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from marcyh :
Hey Matty! I just wanted to let you know how very much I've been enjoying reading your diary. Whether it's a geeky post or personal, I look forward to reading them. I'm so glad that you and Shelly and your beautiful daughter are doing well. How life changes, huh? A voice from that year you forget, Marcy
from lucretia-21 :
Of course I know what July 4th is! It's my birthday :D The most important day of the year, as far as i'm concerned. haha. I miss you. I've been thinking about you guys a lot lately. If you see the chance, drop your old friend and e-mail, eh? Thanks. :)
from kestra :
Discontent drives the pen. Don't feel bad about taking your frustrations out on your diary. We all do it. That's what it's there for. Sometimes, though, I have to make a mental note to myself to make a positive, appreciative entry about something or someone - you know, just to shake things up... ;-) Sheesh, I can't believe you managed to make an entire entry about not knowing what to write about... That takes some talent to keep going on like that. :-P lol
from aberrations :
Hi! Not boring. Although, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for a detailed description of the toast. I understand how you feel. Sometimes, I cheat and just post pictures. It's your blog - your rules. Chel
from libbyo :
Thought I would pop in and say hello. Found you through your banner and am enjoying the read.
from lucretia-21 :
What I meant by "i'd do him in a second" was, he'd be all "Hi, i'm Tommy." and I'd be on him before he could finish the sentence. haha. I hope for both of our sakes it'd be longer than that, too.
from lucretia-21 :
I am SO excited that there is going to be a baby!!! I know you sent out a mass e-mail, and I did get it, but you must inform me as soon as you get a chance! I'm so dying to hear about/see baby! Take care of your lovely wife, and when everything calms down, say hello to her for me. Miss you, Love you :)
from lucretia-21 :
It could've been worse. I know that. I could've had no money, and been forced to wander the cold, dark, rainy streets all night. I could've been eaten by a crack whore, or shot by thugs or something. The worst part was the part where I trusted someone and they let me down. And I received your letter today, dear. Short, wasn't it? ;) I will write back this week, as I have tonnes of time off. Be well. Say hi to wifey and baby for me!
from phluid61 :
Probably not. One isn't enough. I want more! More! MORE PEN-PALS! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Although one will do for now, I guess. As long as it's you, highness.
from lucretia-21 :
Okay, fine. I'll be your pen pal. I'll give you the address over MSN. Will you stop bugging people about it, now?
from tailbonelust :
Haha. That makes one person. My next prank will be much better.
from thole :
modeling the pelvic region? that's fantastic! the pelvis/perineum is one of the least anatomically intuitive aspects of the human body. in my opinion - both as a student and as an instructor - this has the potential to be a wild success. i'm excited about your project!
from lucretia-21 :
Ack! You look like you! Exactly like you. Scary.
from thole :
"thew-al." it's the word for the wooden peg on the handle of a scythe. ninety years ago, in the town where i grew up, almost everyone would have known that. today, hardly anyone does. it's just a trivial sort of thing that happened to lodge itself in my mind.
from thole :
oh, i did mean to wish you a happy birthday! happy birthday, of the belated kind.
from marsh55 :
hello... i had nothing to do at that time.. :D
from marsh55 :
hello phluid61... :D cute the way what is your real name..can i have it?
from thole :
my creepy genius powers are astonishingly limited...but it's just great when they happen to work. heh.
from fleurforsyte :
wow - enlightening! similar personality disorder test results to mine - :) oh gosh, isn't it a sad life? it was - hmmmm - interesting to make your aquaintance. ;)
from fleurforsyte :
wow - enlightening
from thole :
hello, sir! so pleased to meet you!

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