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from anhnie :
i just found you ♥
from perfectlyok :
i think it's wonderful.... 1/1/05
from freyalinx :
good luck with art history! I've been taking classes in art history for a while, and it can either bean extremly dry subject, or extremly passionate. Either way, I think you'll like it and will take it far. it's nice to hear I'm not theonly nerd who enjoys such things.
from gloryxxfades :
from vrian :
listen to the paper chase
from anhelo :
You should name it, "narcissism," o' course I don't know you that well and have only read that recent entry ...that is the only thing that popped into my head for the title. How orginal, I know.
from ambrosiah :
You wouldn't happen to like The band Piebald perchance, would you? heheh. I know where the good things in life are waiting. At the end of the line which eventually leads to you.
from freyalinx :
I really like you new entry. It helps to show that guys want the same things girls do. That not everything is about rough sex. That love is still out there. I just thought I should let you know that.....
from foolish-wish :
I came across your diary quite randomly, but it was fate. I'm hooked.
from justcircles :
my journal got locked, but it is reachable with username=absence/ password=thinair
from comingundone :
i was thinking maybe i could see you on my way to georgia on sunday [[july 6th]]. we go right through greenville. woo. or maybe not. maybe some other time since i'll only be 2 HOURS AWAY!! ooh, this is terrrrrrri, by the way.. i love you. X to the izzzzOH!!
from perfectlyok :
I completely agree with you. Yet, people sometimes take offense to the answer "I'm not you"... it really doesn't matter though because being 'not them' is the only thing we can do, right? All the rest just doesn't seem to make sense...I don't quite understand getting drunk and thinking it's cool...quite baffling.
from monkiebob :
i'm totally with you on that whole "i'd rather have an old chevy than a new bmw" thing. i think they're more rock and roll than the bmw's. you like copeland too, cool. you rock.
from perfectlyok :
That's adorable...I can now rest at ease in knowing someone else has good taste in classical music. I rather enjoy you.
from piebaldman :
actually i was talking about a band that's on the same label as the rocket summer (the militia group). you should check them out. their new cd 'beneath medicine tree' is the best rock album i've heard in a long time. but i do enjoy a little aaron copeland every now and again. but there is a band from florida called copeland and that's who i was talking about.
from perfectlyok :
I'm leaving a note once again, but because I feel completely compelled to. It's odd to me...I was studying today while listening to The Rocket Summer and I decided that music with words was distracting me...I then put in my Aaron Copland cd. My only question for you is.... are you talking about copland the composer, or somehting else I've never heard of...because I read your diary and it was amusing that you said "thank you copeland". Then I thought you could be talking about something else...and now I just sit and wonder...
from antipep52 :
heyyy... i know this sounds a bit odd being as that i can't even pretend to fathom that i know anything about you other than what you post in here, but you seem to have a hint of amazing in you. i stumbled upon your diary and am slightly and semi addicted to wanting to know what you have to say. so keep saying.
from perfectlyok : it creepy for me to say that I've read your diary every day for a good while now? Well...yeah, I think it's really good and I seriously identify with you on not knowing exactly where you're going in life and whatnot...I like your pictures as well.
from ohmakemeover :
and hellotoyou. when your heart ran away and your blood pooled at your feet tell me how you cleaned up
from asofnow :
i enjoy you =).. and youre not being able to tell why youre listening to the all-american rejects.. cause im not really sure either at the moment
from iamanemokid :
p.s. - you are my new favorite diary tonight. in other news, this is super stupid, the fact that i can't sign your guestbook again right after i just signed it.
from nautious :
hi. i wanted to write some sort of inspiring words here, but now i think i'll simply say hello. have a great life wilson, please?
from punkstress8 :
ahh your too cool. i can't take it
from tater-fay :
I stumbled (soberly, not in an inebriated state!) upon your diary by accident and I am glad I did because you have a gift for language. I like your entry about being 8 and your poetry is awfully good, too and I hate EVERYBODY's poetry but my own (well...there are others I like, but none so far on diaryland!) Keep up the good work! Read me if you want: tater-fay. We could even start exchanging poetry. I think you are that good, and I KNOW I am that good so therefore, I am not afraid to show you.
from xtearynightx :
than...i miss and love you sooo much! i want to talk at your earliest convenience. xoxo

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