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from bluperspex :
a merry, merry to you - may it be blessed and utterly fabulous!
from bluperspex :
soul? what is that?
from bluperspex :
it's real good to see you happy...
from bluperspex :
i think men, in general, are just psycho. all them y chromosomes. bastards.
from bluperspex :
happy? it's a foreign word... but it will find us. haha. lets hope.
from bluperspex :
i really hope things come right for you... and that you get that bastard!
from bluperspex :
forget the guy (which is somewhat hard to do. hehe. i must admit :) but you, my dear, are a hunny! you go!
from meeshapeesha :
I' 25 but the chick who had the party is married and insists on having a theme for all her parties. I guess i just feel like,can't we all get together without worrying about a theme? However, it proved to be fun towards the end of the night when the hostess removed her bra and attached it some coconuts on a blown-up palm tree thingie. I suppose themes are okay, like sex toy parties you know? ;) Gosh im coming off like the horniest girl on diaryland.
from meeshapeesha :
I left a note in the guestbook but for some reason the link to my diary didn't work. Just wanted to know i love your diary! I adore the design too.

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