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from kimuchi :
thanks for your note... we are so happy happy!
from kimuchi :
i'm missing your diary! hope you're well.
from heavenlyging :
Thanks for the info. I have a saline spray bottle, which may do the same thing. I've just been iffy about using it. However, if I understand the contraption you've described correctly, then it should help. Many thanks. Take care.
from heavenlyging :
Thanks for the congrats. I am really happy about it all, especially considering that it means all of the preparing and getting ready to get pregnant helped and worked. And thanks for your note on the gender entry regarding how people treat others based on the gender they think they are and how different it can be for males and females. I wish you had kept notes - it'd be interesting for a sociological study or comparision!
from persimmmon :
the bag is back!
from cosmictamine :
ahhh how i love that willy wonka movie!!!
from mrs-roboto :
Yea! Okay my questions are 1) Who was the first person you came out to? Why did you select that person? And how did they take it? Yep, that's all one question. 2) You can live anywhere you want, money is no option. But you can only bring one person from your present life with you and you may never talk to anyone else from your past again. Who do you take and where do you go? 3) Please select five songs that best soundtrack the scope of your life. List artist and song title please as well as why you relate to these songs. 4) If you had to be either ignorant or full of hate which would you choose? Sidenote: neither can be overcome in this scenario. 5) Describe the perfect Sunday in the life of pilarbuena.
from goodsandwich :
And say - now that the girl is out of your hair I wanted to ask (gently, and it ain't my business) - has anyone suggested taking her to a curandero/a for some limpias and maybe a soul retrieval? If anybody looks to be suffering from susto, it's that kid, and probably the two of you now also after a couple years of that shit. I can't believe I'm bringing up this wacky-sounding spiritual stuff, but it sounds like you've definitely tried millions of things and I just wanted to offer the only tool I hadn't seen mentioned. Not that you have to deal with it any more!
from goodsandwich :
Dude, I fucking love your diary. I am way too old to get away with a sentence like that but this is the beauty of the internet, ¿verdad? Sorry about your not getting to go to Mexico - I am intimately familiar with the scary feeling that you won't be able to communicate there, but believe me it totally happens eventually, and not too hard either, and in no time you're riding peseros and filling up your tin tray in the panadería and having atole with a tamal for breakfast on the street. Are you listening to current music and watching novelas to improve your listening skills? Jesus lord - I'm jonesin' for a trip back just talking to you about it!
from margymae :
Thanks for making me a favorite! Love your diary.
from bohemist :
-Thanks for your note! It just so happens that I had bought "How It All Vegan" that morning! I have been cooking from it constantly, and am a particularly big fan of the Brainless Banana Pancakes and Jen's Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing if you haven't already tried them. -And my condolences on the death of your Grandmother. Peace.
from blackmartha :
I am sorry to hear about the death of your grandmother. My condolences.
from pyt-05 :
I read your note (thanks, by the way), and felt I should check out your diary. I am really glad I did. I'm going to put that article in the links on my template. Oh, and my old diary was 'oreo-child'.
from blackmartha :
girrrrrrl i lfeel you on that stouid racist entry you went to. i dropped on by and left a satirical answer to that stupid question in said person's guestbook. let's see what happens. I like yu pilar. i am feelin you! lol. on the buddy list you go!
from persimmmon :
i was embarassingly obsessed with the top model show. elyse and adrienne were my favorites, but i rooted for adrienne all the way. the fact that she was so raunchy and never ever closed her legs demurely when she sat down got my vote. plus, she didn't have a future as a doctor like elyse. i just wanted to see someone who didn't seem to come from so much privilege win. luckily, i managed to get the gf hooked too. we weren't together last night, but she called me twice during the show. during the last call, she just screamed YAAAAAYYY! which i had done as soon as the results were in. years ago, i never would have believed i would be such a dork.
from heavenlyging :
Wow, sounds like an intense couple of days. Personally, I think you family was completely out of line with all of the diet issues they brought up - and from the sounds of it have been bringing up. Take care of yourself.
from gendermayhem :
Ah! Yes. cds we shall exchange... how fun. let me know what types of music you're interested in. Or better yet, what you DON'T like, and I'll take it from there. I'll email you my address if you do the same.
from gendermayhem :
thank you for your note... I know what you mean, about reading people's diaries and not knowing quite how to respond. I've had so many visitors, I was hoping I'd get some idea of who they are. Thanks for the suggestion for the photo gallery. I love your diary. I'll make a point to comment when you least expect it! ;)
from maraboulous :
I happened across your diary (we're both visitors to a mutual flame) and I think i would LOVE to exchange mix cd's. definitely have a thing for postage and am about to get a player that can read burnt cd's. whaddayathink?
from whip-smart :
thanks for applying to be my girlfriend, even though, you know, you already have one. And a kid. I'm impressed. I don't even own a plant.

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