh goes on..
from rracyrrae :
Hey it's been a while since I got your note but I just wanted to say thanks. My diary seems to lend itself to my depressing side a lot. I'm working on joining the hollins diary ring
from marn :
Heeeeee. My dear, you're on. Should I ever get to visit your fair city I will most definitely mooch a free meal from you :)
from kittym55 :
I should have sent this a long time ago, but thank you for putting me on the Hollins diary-ring. It's good to represent the small women's colleges. When did you go to Hollins? I am a senior now, I started in Fall of 1999.
from dana-elayne :
from dana-elayne :
My guess is that it was a regional thing. I sure have NEVER seen even the first bottle of it before. Our Pepsi guy at the school just brought some to the high school. Apparently, it's going nationwide now *L*
from loveaffair :
HI! It took me forever to figure out who you were, I am not sure how I missed you but....Thanks for the message, and I would have not and do not think it was rude. I have often thought of that, and wouldn't blame him for not trusting me. Yes I suppose I have proven that I am not trustworthy. We might both have trust issues due to the way things happened....who knows. Yes I often wonder what it would be like to be with him in a real relationship. If I do leave my husband it won't be solely based on Mike and to be honest I mostly think I would be happier without my husband therefore if things don't work out with Mike I wouldn't have lost anything more than if I lost him now.....Make Sense??? Well thanks for your message! {{HUGS}}
from marn :
Well, come May Ethel and the Ethelettes will be gathered up and released into the woods. In the meantime, she's feeding on those annoying cluster flies we get around here and I'm glad to have her do it :) Happy New Year to you, too!
from krazywithak :
Welcome to Retail!
from dana-elayne :
Ohhhhh job! *YEAH* Is it at Target? *sigh* I'd love to work at Target...well, mainly for the hello kitty stuff but still ;)
from goovie :
hey, thanks for checking out my diary! good luck with your novel!
from eustilly :
been awhile since i first added "him" as a fave. no one ever told me and i haven't read enough to know. thanks for the info.
from halo-reviews :
get reviewed
from dana-elayne :
My suggestion would be to get your blood sugar checked ASAP!
from bowhead :
I've been meaning to write back and say hi for a long time. THANK YOU SO MUCH for setting up the Hollins diaryring--you've done a marvelous green-and-gold public service! I was '91, W&L Law '94 (which is kind of as close as you can get to going to Hollins for law school)--I went back last year for my 10th reunion and it was almost a spiritual experience in some ways. Take care!
from proudnerd :
Hey! I have read P&P and loved it. I'm glad we're reading it in lit hum. Thank you for your note.
from of-her-soul :
I'm not so sure of this. Not when his straight A's, innocent, sweet (once was) little girl has grown into a suicidal, ska and rock loving whore. Old blue eyes won't be so proud. But perhaps that's why unconditional comes before love. (I'm a little teary, and I left the note in reply to yours in my own note holder --and they say I'm not dumb.)
from of-her-soul :
I'm sorry, but I cry everytime I read your dedication. I'd dedicate my diary to my father, but he'd probably be ashamed of what his little girl grew into.
from msvirginia :
In fact, I'd love to join and will do so right now. Thanks! Peace and Love. Oh, P.S. Were you, by any chance, in Alderman's 18th Century Lit. class?
from msvirginia :
Yes, I did go to Hollins. And actually, I am still there. BA '02, MA, Eng. '03. Did you go to Hollins?
from aemjohe :
Hey, thanks for the note. I'd love to join the ring! Also, there's another of us out here at :)
from dana-elayne :
What a jerk! RaeAnne, he did that JUST to make you unhappy. Trust me girl! If short, fat me can find can you! Give it time (yes, I know that's easier said than done) but honestly, it'll happen in good time.
from catsnapples :
I put an entry in my diary about MS in my family. I think you might be interested.
from invisibledon :
thanks for playing in the neighborhood
from gingerbug :
Yes, the old 20-20...thanks for signing the book. Exes suck hairy monkey nuts, don't they?
from rabean :
Thanks for putting up one of my Kuria banners. :) I'm sorry you're feeling ill. *Hugs* Hey, you know what? You're one of those people who just rocks. I just thought I'd tell you that. :)
from influence :
the ones who don't believe? then where's my miracle?
from no-answers :
We both got overly strange and large batches of Google hits at the same time! i did an entry about mine yesterday, too :)
from wood-elf :
Hey there, great diary, you are in my fave list, keep it up!
from epiphany :
Oh no! I didn't watch ER. I was going to borrow someone's tape of it. Now I know the big thing that happens, though. Oh well. No worries. If you want a recap, check out
from cubanchica89 :
aw. I hope you don't feel crushed by E. You just havn't found the right guy, but I know there is a guy out there that is looking for you....I hope you find him soon!
from dana-elayne :
*big hugs* You know sometimes there's that 1001th boy who gets it right. I'm glad that you're doing what you're doing for you and not for all the wrong reasons. Just know though that you can find love and happiness at any size!
from cynedra :
I really liked the butterfly and the colors. Hope you feel better.
