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from qwert :
Where does one apply for slavehood?
from ddrboy :
Awesome graphic. Hmm, masters and slaves...Interesting!
from crosette :
thank you...=)...i actually started using it...not sure if i will continue to though...
from crosette :
hello =)...there was a link to Master Wheelie's diary in drus-pet's diary and that's how i found him, you, and i told him i didnt know that you could see i had you as my favorites...(if i had known would probably not have dont it =P)...wasnt even planning on using the diary just wanted to be able to get to all three of your diaries more quickly...=)
from mstwheelie :
Do you know who crosette is? They list you willow and Me as favourite diaries.
from willowdreams :
hey! i love the background thing for your diary.. *grins*.. it looks good <p>blows you a kiss<p>~willow~
from morguecrawl :
Hello. Thanks for the intrest in my diary. Sorry it too my a while to get back to you but I've been...busy. *laughs* The joys of fucking a demonic switch, the possibilities are endless...
from therese-m :
sending you a ~hug~ sis. Truly believe you are correct in saying that Tanos is a spoiled little brat PLAYING at being Master...smiles, at least we are blessed in having REAL you sis..
from willowdreams :
recieved your note about the registry.. i will take your advice on this and give it a fair chance.. i just HATE so much how some of the men there come off as if.. well you know?

some chat on yahoo messenger and want me to consider them for a Master right then and there.. i don't like those types.. espcially if they talk as IF i am theirs or the assumption is i am going to be theirs..

makes me nervous.. finally figured out how to log on yahoo messenger..

i just never had to deal with men to that level before... i assumed a Master/Dom would know not to come off so NEEDY!

blah.. there i go again.. yabbering away making a short comment longer!

Blows you a kiss..

thank you paw4 for the note..


from eriksnart :
Thank you for joining my diaryring. if you ever wannacontact me you can leave a note at my site or write to me at "[email protected]" thanx heaps again. slave erik
from mstwheelie :
The leave a note option in the profile is working fine now. -Master Wheelie

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