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from lonelygrl85 :
from notquiteme :
this diary...i don't know. it just hit home, somehow. i almost cried. i'm sorry.
from bonkybird :
this moved me to tears. i feel sorry for you
from savethequeen :
I stumbled onto your diary when looking at profiles of people. I am sorry.
from angelsinlove :
Hey there! I share a diary with my boyfriend too. I think it is neat to see that people share a diary together. Of course I do have my own personal diary as well. But my boyfriend only has the one we both write in. :-) Anyways, best of luck to you and your relationship. Maybe you will be able to check out our diary. Hope to see you around soon! Love, Angel
from cistain :
Hey, thanks for signing our guestbook! I didn't even see the entry until now (sept 4th)!
from shownah :
wow. i feel as if i've stumbled upon a diary of my own that i didn't know i made. best of luck to you both. we'll all make it through the long distances. less than a year for jimmy ( and i. xoxo -Shiona
from k-hun :
hey.. i think you guys are awesome.. me and my bf are gonna be dating 8 mos aug 17~! haha only 5 dayz afta u guys.. i hope ur 8 mos was as incredible as ours was.. and i hope there are many more months to come for the both of us..
from diana02 :
you two are really an inspiration!
from diana02 :
congratulations on 7 months! i wish you guys the best of luck.
from sunshine831 :
You two are so cute and so lucky to have found one another and even luckier cause you guys know how special your love for one another is. I wish you the best.
from tayce :
omg this is soo sweet - you guys do not know how lucky you are to have each other, i hope everything works ok luv zoe
from alostcause :
you guysare adorable...<3 and lissy you make awesome layouts :)
from diamondgurrl :
Hi, I love your page. Thanks for the great background. I was wondering how do you make the sentences appear at the bottom of the screen. That's so kool! Thanks
from sleepy-gurl :
Happy Anniversary y'all! OMG it's so weird because me and Cali have been together for 7 months. Hehe. Aw, I wish you two the best and remember I'm always lurking in the background hoping you two finally manage to get together and live life to the fullest. *MUAH!!!*
from thefields :
well now, i have never been to marshall, texas. i live in san antonio and unless you are around seventeen and have attended a public school there, i feel sure we have not met. but it's nice to meetcha.
from slayersam :
I am new to your diary and I have only read about 7 entries but already you are my favourite. I read your entry "Our first night..." and it touched me. I cried, because everything you wrote was one of my most treasured memories *blushes* I am so in love myself and your diary makes me feel all warm inside. I just want you two to meet and be togther forever.
from empty-kral :
hiya, I just wondered have you met yet? You two are so cute and it makes me smile to know that people are in love. xxEmptyxx
from lostalltrust :
im such a stalker :D but im sorry i had to follow u here lissa coz i love your writing and need it in my life :P anyways i been catching up with all the entries, u guys are so cool! and lucky, and one day your going to come to new zealand for a visit! yeah! even though u wont even add me to your msn *crys* anyways take care u 2 *hugs for u both*
from blueeyedme :
happy easter u two =D
from tainted-lust :
click me
i'm workin' on catchin' up here. i've read about 10 entries. ya'll are so cute, i can just picture you.. well, kinda. :D
from faithnomore :
hi, I found your diary through the recently updated diaries is soooo cute! There is a site called "The Story Of Us" where people on diaryland can post the stories of how they met their significant others and all... you should head over there and post your story :) I understand what you guys are going through though, I'm currently in a long-distance relationship and it's no fun. But stick with it, and it'll pay off in the long run. Best wishes to the both of you! *hugs*

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