from dana-elayne :
holy template bat girl! I can't read a durn thing *L*
from dana-elayne :
*ouch* I find that cruel myself. You most certainly have a right to your emotions. No one has the right to tell you to "get over it"! I swear nothing makes me madder. *HUGS*
from doombilly :
Damn straight. Yo.
from doombilly :
...don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. I do know the fertilized ones have the blood speck. Ewwww, maybe those are farther along. Late-term chicken abortion. I doubt it though. Chickens actually very seldomly sit on an egg after it's out of them. When they do, they're called "broody." And at that point, they'll sit on any eggs. Snakes, turtles, republicans...and other cold blooded things.
from doombilly :
re: Egg Blobs. Actually the fertilized ones appear like a speck of blood. Most commercially raised eggs don't have this because they weed out the roosters. There's no need for them. The white blob is more than likely just the egg (ova) aging. If you got it hot off the nest after being laid it'd prolly not appear so much. Every once in a while some guy chicken sneaks past the sex determination (sexing) and get's to live like a king. I've had a few blood specks before in eggs. But only a few in thousands of eggs. Wow. Trivia.
from cubanchica89 :
i think the lis design is cute, but racheal's is so the name and colors :( it is still good though :)
from sydney012 :
Hey girl, I just popped in to catch up on this weekend's entries and you're locked! What's going on? I'll see if I can find your e-mail address in case you don't check this...E-mail me if you're going to "unlock" me!!! ~Syd
from graphixgirl :
Hey hon, just wanted to pop in and say 'hi'! You locked your diary--what's going on? Hope everything is ok.
from cubanchica89 :
I added you too my buddy list, because your diary intrigues me. I am also sorry over the lost of your father, oh and I also live in florida. (tampa) :)
from dana-elayne :
Heyyyyyyyyyyyy, *pout* I am neither old nor wrinkly! See Now, notice I didn't saying anything about blind...cause I'm just blind as a bat! :)
from doombilly :
you are so crazy! Wait till you find out I am really a wife-beating goat pornographer?! Thanks for all of the intense work on my new spiffy template. You really shouldn't have. But I am glad ya did. See you at the mental health mill. E.diddy.
from doombilly :
if this world didn't suck we'd all fly off
from salience :
You know, you stop looking at your notes page and you forget its there until you hit the wrong link and see two new entries :) Funny though, I knew of them but don't think I talk to the fruheads you linked me to.
from dana-elayne :
Ohhhh smart guy. He knew exactly what to say and he means it. Rock on! :)
from dana-elayne :
What a concept! *WOW* You mean in our diaries we can actually write about us. *UGH* Some people are so lame. I'd give you two snaps up or some such it it weren't so 90's ;)
from dana-elayne :
Who told you, you whine!? *grrrr* A butt kickin' is in order!
from romancoat :
While it's true that (some/most) guys DO look deeper, it's also true that most of them will NOT look deeper unless they like the physical package. So even if you like you, you end up wanting/needing to change. Sucks about Ben. He has issues. I don't understand how he could've... changed so suddenly. It's... weird.
from rabean :
Hurrah for fat, sexy chicks (with high sex drives)! *Grin*
from mstwheelie :
Hiya! Your diary is a diary I can relate too. Have you EVER met a NORMAL Aquarian? Cos I certainly hacvent! :) Thats what makes us unique. Welcome to the Aquarians Diaryring
from orpheusd0wn :
You're very welcome! I've read the whole thing now, quite impressive.
from antithetikal :
a chalkboard? that makes sense, i was just trying to play on a bad ethnic slur. -randy
from dana-elayne :
Ohhhhh I have pool and park envy *envy envy envy envy* :)
from kasondra :
Hi there. Your diary is beautiful. However, I'm not talking about the layout, although the same applies --I'm talking about it's beautiful content. I lost my daddy to cancer as well, and your diary touched me very deeply. "You never know the worth of the water until the well is dry." --For some, the knowledge has always been there --but the water has not. Take care. Love, Gwen
from res6564 :
Hey no prob, thanks to you too! ~Rick
from rabean :
Yes, RaeAnne, it is absolutely fabulous to be alive. *smile* *hugs*
from kaitylin :
omg i read your diary today and i started to cry...i am so sorry about your father!!! :-( i dont what else to say except that i am extremely sorry..
from kaitylin :
oh yeah and i read your list thing and i loved it! just wanted to let you know that i borrowed it for my diary...thanks!
from kaitylin :
hey hun, thanks for the note! i feel so special! someone left me a note! woohoo! i read part of your diary and you sorta remind me of someone I know. and dont worry thats a good thing! well i gotta run! tootles..Kait
from exanimate :
heh. needed a change. ;-)
from scoobertdoo :
Thanks for adding me to your favorites. I feel so **special** ~ seriously.
from dana-elayne :
Of course we missed you! :)
from p-brain :
You're definitely NOT the only one who creates HTML codes on a paper with a regular pencil. I've done that numerouse times with p-brain. It's really fun. At first I thought It was really difficult to learn about HTML, but it's so darn easy. I have a lot of Bookmarks I can send you if you want more help. Let me know, ok. =)
from doombilly :
Raeanne, next time you hide from tornados in the bathroom get behind the shower curtain, unless it's glass. Keep a roll of tape in there. You can quickly apply enough to keep the glass from being a weapon of mass distruction. Or pin a blanket over the mirror, if it's not the WHOLE wall... I lived in FL for 17+ years (Broward Co. West of Ft Laud) and we had a basement. And I saw all 50 states b4 I was 12. Yeah, boy. We got a toad strangler up here in NC yesterday too...
from p-brain :
Yeah... I *know* that. I'm not a racist but I can't help being a bit sceptical to arabs in general. I know I'm not perfect. I have flaws and I hate it! ok?! But like I wrote (or tried to) in my journal I've had bad experiences with other arabs. Half arab or not - she's Camilla. End of story!
from dana-elayne :
Nope, it's not too much to ask. A word to the wise too--don't ever settle! EVER! I have to say sadly that I did when I married my ex-husband. And well, as you know he is my EX husband. I'm lucky though. I got a second chance with the teach and he's not perfect but he's still pretty wonderful! Good luck. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :)
from dana-elayne :
Nah, Simon is almost 4 years old. She's just a crazy kitty! *L*
from dana-elayne :
*huge hugs* what a wanker! RaeAnn, I can't believe that he's that mean to you. :( Would you like for me to send someone out to kiss his @ss because apparently, he needs it! I'm so sorry that you're having such a wretched time with him. I'm here if you need an ear.
from dana-elayne :
awwww, cute kitty! Enjoy MGM! :) Lucky duck!
from blue81 :
i like your words :)
from dana-elayne :
I try, try, try to make my diary as less angsty as possible. Of course, I'm an optimist! I know what you mean though. If I've got angst, it's for a fairly good reason and then I "buck up camper" and fix what I can fix! :) So, no hate mail from me at all!
from dana-elayne :
Welcome back! I'm glad you had a wonderful trip. I had family that lived in Ogden for years. I loved it out there! :)
from maj52 :
Hi! Thanks for visiting my diary. I read your pages about your dad--they are a wonderful tribute. I hope you feel he's still with you--I'm sure he'd be proud of you. Hope those finals turned out well--I took a final once and walked out of the room without my books I was so dazed. I'll keep reading--MAJ
from decemberrose :
Thanks for the advice - that's the way I used to do things, and I got the same reaction that I am now. Maybe I'll just stop talking to him and see how HE likes it? lol
from p-brain :
Thanks for taking a look. It's quite difficult to so myself. ;-) I will install links to download the font I'm using right now. I don't think it's very much used so... I have back-up though. Comic Sans MS. Hope people can see at least that one. =)
from dana-elayne :
Ohhhh, ya' little Todd fella is a cutie pie. You should lure him to lunch again :)
from dana-elayne :
I agree with you on the color thingy :) So, I actually changed it to sherbert colors. *yeah*
from jonathan :
What a great day out! You should be a writer ... which is what so many English Teachers become (Louis De Bernieres for example).
from bminordim :
hello. I was checking out local diaries and something in your profile intrigued me. Not only are you a college student, and a self-professed "geek," but you also have had the terrible experience of losing a fiance`, someone with whom you thought you'd share your life. I'm terribly sorry for you on that account. I know exactly how it feels. My name is David. I go to HCC in Ybor City. I'm only a freshman but I'd like to get my Doctor's degree in Music Theory and Composition, which is my current course of study. I live not too far from Lutz or Carrolwood in North Tampa. Perhaps we could talk sometime. Have a good term, and a good night's rest. ;)
from apexsensatin :
Guestbooks are down nationwide. Yeah, I saw the site. Just too many names to sift through! (And she's definitely Utahn. Lived here her whole life.)
from rabean :
How did you know peanut butter cookies are my favourite? :) *hugs*
from rachpoem :, really, I had NO idea everyone would actually BELIEVE me :). sorry sorry sorry!
from dana-elayne :
I read Rach's post too and about had a cow *whew* Bad bad Rach though *L*
from paper-rose :
Ahhh Comet! You got me -- soooo mean! LOL. So did another friend who told me she was preggers -- tsk, tsk... an April Fool am I! :D
from cometle0pa :
hey. about prince william - april fool's! :) you still have a chance - have a nice day!
from apexsensatin :
Forget about the people who tell you not to join so many diaryrings. You have many interests (and it doesn't hurt to get your diary out there. If only I were so bold!)
from cairli :
Loved the sound of your diary-name...had to take a peek. :) Makes me think of origami...delicate and beautiful. Hope the memories of last year weren't too hard on you. Things will improve. Honest.
from paper-rose :
thanks guys. :) he was a special person.
from rabean :
Your dedication was just beautiful. It brought me to tears, too. *hugs*
from dana-elayne :
Teaching English is a lovely way to spend your time. I should know :) Your tribute to your father moved me to tears. He was blessed to have a daughter as loving as you. You, it seems, were blessed to have not only a father but also a daddy.

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